Monday, April 6, 2009

Odds and Sods - the smashing edition

From my Upstate SC photoset on Flickr.

West Asheville co-op faces eviction; calls community meeting
by Brian Postelle, Mountain Xpress
April 6, 2009

The Haywood Road Market, which has a history of financial struggles, now might have to leave its location of six years.

April DeLac, president of the co-op’s board, said the market received an eviction notice from Bledsoe Building owners West Asheville Development in late March after the market had been late on paying February’s rent.

DeLac noted that the co-op’s money woes stretch back further than two months.

“We’ve been a struggling co-op for a long time,” she said. “There’s been financial issues almost the entire history.”

Those financial issues include not only late rent payments but also a series of personal and business loans extended over the years to try to help the market reach a sustainable level, says WAD partner and West End Bakery co-owner Krista Stearns.

“This has been years in coming,” Stearns said. “And it was a very hard decision to make.”

Stearns’ husband Lewis Lankford, also a member of WAD, said the co-op’s poor payment history led to the decision not to renew the market’s lease in January, switching to a month-to-month status, and eventually to the eviction notice, which is effective the end of May.

But Lankford, himself a founding board member of the co-op, said that empty shelves and declining business also gave a dim forecast of the market’s future.

“The decision was reinforced by going in and seeing the condition of the store,” he said. “It didn’t have the feel of anything except something that was going away.”

For DeLac, however, there are still options on the table (granted, those options include moving or closing shop for good). The co-op will hold a member’s meeting — with the public invited — on Tuesday, April 21, at 6:30 p.m. at the Bledsoe Building to try to figure out the next step.
Thinking fondly back to my own co-op days; I wish you the best of luck for the continuing success of your endeavor.

I now live in a community with no food co-op, and feel the lack significantly. Starting a food co-op in this area proved to be an impossibility, but at least I got to meet cool folks like Ted Christian in the process.

Nonetheless, it is one of those things I didn't get accomplished, and any mention of co-op failure and/or disinterest, just plain makes me sad. :(


Lately, Cripchick has been inspired to write more, and her poetry soars through the stratosphere, way into heavenly terrain. She is very gifted. Check out her wonderful poetry!

Also, you might want to visit the First Asian Women's Carnival!

New to my blogroll is YouTomb--an extremely-welcome free-speech project tracking one of the most maddening modern phenomena of Blogdonia (often fussed about in extremis here at DEAD AIR), the removal of videos from YouTube:
YouTomb is a research project by MIT Free Culture that tracks videos taken down from YouTube for alleged copyright violation.

More specifically, YouTomb continually monitors the most popular videos on YouTube for copyright-related takedowns. Any information available in the metadata is retained, including who issued the complaint and how long the video was up before takedown. The goal of the project is to identify how YouTube recognizes potential copyright violations as well as to aggregate mistakes made by the algorithm.
This is one of those hypnotic websites, so be careful. You can get lost in data over there.

Count me in as one who adored the First Lady's fabulous J Crew cardigan, worn during her trip to London this past week. (photo at left)

She looked SMASHING (as British broadcasting legend David Frost always enthused about his favorite female guests).

Not at all surprising that the press is glued to her every fashion move. She is beautiful and radiant.

And when she spoke proudly of her working class roots, she made me proud, too.


yellowdog granny said...

too bad about the co-op..that sucks..

I was so proud of both of them in europe...they were tall slim and beautiful..looked like african royalty..all black and beautiful...especially when they were with the queen and duke..they looked like dwarfs next to the Obama's..haha

SnowdropExplodes said...

I loved their visit. Michelle Obama is one of those people who seems born to be a natural. Her grace, elegance, intelligence, brilliance and ease with others.

President Obama also made a big impression, and I think there's a few people around the world now going "Oh shit - maybe he really means it this time!" about the nuclear disarmament and so on.

And comparing how at ease the Obamas were with Her Majesty, with how ill-at-ease GWB was whenever he was in her company was amazing and wonderful, and I wish more people could be like that about royalty!

Gregg Jocoy said...

I used to be a member of the French Broad Food Coop. I am assuming it's gone. Coops are so hard to get stable because of the huge financial requirements of operating a business of that sort. Also, folks with enough cash to invest often don't have the time to invest, leaving a split between those who can invest time and those who can't...or those who can invest money and those who can't.

Gregg Jocoy said...

BY the way Daisy, thanks so much for the link to Green Party Watch. We are very grateful.

Renee said...

I hope on Obamas next visit to Canada he brings Michelle. I would to see some pics of her next to Michelle Jean our LT Gov. Two beautiful, intelligent, stong minded black women would be something good to see, especially since Canada loves to pride itself on its whiteness.

Bwca Brownie said...

The Obamas are classy, graceful, and intelligent. bless 'em.

DaisyDeadhead said...
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DaisyDeadhead said...

Gregg, you are welcome!

And I loved FBFC , which is still around but much, much tinier than it was in its celebrated heyday. In fact, its the model for what I wanted in Greenville.


Daisy said...

I thought that cardigan was real pretty, too!

Mama moretti said...

yes, Michelle wears clothes beautifully! and wearing an affordable line like J.Crew is a great message to be sending right now = you dont need 'high fashion' to look great.

cripchick said...

thanks for the love, love :)

*hugs you happily*