Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Real Housewives of New York City thread

This thread is for fans of the mindless reality show!

Questions for this round:

*Will Bethenny kick Kelly's ass?

*Should Bethenny kick Kelly's ass? (And won't that be fun?)

*Can Ramona be any more annoying?

*Will Ramona's little Avory be a child-star?

*What do you think of Jill's pseudo-Liberace decor?

*Do you want to smack the Countess upside the head as much as I do?

*What does Simon do for a living?

*Will Alex's boys turn into famous philanthropists or serial killers?

And the bonus round:

*Which one has the most botox?

*Which one is NOT a size zero?

Add your own observations!


jovan b. said...

I am disappointed that you decided to start this thread. Kelly Benismon was arrested for abusing her boyfriend. I hope that she gets jail time for hitting her boyfriend.

I won't be watching this until Ms. Bensimon is gone.

yellowdog granny said...

don't watch..hate reality shows

DaisyDeadhead said...

WOW Jovan! Just read about this! This just reinforces my initial dislike of gut instinct is that she is an awful person.

berryblade said...

The only time I can tolerate this kind of crap television is when I'm too stoned to move, and then I like to pretend I'm one of the drones who can watch this tripe and take it seriously ;)
That and it's only available on foxtel here (cable tv) and I don't have it, so I don't get to watch it that often ;)

Doc Anchovy said...


Bryce said...

most botox = jill

Comrade PhysioProf said...

That show is like a fucking constant slow motion car crash that you can't tear your eyes away from.

I had never even heard of the thing, but PhysioWife is addicted to the shit. One night I happened to walk into the living room while she was watching, and she was all like, "Umm. Nothing. You wouldn't like it." And as she said that, I heard Jill Zaryn screech, and I looked, and I just stood there with my mouth agape for the next 45 minutes.

BTW, not to fuck with anyone's willing suspension of disbelief, but no one actually sounds like that in New York. They are totally faking those absurd over-the-top New Yawk accents.

Renegade Evolution said...

Bethany is the only size zero. Kelly is probably about a 2.

Simon and Alex are creepy as fuck.

I hope Bethany kicks Kelly's ass, or beats her down with a crowbar.

The Countess, suffering major from Indian Princess Syndrome.

Ramona needs to be tranquilized repeatedly.

I like Jill.

Bonus Round: Bethany & Kelly both definately have breast implants (hey, I know how they look!) and the Countess might.

ginmar said...

What IS the deal with Kelly's implants? One points west and the other points east and there's this huge gulf between them! I actually liked Jill once, but then I was watching a show where she was bitching about something expensive and how it wasn't perfect and I actually got nauseated.

BTW, this show isn't as tacky as the Atlanta or Orange County shows, which ought to scare you. One of the OC wives---Tamra----had such an awful dislike of the newest, prettiest 'housewives' that she plied her with alcohol while the woman was stressed out by caring for her dying fiancee. And then she sicced her scary, dead-eyed, creepy molester type son on her, while making sexual hand gestures back and forth. It was beyond disgusting.

Mama moretti said...

did you see Kelly on last night's show? SOMEBODY please shut her up.

Betheny is too nice-I would have tripped her or something.