Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dead Air Church: Azaleas!

I first visited South Carolina on Easter weekend of 1987, and there was an amazing explosion of color everywhere. I had never seen azaleas except on TV and in photographs... I still don't think you get the full impact unless you see rows and rows and rows of them in person, covering hills and yards and roadsides; their bright, beautiful colors gleaming all over the place. I felt like I was visiting a tropical paradise.

I still feel that way when I see them bloom every spring.

Alice Walker said God wants us to notice the color purple, and I would add, He also wants us to appreciate His stunning azaleas in bloom!

Have a lovely Sabbath!



Marion said...

What a lovely greeting to a Sunday, Daisy! The Azaleas are beautiful, indeed. Sometimes, I miss the colours of Spring on the coast with a great longing...especially the splash of happiness Azaleas can make!

dick n vierz said...

oh wow. i just moved to this area a couple of years ago. we have azaleas growing out front, as does everyone else on my walk to work. i've been meaning to ask someone what they were. now i know. at least four different shades that i've spotted so far. tx.

yellowdog granny said...

when i worked for the book company i drove thru the south and oh my spring time in the south is just an explosion of color...i loved it..

John Powers said...

Spring is such a magical time of year. In Western Pennsylvania it's the flowering trees which are so stunning. And every year it's the Amelanchier or Serviceberry trees which move me so--lovely white brightening the spring woods. They are blooming now.

OT and thinking provincially, there is much exceptional religious architecture and art in this area. Among the most remarkable are the murals by Maxo Vanka at St. Nicolas in Millvale. The church architecture itself is rather unremarkable, a yellow brick church, but the murals are astounding.

Amber Rhea said...

I have three small azalea plants in my front yard... they need a lot of water but I know that once they get established, they'll grow big and explode with colors like these! Love 'em!