Monday, January 2, 2012

Ohio Players album covers

... were amazing, proudly artsy and pretty dirty, too. (I'm so glad Tipper Gore and the fabled PMRC wasn't around to police us in the 70s.) Did the powers-that-be know about these album covers?

Although pioneering-funk band The Ohio Players (whom I was wildly fortunate to have seen live in 75, rocking the proverbial house!) had #1 hits, these eye-popping album covers seemed to stay under the radar. I remember seeing one of them in a very conservative, old-school Midwestern drug store, another at a truck stop that sold lots of coffee mugs with Bible verses on them. You just had to wonder.

At left, the cover of PAIN, which when opened up, looked like THIS. Coupled with PAIN was, of course, PLEASURE. Finally (and what did you expect?) there was both ECSTACY and ORGASM. That last one, with the metal (is it metal?) dildo popping out of the guy's back, blew my little mind.

Enjoy the linkage-gallery of nostalgic, nasty images; beware questionable taste, probably NSFW.


And now we go to the video!

Although we are given to believe "skin tight" refers to a woman's jeans, I don't think it does... or rather, I don't think that is the only thing he is talking about. Just a lucky guess!

I remember an interminable ride on the Interstate, primarily saved by these fabulous jams. For this reason, I prefer the long version of this funk masterpiece, which I play in heavy traffic or late at night. Therefore I insist on foisting the original long-ass version on all of you. This is what funk is supposed to sound like! (Yes, you really should listen to all eight-and-a-half minutes for the full 70s experience.)

PS: The guy making this video can't resist showing us the album cover, LOL.

Ohio Players - Skin Tight

Gone, gone, gone with your bad self.


Consiglieri said...

I love The Ohio Players. Fire is an all time favorite song. Why doesn't anyone use brass anymore?

Their covers, and music, were all about sexuality...and young people are apparently into that stuff these days.

I think that if you look carefully you'll see that it's not a dildo coming out of his back, but a dagger held by his lover. The red rose at the base of the hilt represents blood for the squeamish like me. Just as sex was less "out there" then, so was violence and blood more sanitized. It's funny...blatantly oversexualized lyrics are not sexually exciting to me. Soul has it all over most any other music for turn on music IMO...and no, soul is not any music sung by a Black singer.

I must say, I don't know if today's young folks realize how valuable The Midnight Special, Soul Train, Don Kirshner's Rock Concert and other such shows were to young people at the time. As a young white guy I went to school with and worked with Black folks, but didn't socialize much....but I sure did know the same music. We got the funk! Gotta have that funk!

senchi said...

awesome jamz, never heard. thnx!

JoJo said...

I loved the Midnight Special and Don Kirshner's Rock Concert! Those were the days....70's soul was awesome.

sheila said...

wow, that is pretty scandalous for the 70's! LOL I was only 10 in 75, but I do remember the Ohio Players. Did you ever make the trek to Cleveland and hang out at the Agora?

mikeb302000 said...

Great music which I havn't thought of in years.

I have recently listened to Sly and the Family Stone's Stand.

bryce said...

looks like a dildo to me too, d.


I still think the best album covers are the ones from the 60's and early 70's..