Monday, January 23, 2012

Babylone Buildings

I have no idea what he is saying, since I flunked my second year of French. But I love this CD, and this is one of the best tunes on it. I do know what Rastafari means, and I can follow along well enough.

Chris Combette is originally from French Guiana and also lived in Martinique. I love his sweet voice and phrasing, and very much wish I could translate the lyrics for you. (I can't find them anywhere on the net, in any language.)


Babylone Buildings - Chris Combette


JoJo said...

The lyrics and translation aren't available online?

sheila said...

Hey, I'm listening to your radio show right now, VERY interesting by the way! I'm clicking on your links to check out that new page (at least new to me) but where's your Daisy's Deadair FB page? Did you change it? I'm lost, lol.