Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newt Gingrich wins SC Primary

At left: Newtie gloats, photo by Jeff Siner of the Charlotte Observer.

I knew Newtie would win, simply from all the signs. They started small, and within the past week, they exploded into banner-sized "NEWT 2012" screaming at us from every interstate exit all over the county.

Simply put: a Catholic vs a Mormon? A Catholic will win. Santorum, also Catholic, brought in the #3 spot, with Ron Paul (who didn't spend much money here), bringing up the rear. Looking at it from a fundamentalist point of view, there is no contest. Certain old-school Christians still don't trust Mormons.

Speaking personally, Mormonism seems to be the most interesting thing about Mitt Romney, otherwise, he is just another rich, Republican hack politician, like the rest of them. But I am not a typical South Carolina voter, of course.

Nonetheless, Newt's big win surprised a lot of people, particularly after (second) ex-wife Marianne Gingrich gave her famous "Newt wanted an open marriage" interview. This segued into CNN's John King asking Newt about her accusation during the debate (first question!), and Newt's robust, cheeky response. (go to about 2:30 here) I guess the Republicans appreciate Newt at his most bratty. (I hope so, since there is plenty more where THAT came from.)


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Yall need to congratulate me for getting through this whole post without making fun of Callista's hair.


JoJo said...

Unbelievable. I hope the rest of the states see thru Gingrich and not vote for him b/c they like Calista.

Karmen said...

Yeah, unbelievable. I can't stand Mitt Romney and Newt is such a jerk but the audiences at the debate win the prize for crazy people of the century. The things that these people have cheered at -- from Iowa through S. Carolina -- in incredible. Right here in the U. S. of A! Good Grief!

sheila said...

It was fun to read this while listening to your Rastafi funky tune in the background. Just sayin. Love his voice. Not a Newt fan. I'm shocked that with his moral bankruptcy he'd win any christian conservative state. Shocked.