Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday links of interest

DEAD AIR presents Friday linkage for your perusal, on this eve of the first New Hampshire primary debate.

First up, Senator Rick Santorum, family man, is another morally-bankrupt fake. (Nah, go on! Say it isn't so!) Check out Politico's Santorum: Ultimate D.C. insider:

Rick Santorum received a troubling email in 2009, when he was working as a Fox News analyst — an aggrieved husband was accusing Sen. John Ensign, Santorum’s friend and former Republican colleague, of having an extramarital affair with the aide’s wife.

Santorum quickly tipped off Ensign that the man was threatening to go public with the scandal, a move that set in motion a chain of events that allowed Ensign to get ahead of the news by presenting his version of the story first.

For anyone who knows Santorum, his decision to protect Ensign was not surprising. During his 16 years on Capitol Hill, Santorum developed close personal ties with Republican lawmakers, became immersed in the inner workings of the Senate, climbed the ladder of leadership and embraced earmarks.

As Santorum tries to seize the tea party mantle and paint Mitt Romney as the ultimate establishment candidate, the reality is that Santorum became the ultimate Washington insider.
Interesting! Faithful, moral Catholic daddy of seven, makes sure to protect an adulterer from the ire of his constituents. How is this moral?

Answer: it isn't. Santorum is Mr Morality when it suits him, but not when it doesn't.

Radio show host (and former Fox News talking head) Alan Colmes got in considerable trouble for criticizing the behavior of the Santorums, after Karen Santorum had a miscarriage: They brought the fetus home to show the kids.

No, I could never make that up:
Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has evoked squeamishness and ridicule for retelling the story of the death of his son, Gabriel, at 20 weeks gestation and the family's unconventional response -- taking the body home from the hospital and allowing their other children to cuddle the corpse and say goodbye.

The Internet lit up with comments this week after Santorum's meteoric rise to second-place in the Iowa caucuses, nearly tying him with presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Some described Santorum's story as "weird" or "horrifying."

Gabriel was the couple's eighth pregnancy and he survived only two hours. In her book, Karen Santorum wrote about bringing the body home to their other children.

''Elizabeth and Johnny held you with so much love and tenderness," she wrote. "Elizabeth proudly announced to everyone as she cuddled you, 'This is my baby brother, Gabriel; he is an angel.'''

But some mental health experts believe the Santorums may have been ahead of their time by ritualizing their son's death in order to exorcize their grief, though they say taking a body home is unusual and not recommended.

In the context of the times -- the year was 1996 when the family buried Gabriel -- their behavior was understandable, according to Dr. David Diamond, a psychologist and co-author of the 2005 book "Unsung Lullabies."

Helen Coons, a clinical psychologist and president of Women's Mental Health Associates in Philadelphia, said couples are not encouraged to bring a deceased fetus home.

"If a couple chooses to do a burial or memorial service for a third-trimester loss, funeral homes will assist in a caring manner," she said.
Everyone jumped on Colmes for his insensitivity, but I think he simply verbalized (accurately) what the rest of us were thinking.

And Santorum is running for the highest office in the land, Saints preserve us.


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And I profusely apologize to everyone for not writing a much more fascinating blog post... but I confess I have spent my whole day babbling ON THIS INTERMINABLE THREAD instead.

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West said...

That's typical Daisy--- YOU leftists think it OK to kill an unborn baby and sluff it off as an unviable tissue mass, and then you mock this poor grieving family for treating an unborn child with dignity! That is low and sleazy- damn low and damn sleazy Daisy! If that baby was a homosexual- your feelings would be totally different.

DaisyDeadhead said...

West, wrong as usual. I don't particularly like abortion, so I never had one. I just don't think other women's abortions are any of my business or yours either. Yes, I mock these idiots for playing with fetuses, as I would if they played with a dead toddler. I guess if it was a dead five year old, that would be fine with you too?

Yall say you believe fetuses are humans, but you all treat them like horror movie props, exploiting them (without their or their parents consent, of course) with photos of bloody body parts and now... trotting them out for the children to hug and kiss. GROTESQUE... if its a human, how about some RESPECT?! When real babies die, they don't cart their remains all over creation... macabre and disgusting. Not surprised conservatives like that though--they love war and blood and death.

Yes, I mock a man who gives his adulterer friend a heads-up, then pretends he is holy. He is a fake like the rest of them... I won't be taken in.

As for homosexual fetuses, no, I feel exactly the same: ALL fetuses should be given respect and not toted around like horror movie props.

Its Santorum that would happily abort the gay babies, remember?

West said...

No Daisy, they did, they said a good-bye to that baby. They did not suck it out into a bag. And it amazes me, liberals want the gov't out of the womb, but when it come to health care they want the gov't in charge of the whole body!! Can't wait till the death panels start offing the old people that elected Obama. How 'bout that. How do you know what really went on between him and his adulterous friend. He could have told him with honorable intentions. You sure jump to lots of conclusions. At least we agree, women's abortions are not my business- but I don't think the government should pay for them either- pay to kill your own child. Can we agree on that? And I know, prohibition does not work, we will never stop abortions. I just wish born again christians would not have abortions- pagans can kill their children if they want to. Have a nice day. I am trying, rather sucessfully it seems, to raise you ticket money for a one-way trip to France. We are willing to cover the passport costs also.

DaisyDeadhead said...

West, as long as there are wars, government should pay for everything else too. Obviously, they have money to burn if they can waste it abroad in 150 countries. When they end their money-burning wars, I might believe they are running out of money. But the Republicans just want to spend money on different things, so obviously, they have plenty. (Debt? What debt?) Abortions cost nothing compared to bombs, so what's the problem? They accomplish the same ends, don't they?

Trying to raise money to send *you* to China, where abortion is illegal. They aren't pagans, they're atheists. You should love it there!

JoJo said...

Bowie turned 65?! Man I feel old.

West, if you are against abortion then don't have one but don't force your opinions on those of us who are pro choice or try to take away a woman's right to choose.

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Daisy, this comment totally unrelates to your article, but I wanted to let you know that I am having the same iLivid pop-up problem happening that you reported to Google Blogger on the 1st January. I have "bookmarked" the page at Blogger help - don't know if you clicked on the box that allows you to receive emails when someone else replies in Blogger Help, but I left my details there. If you want the link to the discussion, pls feel free to email me or leave a comment via my blog.

thene said...

damn, are social conservatives weird. Do you take home the corpses of everyone you love for a cuddle? Or is this particular to foetuses because you have no memory of them as people to honour?

(then, I find the whole idea of open-casket funerals very weird. I still remember me and my siblings being asked if we wanted to see my mother's corpse shortly after she died - my father was the only one who'd been with her at that moment - and us all saying no. I guess we're just not a corpse-viewing kinda culture).

Not gonna lie, having seen you be critical of Hugo's choices along the road to recovery in the past, I'm surprised to see you step in there. But this?:

If you grew up in a peaceful family, yes, you were privileged.

THANK. YOU. Why oh why is this not just taken as read?

And here!, for as long as the link lasts: Btw, that article about creativity was fairly interesting but did you notice that ALL the examples of creative people they gave - even at the Jay Leno level of mundanity - were men?