Monday, November 21, 2011

Why I hate Newt: It's personal

At left: January 2000 cover of Atlanta Magazine, courtesy of Rebecca Burns and her great memory.

Going to suburban Atlanta for the holiday, later in the week. Now that Newtie is back in the news, I will be hearing all about him from my father-in-law (again), who considers him the most dishonest of the most dishonest politicians. I remember the 90s as one long anti-Newt screed, over various Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. It was a nice vacation for my nerves when Newt retired from government to take $1.5 million from Freddie Mac, leaving the good citizens of Georgia alone. (Although lots of 90s survivors have never trusted him, for a variety of reasons.)

And now he's back and noisily running for President, with his famous cost-cutting measures, such as staying in the SC Governor's mansion on my dime. And he instructs us dirty Occupiers to take a bath and get a job! This has brought out some nasty tweets in response:

You know #Newt, some in #OWS may not bathe as often as you, but I'd bet most of them wouldn't divorce their spouses who are dying of cancer.
Direct hit!

Yes, its hard to swallow self-righteous moralism from serial monogamists who owe Tiffany's a half million dollars, and expect to be taken seriously. But there are Newt signs all over my neighborhood and across from St Mary Magdalene in Simpsonville, so I guess he is making important political inroads in the Palmetto State.

He is an awful, resentful, arrogant, duplicitous, dishonest man. And not just in his personal life, but in every single thing he does and every single thing he touches.

This tells us so much about the Republican Party, that this common shyster is what they are left with.

And besides that, he is going to ruin ANOTHER Thanksgiving for me as I listen to a catalog of his sins. Dyspepsia awaits, and plenty of it.



JoJo said...

This repugnant piece of crap is running for Prez AGAIN? Jesus he's as bad as Pat Paulson. At least Pat was amusing and liberal.

bryce said...

professional clown

Quran said...

I really love your writing dude.

Orlando airport transport said...

i am a driver a taxi driver (Taxi to Orlando airport.) i wish i could paint my taxi red and then write on it that i hate news. because i can't see torture and death on that.

StingBug said...

He's now a santimonious ass as well. The latest is he claims his former wife did not die of cancer, although he did hand her divorce papers when she had cancer... anyone have the facts on this one?

My profoundest sympathies for having to death with another Thanksgiving Newt bash-a-thon from father in law... let's just hope another temporary up and coming Rep. jerk gets knocked off first place when the facts come in.

Anonymous said...

Fort Worthless Newt earned his name when Limboss ragged on Speaker Jim Wright from TX & was busy betraying wives for felatio from Rethuglican wannabee females ... FTworthless Newt led a gov't shut down attempt & Clinton did not back down like Obomba does willingly let the G.ANGSTER O.IL P.ARTY MAKE THE WHITE HOUSE AN ELEPHANT TOILET ... REPUBLOCRATS & their evil twins tea bag GOP scum let Medicare be cut instead of raise taxes on the rich ... They won't stop until the 99% have no bucks ... LARRY USN'71-'73 PEACE VET 843-926-1750

goth-is-not-emo said...

Wait, what?

I was under the impression that Newt was laughed out of the race months ago...he's still news?