Friday, November 18, 2011

Frank would have loved the Occupy movement

Frank on Friday really should be several hours long. Unfortunately, the only time they do that is during "pledge week"--which means I am one of the few people looking forward to WNCW's fund drives. PLAY MORE FRANK! Today, they played Sting and Zappa doing "Murder by Numbers" together in a live performance, simply sublime. Frank kept referring to him as "Mr Sting" which was funny and oh so Zappaesque.

We miss you, man!


As I said earlier this week, the Occupy movement is under attack. Governor Haley (insert boos, catcalls, thumbs down, other rude gestures) cleared out Occupy Columbia from the Statehouse lawn, claiming protesters were urinating in the bushes. I wish I could have added my urine to the place, to express my dislike of our state government, as well as solidarity with the urinating Occupiers. Nineteen arrests.

First Amendment? What's that?

We need a lawyer to make the case that urine is a form of political protest. If you can artistically dip crucifixes in urine, it seems to me, you can pee on Haley's place of employment and claim that's political.

Alas, this is South Carolina, and we don't have any left-wing political lawyers here.

More nationwide:

Occupiers take over Brooklyn Bridge (Atlantic Wire)

Occupy New Haven meets NY Occupiers on other side of bridge (New Haven Independent)

Occupy Wall Street projects giant 99% logo onto Verizon building (Think Progress) Can you hear us now?

Occupy flash mob in Atlanta Wells Fargo bank (Twitvid)

Occupy Dallas Evicted (KDAF)

Occupy Austin Evicted (Austin Statesman)

Occupy Seattle means business (

Occupy Chicago protest results in 46 arrests on major bridge (Raw Story)

FBI Director Ducks Questions On Occupy Movement During SF Talk (SF Appeal)

Tea Party and Occupiers find common ground in Memphis (NPR)

Your soundtrack for today's readings!

Revolution - The Beatles


My husband's home state, Georgia, is next up for the "Personhood for Zygotes" people. They lost Mississippi, but they haven't given up. Not by a long shot.

Hanging out on Twitter last night, I finally got a "pro life" reply to my question: If you make abortion illegal, where will you get the money to build all those new jails? If there have been (as they claim) 53 million murders since Roe v Wade, where will they send all of these murderers? That adds up to the populations of several major cities.

Here is the reply, which was retweeted to me:

Woman who have an abortion should be put to death as soon as guilty gavel cones down. #prochoice is murder.
Silly me, asking about prisons!

I guess I should start asking, where will you get the money in the current economy to pay all those executioners? Or will they outsource that work, like they do call centers?

Pretty honest reply, though. At least the agenda is right out there: we looooove babies, but we don't care about the women who give birth to them and would prefer to kill them off.

Make no mistake, that is the agenda. And at least one of them is honest enough to say so.


JoJo said...

I just don't 'get' Zappa's music. I want to....I tried....but I don't get it.

"woman who have..."??? Moron. What do you expect from someone who can't cobble together a simple sentence?

sheila said...

Oh it's a funny thing, that whole right to life thing... I don't get why they are right to life about babies but high on the death penalty... or um.. towards women who want abortions. That's odd to me.

And shouldn't a person who is a pro-lifer technically be opposed to guns?

p.s. not a huge Zappa fan either. Although I like the Yellow Snow song. Which, ironically... you guys would have over there in the protest... had it been snowing.

Just sayin.

SnowdropExplodes said...

Here's some Occupy news from England:

Occupy London have also ignored a deadline to move from the St Paul's camp, and now High Court legal action is being taken against the people there.

Anonymous said...

... and 53 million places in schools.

I did just love Frank Zappa from the first moment in 1968 that I heard the MoI.

LIFE magazine archives has a great sixties photo of FZ in his parents living room.
far out man.
x x Ann O'Dyne (AUS)

YogaforCynics said...

A friend once summed up Zappa's philosophy as "everything sucks except for my guitar solos." Personally, I love his guitar solos (particularly on the Hot Rats album, and the title track on Apostrophe...) so I suspect he'd be torn between mocking Wall Street and mocking the occupiers (which is kind of what he did on the early Mothers' albums: brilliantly sharing in the hippies' critique of mainstream America while mocking the hell out of the hippies)...

D. said...

Seriously pro-life people are also anti-death penalty, so your sentence-mangler is a pure-and-simple hater.

I was introduced to the music of Mothers of Invention (and the Velvet Underground) by one Susan Marshall, who I last saw at the tree-lighting at Rockefeller Center in 1967 (this was before it was televised, so we didn't get 55+ minutes of vapid "entertainment" before the tree was turned on).

thene said...

I have a friend who also lives here in GA who has had four miscarriages in the last 3 years. I shall have to tell her to look forward to her manslaughter conviction I guess? It'll suck for her to go to prison and all but you've got to be consistent when it comes to zygotes having more rights than adult women, yeah?