Friday, September 2, 2011

This is Radio Clash

On the air in less than 24 hours, and my nerves are shot. It doesn't help that Mr Daisy has (unavoidably) had to leave the state on the weekend of my radio debut. In addition, my Green Party guru (and radio co-host) passed out on his cardiologist's floor this afternoon; my internet flickers in and out for no apparent reason that the bemused AT&T man can figure out, and I am suddenly worried that I will need to change my blog motto-- from Ain't Skeered to Skeered.


I remember I used to get this nervous when doing AA talks, and I have to remember: talk-radio isn't nearly as unnervingly personal as that was. As I think Richard Pryor once said, even if you're funny, talking about yourself is always scary... unless you're lying.

Politics, one fervently hopes, will be a far easier topic.

Why do I find sending words over the internet (in blog or Facebook form) so easy, yet find the idea of speaking on airwaves (about many of the same subjects!) so daunting? I have been talking to the public, in various forms of customer service, for many years, so it isn't that. I think just a general lack of experience in radio, has given me pause. I am going where I have never gone before (or only a few times, long ago).

Wish me luck.


This is Radio Clash - The Clash


D. said...

The best of luck tomorrow!

Somebody said something about gearing your performance for one person -- your ideal listener -- and not worrying just yet about the audience out there.

And, probably, start with music!

SnowdropExplodes said...

Good luck!

Would it help to think, "Radio: it's sort of like blogging, only you're speaking instead of typing"? (I've no idea if that notion would be true or not, of course!)

Marion said...

The very best of luck to you, dear Daisy! I know you will be awesome!!! xxxox

JoJo said...

I'm so glad to hear, on Facebook, that it went well and YOU SURVIVED!!!! I'm really proud of you Daisy!! :D

DaisyDeadhead said...

THANK YOU JOJO and EVERYBODY! Yes, I survived it, folks... more to come. Whew!

Finally getting the chance to do my Arianna Huffington impersonation on the air, was worth its weight in gold! :D

sheila said...

Break a leg Daisy!!!! How exciting! And unfortunately I am the same way. Sometimes just the thought of speaking in public makes me queasy.

You'll be fine! Picture Dick Cheney in his underwear. ha ha ha.

Ewe, no... don't. Yuck. My eyes! My eyes!

LarryE said...

Been away for a bit - Irene, blah blah - so I just heard about the radio show and I say You go, girl!

Luck? You don't need no stinking luck! You just need to be Daisy. I expect that will be (and was) more than sufficient.

Not too long ago I started doing a half-hour weekly show on the local cable TV station. Basically, it's just me with a handful of notes and the camera. I flippantly describe show show as "a lefty Glenn Beck minus the chalkboard and the paranoia." Not a big audience, but it's a start and it's about to become available in other towns. Just did my 20th show.

OTOH, I've found it interferes with blogging 'cause I now read the news with a thought to what would be good for the show rather than what would be interesting for the blog. It'll be interesting to see what your experience on that score is and if you avoid that pitfall to get some advice on how you did it.