Wednesday, September 28, 2011

National Museum of the Pacific War

Back from Texas! And my internet was down upon my return, so a bit late in checking in. Sorry about that, sports fans!

Below, photos of the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas, birthplace of Admiral Nimitz.

Some of the displays can make you cry. :( The Pearl Harbor segment is loud and unnerving in the extreme, imitating what it might have been like for the residents that day.

Most photos are self-explanatory, but for the historically-challenged, photo #5 was a short film about the Rape of Nanking, too horrific for words, reducing our plucky narrator to sobs. Photo #8 was an account of the Battle of Midway, where we settled some hash.

Photo #6 is actually rather amusing now, especially when you are standing amidst all the artillery and gun-fetishism of central Texas. Really General Kanji, I hardly think so.

The next-to-last photo is of the SACO flag. And similarly, there were oodles of uniforms, flight jackets and other wartime paraphernalia, but unfortunately, those photos didn't turn out so well. (I don't know the makes and models of those fighter-planes, but if you do, speak up!)

Daisy concludes: War is bad.

Truthfully, I came to that conclusion before I ever went in.



D. said...

I'd like to see that museum, although I'm not likely to ever get to Texas again.

Dave Dubya said...

As a fan of vintage aviation, I can identify the two aircraft.

The smaller single engine plane is a Grumman F4F Wildcat fighter, and the larger twin engine is a B-25 Mitchell medium bomber, the plane used in the famous Doolittle Raid on Japan in retaliation for Pearl Harbor and to bring the war to the Japanese homeland.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Dave, thank you so much! I would have jotted down the info, but so many of the photos just didn't come out too well. (Since it was somewhat dark, didn't think any of them would.) I am very pleased I got the ones I did.

sheila said...

The Santayana quote says it all. Looks like a great museum too!

JoJo said...

I'd like to see this museum. My uncles ran into each other on Saipan during WW2. They were in different units. Uncle Charlie was a Marine, his brother Johnny was in the Army.