Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If Disney did a horror movie, might look like this

Left: Victoria's birthday party; she is the one in yellow who looks just like me.

My granddaughter turned six on September 11. I certainly DO wish her birthday was NOT a national day of mourning. To my daughter's credit (that's her in the photo), she has always tried to make her birthdays happy. I don't think Victoria will become self-conscious about the date until she is older, and maybe not even then.

As one commenter on a blog recently said to me: If we let them take our happiness, they have indeed been successful in totally destroying the day. I agree.

Meanwhile, my granddaughter is SIX whole years old! I will be seeing them next week for the first time in over a year, and I am very excited.

And don't these partiers look a little scary? ;)


Marion said...

She's lovely!And, of course, she looks just like you, I'm sure of it! Heh...those are cute glasses.

Her birthday is a happy occasion. What happened on 9/11 shouldn't impact her at all. I really hope for that.

Oh, Daisy...don't know how you can stand not seeing them for a year!! Kudos to you and your strength...I think I'd be a pile of depressed mush!! So glad you'll see them next week! xx

D. said...

It's the Village of the Damned Halloween kit!

Miss Welby said...

talking of birthdays, happy birthday to YOU

Rose said...

Those glasses are a lot of fun. I found your website through a google search. I love the name of your site.