Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Ducks, etc

They seemed real glad to see me, until they realized I had no food. Then they turned around and waddled back into the water. Fickle, opportunistic animals!

These photos are of the Reedy River, downtown under the bridge. Also, got Crape (not Crepe) Myrtle trees! Purty!

The price of living in such a beautiful tropical paradise is... well... ((faints from heat))



JoJo said...

Snubbed by the duckies? That's COLD! lol Gorgeous pics though!

D. said...

Not only must you suffer the heat of the tropical paradise, you're also stuck with the politicians.

WV: "hunni"

DaisyDeadhead said...

D, bada bing! You're funny!

Speaking of which, Michele Bachmann was in Spartanburg today, and the locals went into religious ecstacies. This shit/campaign season has officially started!

Dazediva said...

Lovely pics ! and what greedy lil' duckies ! next time bread crumbs just so they accept you in their super duck clan !

Do drop by my #WW

Marion said...

Oh! What gorgeous photos. Photos of water and pools and rivers have to be my favourite visuals. So sorry the ducks spurned you!

I've been reading about your heat. And I've also heard about Michele Bachman. I'm having trouble believing she's for real...and I guess that's it...she's not real, heh! Try and have a cool day, today, dear Daisy! xx

sheila said...

Oh beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! I could spend the day here. THe entire day right on the side of the water. Feeding the plump ducks, lol.