Thursday, August 18, 2011

I thought the French had class?

Photo from the UK Guardian.

Gerard Depardieu publicly pees on a plane:

A flight attendant told the French actor that he would have to wait to use the bathroom until after takeoff. So he just relieved himself on the plane's carpet. No biggie!

Another passenger went to French radio station Europe 1 with her eyewitness account of the urination, saying a visibly drunk Depardieu repeatedly asked to use the bathroom, but was told to wait 15 minutes.

"And then he did it on the floor..." the witness said. "No one said anything. It all happened with courtesy."

After the actor peed on the floor, the plane had to turn right back around and return to the gate, where a crew reportedly spent two hours cleaning up the peed-on plane.

A CityJet spokesman confirmed the incident to Agence France, but did not say whether Depardieu was kicked off the flight.

Depardieu, 62, has a history of drunken antics. In 2009, the actor beat up a car, smashing in the windshield with his bare fist. In 1990 he was convicted of drunk driving.
"It all happened with courtesy?" Say what? (I often do not understand Europeans, even when they speak English.)

Ask yourself some fun questions: what if a black hip-hop star, or even Courtney Love behaved like this?

There really ARE different standards of behavior for different people. A white European movie star who pisses on the airplane carpet is regarded as embarrassing and even amusingly gross. Other people acting similarly could be (and have been) regarded as a threat or as dangerously out-of-control. Even though Depardieu has a history of actual violent behavior, Anderson Cooper couldn't stop giggling while reporting this story on CNN. Would such a stunt be equally funny from an African-American NFL star? Just sayin.

It all depends on who you are. The laws are literally enforced differently, depending on what observers are feeling about who you are and the persona you project. That is what "profiling" means. It means you make people uncomfortable.

Make them comfortable, and as the world's most successful con-men will attest, you can get away with anything.

PS: Gerard apologizes, blames prostate.


Blue Heron said...

C'est la wee.

Marion said...

He blamed his PROSTATE? Wow. Guess I'll have to watch out for men who have prostate problems...never know when they might have to go...! xx

JoJo said...

LOL at Blue Heron.

I'm not excusing what he did b/c that's disgusting. But as one who HAS to go when I get the urge, I fail to understand why an emergency bathroom visit isn't allowed. I had to get up while the plane was taxiing once b/c the urge hit and there was no way I was gonna be able to wait till cruising altitude. I dashed to the bathroom and back to my seat as fast as I could. The pilot came on and reminded 'everyone' to stay seated. But it was too bad, I was gonna pee my seat if I didn't go. It's ridiculous and wrong to stop someone in an emergency.

Laci The Dog said...

Depardieu is a caveman in more ways than one. His past is one which is not the most admirable.