Monday, August 1, 2011

This is the way the world ends

At left: Street preacher at Bele Chere unequivocally informs us we are destined to hell, as the fellow at right advertises "Sexy Man Dance $2"... and do I have to tell you what kind of huge wad of bills he had by the end of the day? Priceless entertainment, my friends. (More of my Bele Chere photos HERE.)

Yes, I have numerous excellent excuses for why it has taken me two weeks to update. ((hangs head in shame))

But damn, I am not sure why I should feel guilty for not updating a blog that it appears no one reads any more (according to Sitemeter, et. al.) Lately, whenever I go to the library, I make sure to give my own blog a hit, that's how pathetic the situation is. Beyond that, I have been thoroughly confused regarding which writing goes where.

For example: I have been chastised many times here on DEAD AIR that ____ (whatever it is I wrote) does not belong on this blog, but on a (pick one) 1) Livejournal 2) Tumblr 3) Dreamwidth 4) Facebook, Twitter or MySpace (etc etc etc). It does? And who decided that? I am afraid I simply do not understand the protocol, as usual.

Roughly speaking, the guidelines are that "personal" stuff is not supposed to be on a blog, unless you have a "personal blog"... but then they get upset with personal bloggers when they blog about politics or religion. If you have a "political blog"--then you are not supposed to write about "personal" issues. Further, if you have a quarrel with someone within Blogdonia, you are supposed to go to Tumblr or one of those, to air your differences. (Got all that?)

As I said, I am unaware of who wrote all these nosy-parker rules, and when. But they have left me confused, wondering if I am doing it wrong (again) and so forth. Even after four years of blogging, I become hesitant, but of course (as you see!), not for long. But I absolutely hate the fact that all of these dumbass, informal "rules" have wormed their way into my head. Bah.

And so, the personal and impersonal will continue to be all mished-mashed together on DEAD AIR. Sorry about that, rule-keepers and protocol-enforcers of Blogdonia!


I devoured Margaret Atwood's "The Year of the Flood" (2009) in one sitting. I did not realize this novel was contemporaneous with the totally-fabulous "Oryx and Crake" (2003)--I had mistakenly believed it was a sequel. And I refuse to read sequels to end-of-the-world tales... either it's the end or it isn't. I have always found "Oryx and Crake" to be the most believable and realistic version of the End of Days--and I have read a parcel of em.

Yes, this is the way the world ends.

I loved "The Year of the Flood"--the apocalypse as told from another group within the same time-frame and using the same motifs (and some of the same characters) as "Oryx and Crake." The religious cult in the novel, God's Gardeners, is the best fictional religious cult I've ever come across; I would most assuredly be joining if I was there. The sermons and hymns in the book are fantastic. Atwood's idea that in the future, rather than the Litany of the Saints, we will have litanies of extinct species, is one that will stay with me forever.

Margaret Atwood is a genius, straight up. If she wrote a bunch of these books, I would read them all; she needs to set up shop and do a whole series, like Narnia or something. It would turn a lot of us into junkies, and she would get very rich.

Okay, but what, you sensibly ask, does this have to do with not updating your blog?

Well, because as with JG Ballard, I started thinking seriously about the end of the world and how it would happen. And then, the Tea Party began (continued?) their major economic fuckery, and it was suddenly as if the book was being acted out right in front of me, or at least the earliest stages. Are we going to end up privatizing the police forces and prisons? How can we pay for government if these "budget cuts" keep continuing? Will a huge multinational corporation, Manchurian Global or one of those, run the world at last? Will we put the worst criminals into something called "Painball" (possibly a nod to ROLLERBALL), organizing them into gangs and providing them with laser-like weapons and then broadcasting their deaths on TV? (And WHY shouldn't capital punishment be profitable also?)

In short, the President has surrendered on the Debt Ceiling issue, putting all of our futures at risk... this is crucial not just to us oldsters who are rapidly approaching decrepitude, but to the future of our environment as well. Nero fiddles, as The Tea Party continues to mouth their well-calculated fibs. My favorite article-title in this debacle, hands down, quoted Missouri's Democratic congressman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver: The Debt Ceiling Deal: 'A Sugar-Coated Satan Sandwich'

You just can't get any more to the point than that, now can you?

I dunno about yall, but I am thinking of starting a God's Gardeners parish, or cell, or whatever they are going to be called.


sheila said...

Yeah, I'm still not understanding the protocol either. Oh well. lol.

I think the blogging world is slow because of summer. I'm in the same boat as you are. We can virtually drown our sorrows, lol.

Although I am excited about my new Love Rally

It's helping to take my mind off the stupidity of our government. I've decided that politics will only get worse, so it's up to us as regular people to make the world a better place one person at a time.

Renegade Evolution said...

Privatizing prisons....might I suggest a movie? No Escape, with Ray Liota and Lance Henricksen, one of my FAVORITES :)

As for blog rules....FUCK 'EM. IT's YOUR blog, write what ya want, when ya want, how ya want, and if people don't like it, they ain't obligated to READ IT NOW, are they? Pfft. Personally, one trick pony blogs bore the fuck outta me, and I find Twitter to be the height of unbridled narcissism.

ahem, also, you should totally check out's Crime Library :)

D. said...

What Ren said. Redoubled.

You have a Dreamwidth account, if you really wanna go that way, but even though my main blog is mostly political these days, sometimes I mix it up. I'm thinking there needs to be more baseball there, actually.

Maybe I should do a manifesto. The Real World is being too damn depressing.

Renegade Evolution said...

Daisy: Maybe we need to start the blue collar cracker blog allience, where we write any dang thing we want...'cause we ain't classy enough to seperate our pinkies from our beer cans (or our coffee mugs in your case), much less our blogging topics!

SnowdropExplodes said...

If I had known about protocol, I would probably have deliberately set about breaking with it, just cos. I haz blog. I write thinky thoughts on it about life, politics, sceince fiction, and whatever. I haz tumblr, where I puts little tiny thoughts and/or pretty pictures.

As for end of the world stuff, especially relating to economics, I cannot recommend strongly enough Talis Kimberley's album The Hearth & The Hive, most of the songs relate to it in one way or another. (The song World's End is a double-meaning - there are a few villages in various parts of England, including not too far from where I live, called either "World's End" or "Worlds End".)

Blue Heron said...

"They get upset about personal blogging" who are they? I write what I damn well please. Last month there was an aberration, I was heading getting between 1500 and 1800 hits a day, instead of the 400 and change that I peter along at normally. Heading for a 40k month - then the bottom dropped out. I think I was getting sent out by some eastern european porn site.

It gets harder when it gets bigger. I feel obligated to feed this unholy cyberchild I have spawned. Why do I feel the need to keep all these people entertained, a population that largely doesn't reciprocate?

Cyber popularity is neither an accurate nor reliable indice for emotional well being.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Ren, I like the sound of it!

BH, as one of my Facebook friends commented, "they" are the same "they" who have declared we can't wear white before Memorial Day! :P

I do get a spike in hits whenever certain topics/people are mentioned in the media: Amanda Knox, Nikki Haley, Jack Ruby, Lindsey Graham, Passages in Malibu, etc. (The Jack Ruby photo with the strippers is quite popular.) Nothing like 40K hits though! I once got 31,000 in a month, and that was the record.

LarryE said...

wondering if I am doing it wrong

You're not. :-)

I rarely refer to personal matters on my blog but that was because of a conscious decision to separate my personal life (about which I reveal very little online) from my political views (about which I try to be a loudmouth) - not because of any "rules." As you yourself said, "my blog, my rules."

Oh, and BH: I would be thrilled to "peter along" at 400 hits a day. My all-time one-day record was a bit over 7,000 and my one-month record (the same month), about 11,000.

DaisyDeadhead said...

And today, I'm getting numerous hits on "Warren Jeffs wives photo"... are these just curious people or pedophiles? Ick. Creepy.

In any event, the only photo I have up on the post in question is HBO's official "Big Love" promo-photo; they are probably pretty disappointed!

Jon said...

There are rules about how to blog? I had no idea. I did get jeered at for something I wrote recently. I was very angry and hurt and I wrote about it. I regretted what I said and took the post down in a few hours but here's the thing: I was writing. I was not spontaneously ranting. I thought about what I wanted to say. I considered it in various ways. I wrote and made revisions. I got jeered at because I was supposedly ranting. Actually, I was trying to write my way through something confusing and upsetting. I was trying to turn my emotions into something approaching literature.
Anyhow, because I often write in a slightly ironic way I'm only allowed to write in a slightly ironic style about things that I don't have very strong personal feelings about. I don't actually write to amuse, although I'm grateful for my readers, I write to keep my head from exploding. I hope some people understand that.
I like your blog just fine.
Renegade Evolution- Other than the fact that I am so totally not a cracker, I'm with you. most of the people that I sort of write 'with' are about as regular as it gets. My faves, for years now, are a sawmill worker, a Scotsman on the dole, a woman retired from the army, a parolee living in a dormitory for semi homeless convicts who blogs from the library, a former hope-to-die heroin addict and plumber who just moved down the road from me and a very unhappy salesman from Long Island. I have plenty of real world friends but I just love those people too.

thene said...

geez Daisy, how dare you not compartmentalise your life in the exact same manner as all the hipsters do?

I read you on a feed-reader so you only get hits from me when I come over to leave comments, but don't worry, I'm still here!

Blue Heron said...

Larry - 7000 in a day was huge, I don't think I have ever approached it myself.

I have been linked on Crooks and Liars a handful or times and I don't think I ever g0t more than 3500 to 4000 views when that happened.

I write for me. If other people like it fine, but it's not like they are paying my mortgage.

Anonymous said...

if you're breaking the blogging rules then we need new rules. seriously, don't sweat it. low traffic is a badge of honor. and anyway, i check back in daily, hiatus or not. maybe there aren't a hundred thousand of us, but i'm sure that your regulars, like me, have sort of come to depend on your perspective, precisely because you don't respect the boundaries that prevent meaningful conversation in blogdonia.

white rabbit said...

I blame summer too. Is anyone taking any notice of my pearls of wisdom either?


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