Monday, August 22, 2011

Blue people, Haley watch, etc

At left: My current screensaver, Krishna. I've always liked him!

I thought of Krishna because of the new Smurfs movie, which as you undoubtedly know, is about blue people.

In the landmark, fabulous film, Slacker (not the mediocre and forgettable Slackers, which of course you have never confused it with), we are treated to a brilliant discourse about the cultural importance of blue people.

When I first saw Slacker, my child was young, and I suddenly realized the importance of the Smurfs!

Here is the operative segment, which also has some interesting things to say about Scooby Doo and Scooby snacks.

Blue People Excerpt - Slacker (1991)

You have to admit, he has a point.


I have not suspended Haley Watch, although it is currently on an extended hiatus. I got kinda tired of reprinting the veritable onslaught of gushing, fawning media-coverage of our new governor... what's next, Italian Vogue? The most recent Sunday Greenville News story informs us that Governor Haley "eats, sleeps and breathes jobs" and "she must work 24/7"... I am just waiting for the canonization committee to show up.

Republican Lt. Governor Ard, however, is another matter. He is in some major trouble for using campaign funds incorrectly and dishonestly, and Haley has very carefully maintained her political distance from him and his problems.

I seriously doubt that the Ard scandal will touch her. Boo.


At left: new patio resident. I thought I saw RADIANT stitched into the web, but it was an optical illusion.

According to my geeky Facebook friends, even though (to borrow a line from Woody Allen) this spider is the size of a Buick, she is supposedly (mostly) harmless, unless I aggravate her. And I assure you, I wouldn't dream of it!

She is Agelenidae, a funnel-web spider. Thus, the web is just lovely... it looks like water whooshing down the drain, frozen in white profile.

If you just ignore all those enormous dead beetle-bodies she has littered everywhere, it looks almost peaceful.



my kids must have all been at the too old age as I don't remember the smurfs being on our remember forbidding my sons to watch speed racer cause it was too violent

JoJo said...

The Smurfs ran in the 1980's and I loathe them. I worked at a TV station in Boston that showed it every day as part of the afternoon kids' block, and after daily exposure to it, I was on Gargamel's side. Or Azriel or whatever the evil dude and his cat were named. Smurfette also reminded me of Joan Rivers and I couldn't get past that either. I was always waiting for her to say "Can we Tawk?" ;)

Still shuddering at the Buick sized spider. How do you know it's a she? Is there an egg sac? If I may suggest a name: Aragog.

SnowdropExplodes said...

'Governor Haley "eats, sleeps and breathes jobs"'

Did they think that one through properly? Because if she eats jobs, normally when people figuratively say someone or something eats stuff, it means there's less of it left (e.g. "gas guzzler" - a car that uses a lot of fuel very quickly, leaving an empty tank...)

Also, I was just dying for the follower to be "and she farts jobs, too!" ... but that's just my crude mind at work.

"she must work 24/7"

Never mind the canonizatioon committee, what about the folks from the mental hospital? I mean, I've heard that sleep deprivation does some serious shit to the mind, there's a reason they use it as a torture (*ahem* enhanced interrogation) technique! If that's true, then the Governor must be on the brink of a complete breakdown by now, surely? For her own sake, she MUST be removed from office so she can get well! ;-)

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Jon said...

In the scene from Slacker, the guy on the right is my friend, Seth Maxwell Malice. I've known him since he was in high school. He's now a middle aged man walking the streets of San Francisco and still talking that crap.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Jon, that is awesome! The DVD re-release had a "Slacker 15 years later" reunion feature and included lots of the people in the cast, but I didn't see Seth.

My favorite guy, the hitchhiker ("every commodity you produce is a piece of your own death" -- "I know I live badly, but I don't have to work to do it!") was an authentic semi-homeless, well-known Austinite, who has since passed on. The crowd in attendance was as sad to hear that as I was.

DaisyDeadhead said...

I also love that guy at the end, yelling through the megaphone in his car... in fact, I think I used to KNOW that guy! ;)

"Gonna solve allllll these goddamn problems!"

Starts here at 1:14 to about 2:26:

Hitchhiker (earlier in the movie):

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sheila said...

I was thoroughly enjoying this post until you had to insert a damn pic of that spider again! With a web this time! Daisy! lol

Anonymous said...

d, that megaphone man made me laugh so fucking hard, made my whole week. ive played it about 50 times now + makes me crazee. funniest shit EVAH!!!!! thx so much i will have to rent whole movie.

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