Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Tunes: Woodstock

I guess I shoulda waited until the anniversary of Woodstock next month to post these various versions of the song... but when I found all three versions on Youtube, I got excited and impatient.

As we know, all three could disappear by August, due to ongoing record company greed. So, I decided to post them now.

Which version do you like best?


First, the author's version.

Woodstock - Joni Mitchell


Second, the movie soundtrack version.

Woodstock - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young


And finally, one of Daisy's special (and little-known) fangirl versions, with fabulous mystical loop-de-loop guitar riffs, played all over the place in 1970 and mostly forgotten since.

I know, musical heresy, but this is my favorite version of the song!

Woodstock - Matthews Southern Comfort (great visuals!)



mama moretti said...

1st - no question! what a voice!

white rabbit said...

Joni Mitchell wrote it...

But I have ba soft spot for CSNY.

Oh I don't know.



YogaforCynics said...

While I'm a huge huge Joni Mitchell fan, generally prefer originals, and am not the CSN fan I used to be, I've always found her version a little slow and dirge-ish (perhaps befitting the fact that she didn't actually get to go to Woodstock, while all her friends did, and wasn't happy about it), so I'll give it CSNY.

As for the Matthew's Southern Comfort version: in a word, no offense intended: yuck.

Anonymous said...
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kingschwarz said...

All worthy versions, but my favorite is Eva Cassidy's. Because she was a DC homegirl. Or because it somehow evokes the touching story of her short and brilliant life. Maybe because it is off her usual beat - though she had huge range from Harold Arlen/Yip Harburg material to collaborations with Chuck Brown, the go-go funkmeister. Most of all because she has a phenomenal voice. You can check it out on YouTube.

sheila said...

CSNY hands down. God I just love their version. But I really loved the history and imagery in the Matthews SC version here. Wow, Just amazing footage! LOVED this. Maybe you could fiddle with it to put that video with CSNY's voices, lol.

SnowdropExplodes said...

I was expecting to be completely in favour of Joni Mitchell's performance, but I liked the third one a lot - it captured the haunting nature of the original, I felt, which CSNY really didn't, which kind of made it a different song in their hands (which is fair enough).

I think it's possible that, having grown up in the 1980s, there's something mournful about the Woodstock era, because we heard all about it from our parents' generation but in the end it seemed to have been for nothing - especially as the same people often were now the ones who were at the core of the corporate age. So a lament for the spirit of Woodstock seems perfectly appropriate to me.

John Powers said...

Oh wow. Even before listening the first thought I had was a sermon in church back in the day building upon these lyrics. I'm in thrall to Joni Mitchell and the summer I bought Deja Vu I must have played it 100 times-without exaggeration. Funny that ranking the three I'd put CSNY's rendition last today.

I really don't remember Ian Matthews's version from back in the day. But recently stumbled upon Richard Thompson doing it at a 2000 tribute to Mitchell. That's one of my favorites.

Thinking of it I went to Wikipedia for the article on Fairport Convention. I hadn't known about the van crash that killed Thompson's girlfriend and precipitated Matthews leaving the band. The song connects, and I feel sure at her tribute Mitchell understood the connections making the performance all the more poignant.

D. said...

I was of course familiar with the first two renditions, but had never heard Matthews Southern Comfort's version.

I found the music a little bland but the images made up for it.