Saturday, July 9, 2011

One man gathers what another man spills

Hey you crazy kidz! I shall now explain another way the Tarot works, in addition to those ways we have already discussed.

I drew The Star today! Yeah! And now I am ready to rock and roll, recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, hike my beloved Swamp Rabbit Trail to a fare-thee-well and then go chow down at the Pita House. Exercise and healthy food! This is all because I drew the right card. If I had drawn this one, or this one, or God forbid, this one, I would just stay home and watch Turner Classic Movies, eating popcorn and fiddling on Facebook.

See how it works now?

To the skeptics who bray in unison (squawk!) self-fulfilling prophecy, I answer: well, no shit Sherlock! Whoever said that didn't count or wasn't a factor? You say this triumphantly, as if it nullifies everything, whereas to me, that is just more proof of how it works.

If all of these millions of people can express happiness with their very expensive placebos put out by pharmaceutical companies (some of which I subsidize with my taxes), then I guess I can blog about my placebos, which are just as good as theirs.


Going on record as very happy with the gay marriage decision in New York. Here is a cool article about the changes in the culture regarding gay couples and acceptance; those who seem to be unlikely supporters of same-sex marriage have had their opinions influenced by knowing someone who is gay: To Know Us Is to Let Us Love (New York Times)

I should be back to trashing Nikki Haley in the next week... what with murdering mommies taking center stage in our national consciousness, I all-but-forgot about the right wing governor attempting to gut our state economy even further... but rest assured, I shall be back on the case soon. (One wonders what ELSE she can find to destroy, but I'm sure she'll find something.)


I have been reading an amazing Buddhist text titled An Unentangled Knowing, written by the late Thai Buddhist lay woman Upasika Kee Nanayon (aka K. Khao-suan-luang). This text is part of the Thai Forest Tradition --which I think sounds as cool as the Catholic term "The Desert Fathers"--conjuring up visions of mystics who have left civilization to find their own way.

I had attempted the book many years ago and ended up tucking it away in profound spiritual confusion, because I found it unaccountably disturbing and weird. When I found the book again, I was finally ready, even hungry, for it.

It is, quite simply, the Buddhist book I've needed and have been waiting for. Many years ago, I had not studied the texts necessary to get to this point and hence, didn't understand a word. The concept of "emptiness"--in the West--tends to translate to NIHILISM, and no, it isn't the same thing at all. But I didn't truly understand this until last year. I am now ready to fully engage the text, and I have. I have carried the book with me for about two months, reading and re-reading, studying carefully at every available moment and applying what I have learned to my meditations... and...

It has made me very happy!

Not sure why.

But isn't that what we are really doing all this for, when its all said and done?

(The whole text is online here.)


Your fun Saturday afternoon tune--I've discovered this one goes really good with the Swamp Rabbit Trail--

Exodus (original) - Bob Marley and the Wailers

Movement of Jah people! (Is that the greatest thing you ever heard or what?)

Have a fabulous weekend and hope you find a little bit of The Star for yourself, too. See you on the Swamp Rabbit Trail!


*derivation of blog post title is HERE. I always assume people know this stuff, then they email me and ask! Sorry about that!


JoJo said...

Have a great weekend Daisy! If I drew the Star card, it still wouldn't have made me leave the a/c comfort in my house. I can't even pull the trigger on unpacking all my crap. lol

Blue Heron said...

All hail the most forgiving star. She grants us loving illuminated blessings from beyond our earthly fold.

Marion said...

Love the Star...when I do my daily Tarot spread and I draw the Star, it gives me warm fuzzies all day! And I don't care either if it might be considered a placebo by works for me! xx

Willow said...

Some of the more radical medieval Christian mystics get near a variation on sunyata ("emptiness"...the Church tended to frown on such thoughts, probably explaining why the closest Western words are a couple of unwieldly terms used only by a handful of German academics). Especially some of the women, interestingly enough. I don't know, women writing about god is kind of my thing. :) Thanks for the link to Unentangled Knowing!

DaisyDeadhead said...

Willow, I'm sure you've heard of Hildegard of Bingen, but have you heard of Adrienne Von Speyr? I used to read her books in my pseudo-Opus Dei period :) I dunno how they would read to me now... I don't have copies since I dutifully passed them on to others like they were sacred writ. Her "dictated" visions, like Maria Magdalena de Pazzi's, were tripped out, almost hypnotic Casteneda-ish reading. Ditto, St Bridget of Sweden, St Faustina (mentioned in post, link to Divine Mercy post) ... I love that stuff too!

Aside: I get lots of hits on St Elizabeth Hungary... most online iconography of St Eliz shows her carrying a basket of roses, but I used the one of her giving away BREAD. Ha! And that is the image that gets googled, not the frivolous one, score one for the social gospel team! :D

DaisyDeadhead said...

Of course, this also reminds me that she is watching out for my blog (St Elizabeth of Hungary) and I made her the Official Matron Saint of Dead Air, too. :)

I got 400 hits on her saints day! LOL