Friday, July 8, 2011

Let's swim to the moon

At left: Ben Hall, at Bohemian Cafe on Saturday.

One of those things about age that makes me profoundly uncomfortable: I get sentimental very quickly.

Like, really sentimental.

It overtakes me suddenly, and there I am, shedding tears over seemingly peculiar, unrelated or odd events. Such as Ben Hall and his guitar playing. Which was just like my late stepfather's. (Note: although the outdated link claims Ben is 18, he has now reached the ripe old age of 22.)

Until I was sitting there listening to Ben, whom I hadn't heard before, I didn't realize I had unconsciously avoided the music of Chet Atkins for a reason... I was suddenly aware that the "thumb-picking" guitar-style of Ben's, was the same as my stepfather's. I have avoided it for many years, flipped radio channels and such, because it made me so emotional. And as Ben described his style of playing, I thought, oh no... because I probably would have avoided his fabulous guitar playing if I had known.

I listened, and promptly got all teary-eyed and emotional. It is so embarrassing, reminding me of a line from Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now: "I cried like some grandmother." Yeah, I guess he means me. I have arrived!

Does any music do that to you?

Here is Ben's playing, the signature thumb-pickin style.

Cannonball Rag - Ben Hall


This song is as old as I am, seriously... careful, its about death, and way before the Doors made drowning at night sound sexy and existential.

I can hardly believe its taken me this long to post it!

Endless Sleep - Jody Reynolds


And speaking of the Doors, here is the 60s version of drowning for fun:

Moonlight Drive - The Doors

Let's swim to the moon
Let's climb through the tide
Penetrate the evening that the
City sleeps to hide
Let's swim out tonight, love
It's our turn to try
Parked beside the ocean
On our moonlight drive

Let's swim to the moon
Let's climb through the tide
Surrender to the waiting worlds
That lap against our side

Nothing left open
And no time to decide
We've stepped into a river
On our moonlight drive


Sorry so morbid, but its been a rather morbid week in America, yes? ;)


SC Boy said...

He's cute.

Kia said...

Hi Daisy! I just had a unexpectedly teary musical interlude last night during Treme. Lucinda Williams was performing probably my favorite song of hers and I got all weepy. The song refrain mentions her brother and sister. I speak to both of my own siblings very infrequently these days and no matter when or where I hear this song I start to bawl...


oh man..havent' heard either of those songs in forever..thanks for the trip down morbid lane..haha

white rabbit said...

I confess that with ageing I get irritated very quickly - maybe sentimental too but definitely irritated.

D. said...

"Moonlight Drive" has been on my mind last night and this morning.

I thought it was the last shuttle, but apparently it was synchronicity.

Marion said...

Each time I visit with my grandkids, tears come to my I guess the idea that one cries like a grandmother makes sense! And like you, I have also arrived, heehee!

I love that thumb picking guitar style...I grew up listening to it as well, during impromptu evening musical sessions at home. Thanks for posting it, Daisy...took me back a long ways...xx

JoJo said...

I get sentimental easily too. There are still some songs I can't listen to w/o weeping b/c it reminds me of my dad.