Sunday, July 17, 2011

There can be no true equality for women

... as long as the young, pretty, middle-class white girls get by with murder.

And if she were an ugly fat girl? Old? Black? Male?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Depressed at how far we have NOT come. This is not justice.

At left: Casey Anthony and attorney Jose Baez walk out of the Orange County Jail in Orlando, Florida. And she is free as a bird.

NOTE: Pro-Anthony posts will be deleted, or possibly selectively quoted and mocked. And the extremely-offensive (and totally ignorant and uninformed) remark, "there wasn't any evidence" -- will also be deleted and/or selectively quoted and mocked. Expect the worse. I feel very, very strongly about this matter.

No idiocy (or starry-eyed Casey-humpers) will be tolerated on this thread. Thanks.


Charles D said...
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I hate it too..but I also don't think they had enough evidence to prove her was it her being pretty? or the prosecutor being inept?

DaisyDeadhead said...

My God, the Casey groupies can't even wait 5 minutes, can they?
I have just deleted lovesick Charles D., the so-called "socialist" who made an ass of himself in the last Casey Anthony thread. He's a dedicated Casey-humper.

Charles, she's free, dude. Go find her and fuck her brains out, but do not bring your silly-assed hard-on here.

OJ Simpson? HOW OLD ARE YOU? OJ won the Heisman fucking Trophy and made movies and TV shows... just like Robert Blake and Phil Spector, he was a celebrity. (Celebrities are acquitted in LA, duh!) Charles, if you are a socialist, why are you suggesting OJ Simpson is a regular black guy? (who just happened to live in Brentwood!) If your sorry-assed version of "socialism" is typical, no wonder the left has totaly gone to shit.

Go away... better yet, go find your girlfriend Casey! But lemme tellya, no socialist will be good enoughafter she gets a taste of that Hollywood money and fame. Sorry you have been left behind by your lady-love, but those are the breaks.

Murderers are so fickle.

DaisyDeadhead said...

YDG, Ima scream if I hear the next person say that... you don't believe in cadaver dogs? People sure do believe in em for drug convictions! The dogs (two different dogs alerted in the same two spots, including Casey's car trunk) is all I needed to convict. What is everyone else waiting for?

The forensic evidence about the leakage in the trunk and the blow-flies (only live on dead tissue), was also good enough for me.

DaisyDeadhead said...

YDG, one of the
TV-commentators talked about OJ, Phil Spector, Robert Blake, etc... and said Casey is now a celebrity and celebrities simply do not get convicted in the USA. I think that makes a lot of sense My point about her being pretty: celebrities ain't ugly... this would not be such a big deal if she wasn't very attractive. There seems to be an accompanying idea in the USA, that pretty people are more moral people, too, therefore she simply couldn't have done it.

Danny said...

It amazes me how people will whine from here to the end of the world how "men" get free pass on crime every time a man with power and status gets off like Anthony did here but when something like this happens either they go silent or start whining about how how there's no p@ssy pass and then start twisting themselves in knots to show that women are the real victims of everything.

Somehow every man is SKD but every Casey Anthony is an individual and isolated phenomenon with nothing in common.

mama moretti said...

disgusting beyond belief

JoJo said...

I'm with you!!!! HOW are there ANY pro-Casey people? All the scuttlebutt I've seen are from people as equally horrified as we are.

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

Whether you agree with the decision in the Casey Anthony trial or not, ultimately the correct decision was made by the jury. Wait, what?!?!

That doesn't mean that Casey Anthony didn't have anything to do with the death of her daughter, but the evidence proving that she commmited murder simply wasn't there. As of today, all we know is that no one really knows. Of course, a lot of people think they know and that's why we have all of the outrage.

Luckily, the standard in our court system is just the opposite of how we are prone to think. And with that being the standard in our legal system and not who is simply a crummy person in general, it should then be no surprise that the jury deemed Casey Anthony 'Not Guilty' today.

Do people honestly think that they know better than the 12 jurors and their alternates who had to sit through weeks and weeks of this entire proceeding? These folks were forced to endure every last detail of this trial, but somehow THEY are the ones who got it wrong while the long list of lifeless couch potatoes, random internet posters and B-list celebs who all rushed to their Twitter accounts to voice their outrage are actually the real legal experts concerning this case?

the ONLY thing I care about is if someone is accused of murder and no one saw them do it, the prosecution had better be able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt because that is what the justice system demands. If it was you or I who was falsely accused of a crime, we would all hope that a jury would not let their own human nature decide our fate, but base it on the actual evidence brought against us--wouldn't you?

Unlike OJ, the evidence linking Casey to the murder wasn't there in this case.

So now we now have a nation full of bleeding hearts (with blood-thirsty rage) over this trial, but what gets me is that every single day when you pick up your local paper or watch your local news, countless murders, deaths, rapes, assaults, etc. are reported and the vast majority of us don't even flinch at those stories. Where are all the tears and anger for all of the average, every day deaths, murders, etc. that the media doesn't glorify in this obscene manner? Do they really matter any less? And if they don't, why do we care so much less about those?

As I said to another blgger, what if this had just been some poor kid who needed to be educated? Don't the poor deserve justice?

Naw, they aren't sensational.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Laci, check my long comments on the other thread... are you in the USA? You couldn't possibly be. Did you watch the entire trial? How much did you see?

Do people honestly think that they know better than the 12 jurors and their alternates who had to sit through weeks and weeks of this entire proceeding?

Um, OF COURSE they didn't see everything that TV-viewers saw, since so much was ruled inadmissible. What did you think of what evidence was ruled inadmissible and what was not? Did you agree or did you find the rulings biased and why?

The jury did not even have access to some of the most damning evidence. TV-viewers, by contrasted, were treated to years of the Casey-saga, and they were not. They have no idea that one of the witnesses (for example) was a victim of a felony by Casey. (and you did know that, right? Do you think it was fair that her testimony was admitted?)

And does this mean you ALSO do not believe in cadaver dogs? Are you willing to suspend all drug-convictions based on canine evidence? We are talking thousands and thousands of cases... you are saying ALL of these cases are compromised and/or false convictions, since you say these two separate dogs couldn't properly alert on Caylee's decomposed remains? Does this mean you believe all canine-related evidence is wrong or flawed? How many cases would you throw out, based on this opinion. You do know some defendants ONLY have canine evidence against them? I take it you think this is wrong, always? Or just sometimes? What is the criteria you use for canine evidence?

And of course the jury got it wrong, they were chosen by the very expensive jury consultant for their bias; that is what jury consultants are for. What is your opinion of jury consultants? Do you believe they are constitutional? (I don't and have been against their usage for decades, and this is why.)

Poor people do not have access to jury consultants of course... Casey did since she got herself Jose Baez, who wanted to be star (and now he is).

the evidence linking Casey to the murder wasn't there in this case.

Okay, so you don't believe in forensics (the blow fly larvae) and you don't believe in cadaver dogs. How many convictions would you throw out on those grounds?

Numbers, please.

And why is it not considered evidence in Casey's trial, but it was enough to put away thousands of people?

Does your sympathy for the attractive, middle-class Casey extend to the thousands of inmates who had substantially LESS evidence used against them?

I can't believe that intelligent people are taken in by this shit. Then again, she's free, isn't she? I shouldn't be so surprised.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Laci, you inspired another post:

Dissing dogs

Since everyone keeps ignoring these direct doggie-oriented questions, I decided to make them a separate post. Your comments welcome.

passinthru said...

Amy Grossberg.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Passin thru, you mean--? You didn't think that was a fair verdict? I didn't either.

There was also the case of Louise Woodward, the British nanny trial (watched all of that one too)... far less evidence against her than there was against Casey, still convicted, later overturned. (She was chubby and working class and NOT American.)

I was on Woodward's side in that one. All I needed to hear was "previously unreported broken bones" and they had me at not guilty. But the jury disagreed.

Starla said...

not only did the dogs alert, at least 10 PEOPLE smelled the stench coming from her trunk as well. cadaver dogs don't lie. the 2 most unbiased witnesses in the whole charade. not to mention the flies in the trunk that only eat rotting flesh (GROSS!). These things can't be explained away to me.

Starla said...

passinthru, what a sad link you posted. Poor little boy :( 2 yrs each, what a disgrace of the judicial system. And to think: "Brian Peterson went on to get married and now lives in Florida." I hope his wife knows what he's done in the past. For some reason, (being a mother myself) I have a feeling she does not know. I could never love someone who has committed a crime like that. god i hope they don't have any children together.

Starla said...

ironic though, the CADAVER DOGS in the case of amy grossberg, found the poor deceased infant in the dumpster. i thought we couldn't trust their noses?

thene said...

Blaming the nanny - that one always works, no? Because the upper-middle-class mothers who can afford nannies are good people who would never do anything wrong by their kids. Ever.

Danny said...


mama moretti said...

danny - close but no cigar lol