Thursday, May 26, 2011

Casey Anthony trial, Part I

I haven't been addicted to a good murder trial since Phil Spector's... and I blame my daughter for calling me on the phone to warn me I was missing Casey Anthony's crocodile tears (at left) and I'd surely regret it. So I turned it on and... yeah, you know what happened. I've been tuned in ever since opening arguments.

Typically, Casey is blaming daddy for her messed-up mind, and the defense is asserting that her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, drowned and the entire family covered it up. It's a stretch, but that's the story, and they are sticking to it.

All the Ann Rule books (particularly Small Sacrifices) that kept me entertained (for decades!) have prepared me for watching this sordid trial of mother-love gone berserk. For instance, I immediately noticed that Casey sobbed when opening arguments referred to her own bad treatment at the hands of her father. And yet she remains stoic and unemotional when witnesses say things like, "... and then a skull rolled out of the garbage bag"... excuse me, say what?! This is your baby, and you sit there like a stone when they talk about her skull rolling out of a bag? (Jesus H. Christ, that looks so bad.) But that very intense brand of narcissism is fairly typical in murderers, and was present in both Diane Downs and Debora Green. (For Casey's sake, I hope nobody on the jury has been reading Ann Rule.)

Anybody else watching? Opinions? What did you think of dad on the witness stand today?


Although thoroughly unemployed, I've been chugging along... reorganizing drawers, catching up on tarot readings for friends and fans, re-commencing hiking and yoga (I now need Yoga for Cynics more than ever!), repairing old jewelry and vintage clothing... and watching Casey Anthony sob over her sorry-ass life. I'm also reading Robert Stone's fabulous memoir PRIME GREEN, and it IS nice to have some time to read for a change.

Speaking of reading, if you have some free time, here you go:

The "Alternative" Female Actress, And Why Hollywood Has So Few Of Them (Jezebel)

Focus on the Family Head: "We've Probably Lost" on Gay Marriage (Mother Jones)

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Great American Patriots (Glenn Greenwald/Salon)

Required reading for movie fans: The Dying of the Light (by Roger Ebert), which addresses the fact that films are growing ever-darker due to the accompanying rise of 3-D. (Thanks to Erik Loomis at Alterdestiny for the link.) I recently noticed that THOR was somewhat dark (of course Mr Daisy forced me to go see THOR), even though we skipped on the 3D and went to the regular showing. We even talked about it afterwards; the film seemed darker than usual.

Ebert worries that the darkness is rapidly becoming the norm.


BTW, the wonderful Asheville-based blog ASHVEGAS linked my Fanaticon photos, and thank you!


SC Boy said...

I really like George Anthony, so of course I want to believe he did not do it. On the other hand I don't want to call a sexual abuse victim a liar (about *that* at least) if it's true. Either way, I seriously don't think it was an accident/drowning in the pool. I just can't see how out of all three of them (or more, if you count Lazarro and possibly others,) one of them didn't crack sooner, if Baez's story is true.

Marshall Stacks said...

maybe Caseys mom should be in the defendants box with her.

JoJo said...

I admit I haven't followed Casey Anthony too closely, I find this new 'theory' that the baby drowned, and that Casey was abused just a bit too convenient.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Anonymous said...

my opinion: skip the trial, go right to the needle.

wastrel said...

It's fascinating alright but I am worried the prosecution is not aggressive enough..not enough to get her the death penalty that she deserves at least.

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sheila said...

I've been watching...
The whole family is a bit dysfunctional. I also noticed how when the lawyer talked about George being a good, decent, man... Casey silently shook her head "No". What a brat.

First off, how can she even let her defense do this? Unless the whole family agreed so that she gets off or gets a lessor sentence. People will do anything for their kids... but that's a bit much.

If she drowned in a pool, why was she found with duct tape stuck around her little mouth and head. Casey is seriously nuts.