Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cyril's post

When Cyril saw Zuzu and Sharon, he insisted that he be given his own post too.

Cyril turned two years old in April. In cat years, this makes him a teenager, which explains a lot. For some reason, he swats everything onto the floor, which makes my home look like we have been littering. If it's tissue or has a tissue-like consistency, he will shred the item to bits. Shreds of... whatever... are now found in all the nooks and crannies of my bedroom and closets. He loves closets, and will happily sit in one for a whole day, as you call and call for him... panicking that he has gotten outside and is lost. No, just hanging out in the closet. He doesn't meow to get out since he likes it in there.

Cyril was named after St Cyril of Jerusalem, NOT the misogynist St Cyril of Alexandria, a sectarian pain in the ass and inciter of lynch mobs against Hypatia. Both were Doctors of the Church and alive around the same time, so it is easy to get them confused. My Cyril was exiled and banished for having original and cool ideas, the other Cyril was inciting riots against heretics, so there is a major difference.

I frequently tell Cyril about his famous and holy namesake. But he just gets these blank looks on his face; the very same look my daughter used to get when I tried to teach her this stuff. (sigh)

Cyril gives a big southern HEY! to Zuzu and Sharon, and says maybe they could all get together later for some catnip.


JoJo said...

Cyril sounds like he has a lot of personality!!!

shadocat said...

Been thinking alot about you lately---hang in there my friend!

Kim said...

Zuzu says: Ah DON'T share MAH catnips! Ah ROLL on it an I get CRAZYS with it but ah NEVER SHARES IT!

She's kinda of selfish :)

Maggie said...

I discovered you via Ronni's blog this morning, and I truly admire that post on the Kent State massacre. Not only was our innocence shattered as we learned what the government was doing in our name, but we learned about Nixon's bad guy lists. Then years later, we learned about the Student bad guy lists. Here we wondered why we couldn't get security clearances et al. What a huge moral tragedy that was.

I love your sainted cat. He's got the right idea about closets too.