Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Swamp Rabbit Trail

This section of Greenville County's Swamp Rabbit Trail runs along the Reedy River, right into the heart of downtown Greenville, South Carolina. The full 13-mile trail is actually a collection of smaller trails, only recently formally connected. I have been hiking the McDaniel section of the trail into (what is now) Reedy River Falls Park, since I first came to Greenville decades ago. I thought I would share the trail with you, which ends up at the bridge behind the West End Market (next-to-last photo, below). You can also take another section of this trail up to Liberty Bridge and the Reedy River Falls, which I also love to do. This trail is one of my favorite spots in the world!

Check out photo #5, where you can see the kudzu climbing the hill and shimmying up the tree. Also, in photo #9, you can see it has totally colonized the hill! It's a real challenge for city employees to beat it back. (In photo #15, note how it has covered both sides of the stone-steps/embankment.)

Photo #6 is a memorial for Major Rudolf Anderson, Greenville native and the only casualty of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

I took these photos back in June, when it was so hot, I felt just like a swamp rabbit. :)



D. said...

That's such lovely country!

shadocat said...

Beautiful-even the kudzu!

John Powers said...

Wonderful photographs. It makes me happy that the place makes you happy. How to protect and maintain commons are no simple matters. In Pittsburgh a Park Conservancy has been successful in bringing together organizations and initiatives. As a citizen organization it's joined with other citizen groups. 15 or so years in I'm so impressed what people have done.

JoJo said...

What a pretty trail! Must've been hard for the pilot to land the plane like that though. ;p

Hey what's kudzu?

Skinner said...

Very nice!

DaisyDeadhead said...

Jojo, lots of kids see the plane and ask cute questions like that: How'd he get it here? :D

Check out the kudzu link (there is another link on THAT link!)... Kudzu is an amazing, resoundingly-tough and beautiful carpet of green that eats absolutely everything in its path, just like The Blob. Only so much prettier!

I guess temperature is the only thing that keeps it below the Mason-Dixon line... you don't start seeing it till around Kentucky/Tennessee. Then, that's ALL you see, for thousands of miles, right to the beaches in some places... Thankfully, it does die off in colder weather, or we would all be covered. It would be Kudzu Nation. In the heat, it can grow about a foot a day, some people swear its 2 feet. (I have also heard, "Kudzu can't cross the Ohio River", but since it seems to cross everything else, with no trouble, I don't know why not!?!) As I wrote at that link, many indigenous southerners hate kudzu. They have millions of stories of drain pipes and septic tanks and electrical/telephone wires/cables and what-all, being strangled to death or clogged with kudzu. So for them its personal. But I just got here in 1987 and went all ooohhh and aahhh at the blankets of kudzu, and admittedly, I still do that. I DO love it, but from a distance. If my job involved walking through the kudzu ((screams at the very thought)), I'd have to quit, because the snakes and the rats and other such gremlins all love it under there. Mostly, you can just beat it back, not get rid of it completely; it will just laugh at you and come back stronger next year.

I just love strong, hardy, tough survivors, can't help it. :)

southcarolinaboy said...

I love the photos, especially the 8th one down from the text, of the river.

LOL...what is kudzu. I'm not laughing at you JoJo, just at the thought of not knowing what kudzu is. We people down here can't imagine...but as Daisy says, it is beautiful, and I love it.