Friday, September 17, 2010

What you see is what you get

Happy birthday to me!

The following song was used over the credits of the film WATTSTAX (1973), which of course, you have seen many times and own the special-edition, re-issued DVD and everything.

Wait, you haven't?!?

Well, have a listen then. :)

This song totally expresses how I feel and always has, from the time I first heard it as a young 70s ruffian. It always reminds me of who I am, as they say. (My late friend Van always said, you either instantly identify with the song, or you don't.) I decided to use it as my official birthday tune... also, I know lots of you kidz never heard it before, and YOU MUST.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


What you see is what you get - The Dramatics (opening credits from WATTSTAX, 1973)


Siren said...

Ah, I've always liked this song, too. Awesome choice.

Happy Birthday!

JoJo said...

Happy Birthday Daisy! I hope you have a great day and best wishes for the coming year!

I remember this song getting some airplay on 1668-WRKO when I was a kid.

D. said...

Happy birthday (I'm also posting that on Dreamwidth in case you look)!

Good choice of song!

bennie lee said...

came over from feministe

just sayin, i never heard of this song, dramatics, watstax, nuttin.

fuckin awesomeness. thx.

+ happy birthday

Dave Dubya said...

Hope you're having a great birthday weekend!

Sungold said...

Happy birthday, Daisy! Have fun!

Kia said...

Happy Birthday! And you picked a great theme song, that movie is essentially the soundtrack of my childhood!

shadocat said...

Awww happy brthday.girl!

shadocat said...

I mean BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YogaforCynics said...

Happy birthday!

Wattstax is a great movie.

mikeb302000 said...

Sorry I haven't been over here lately. Happy belated birthday, Daisy.

Great tune right out of my brain.