Sunday, September 5, 2010

Not a dry eye in the house


CrackerLilo said...

Too perfect. True, and sad because of its truth. My mom, 2 aunts, and an uncle were *there*. They were a little disappointed, and sunburnt, but "so inspired" and met "so many nice people." *gags* My mom used to teach me how to resist snake oil salesmen, and I thought she'd done a good job. Sad.

DaisyDeadhead said...

They were THERE? Ohhhh my God, CL--how awful.

When our far-right congressman (Inglis) was voted out for a more extreme congressman in the GOP primary? That's when I got scared. They are fucking taking over, at least in MY neck of the woods.

I know lots of *really nice* ppl who went to the rally, and I just wanna ask them whats WRONG with them... (sobs)

D. said...

I sometimes think I have been spared a lot of snake oil sold as tanning lotion only because I don't need tanning lotion.

Also, I <3 Mike Luckovich.

There are no drugs strong enough to block this stuff.

JoJo said...

Glenn Beck is from some town up in Snohomish County, I think. Somewhere up north. And b/c the mayor of that town loves him, he gave him a 'key to the city' ceremony several months ago. There were plenty of protests but the mayor did it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Glenn is an extremist but at least he is banging the drum. It's better than some of those morons voting for Obama not even knowing his platform.