Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lt Gov Andre Bauer accused of being closeted gay

Photo of our esteemed Lieutenant Governor is from 67 Degrees.

Wow, I thought it would be, you know, SOME OTHER SOUTH CAROLINA POLITICIAN ((whistles dixie, looks heavenward))) accused first.

Andre Bauer?

Well, damn.

After I got some emails about this story and I learn that HuffPo is going with it, I have decided to report what THEY are saying. I see Bauer every day, or close to it, since he moved to Thornblade... and I don't want him charging at me like some mad raging bull!

Practices whiny refrain: "I don't make the news, I just cover it!"

So, I am officially agnostic on the rumors. I will note that Andre Bauer has never been married, which is unusual for a South Carolina politician ((except for... commences whistling dixie again))... And consequently, there has been near-constant speculation that he is a "player" (womanizer) as well as gay. I have personally observed him with his girlfriend, nuzzling her, being all cozy, kissy and friendly. Which I suppose could be a fake-out, or not.

Anyway, here is what they are reporting. From BlogActive:

...I am now able to confirm a rumor that has circulated in South Carolina for years. South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer is a closeted anti-gay politician who stands to replace Mark Sanford should Sanford resign or be impeached (a real possibility as Sanford is caught in his own sex scandal.)

So, what is the deal with Bauer? I have confirmed and spoken to four individuals who I have no doubt are telling me the truth. These men have been hit on by Bauer, with one of them telling me it happened at least five times since Bauer's election in 2003. To a varying degree I have met with and believe the sources. [...]

[Another] call came in and I met with the source while he was visiting DC recently. "He's gay," the source told me.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Because I've had sex with him on two separate occasions."

That too, was not enough for me to report on without confirmation from others. I was led on a path to chatting with acquaintances of the source and two former employees of Bauer who served on his staff between 2004 and 2007. They reported to me that on a total of three occasions Bauer spent hours alone with men in hotel rooms. Each of them explained that the visits were with younger men who were not on the staff of the Lt. Governor nor had any official reason to be with him. The two men each confirmed that they had not known each other and each described similar circumstances under which these interactions occurred. One of them confirmed that he was told by the Lt. Governor's visitor he had a sexual encounter with Bauer.

The combination of the reports and the first hand experiences were what I need to maintain my 100% record of being right in my reporting on this site.

This case is particularly interesting because the governor Bauer serves has a little sex issue himself. It was Mark Sanford (a former resident of the now famous C-Street House) who decided it was appropriate to use the state's resources to fly to South America to rendezvous with his "soul mate." As you can imagine, this did not go over too well with Sanford's wife, who moved out of the governor's mansion. (I give her credit, she was not one of the fools who stood by on TV as her husband confessed his sins (see: Craig, Suzanne and McGreevy, Dina).

His record? The bachelor is a right wing Christian conservative. He's done everything from defend the state issuing "I believe" license plates (complete with a cross on them) to defending the right of schools to use corporal punishment. In the presidential election he supported Mike Huckabee.

There have been many rumors over the years about the Lt. Governor [...]

Let there now be no doubt
Well, I do have doubts.

However, in the interests of free speech, tarring and feathering the far right, and other cherished beliefs, let the games begin.

And props to Robert at Blue Heron Blast, for being on the case!


Rachel said...


first I've heard. I never suspected Bauer.

D. said...

I'm half tempted to mutter, "Well, isn't everybody?"

But that would be cruel. And inaccurate.

Sounds like a smear to me. I mean, what can he say?

YogaforCynics said...

Oh, how sad it is that being gay is something someone would be "accused of".... On the other hand, when it comes to religious right politicians...i.e. hypocritical demagogues...can't say it bothers me too much to see them dragged through the sewer of their own sacred intolerance...

Bryce said...


K.C. Jones said...

Yeah, I gotta say, the whole being accused of being gay thing really bothers me. I don't support those kinds of accusations even if the person is anti-gay himself. Being gay should never be used as an insult.

Bryce said...

K.C.,Mike Rogers @Blog Active is gay too.

Kia said...

SC politicians don't leave you with a dull moment do they?

And as a lover of romance novels I got a kick out of the recently resigned Board of Ed chairwoman being "outed" as an erotica author!

JoJo said...

So what if he's gay? Or bi?

PS I have updated my blog :)

K.C. Jones said...

I don't care if Mike Rogers thinks its okay to use that kind of accusatory language just because he is gay himself. I'm queer myself and I do not.

Bryce said...

even IF GAY-antigay Repub hypocrites deserve everything they get & more

queen emily said...

"Gay" (an identity) and "has sex with men" (a practice) are two different things. Especially with conservatives.

Evidence of a girlfriend doesn't disprove gay sex in the slightest - maybe he's bi, maybe it is a fake-out for political reason, maybe he's straight IDd and has relationships with women but shags men every so often, maybe he's in denial etc etc. There's all kinds of identifications in that one practice...

DaisyDeadhead said...

Palmetto Scoop is reporting that Sanford is behind the rumors. The plot thickens!

Senator: Sanford behind rumors that Bauer is gay by Adam Fogle

In a letter to South Carolina legislators, a prominent state senator Thursday said Gov. Mark Sanford’s supporters were behind recent Internet rumors that Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer is gay. And he encouraged the General Assembly to remove the disgraced governor immediately.

“During the last two months, we have discovered plenty of solid reasons to remove our current governor from office; but now there’s one more reason: the people trying to keep Sanford in power have stooped to a new low with this week’s false character assassination of Bauer,” Knotts wrote.

A national blogger wrote Monday that Bauer is secretly gay and that multiple male sources had confirmed having sexual relations with the lieutenant governor.

Knotts said individuals close to Sanford were behind the attacks, which he said were “100 percent false.”

“As a former target of a false rumor started by the Sanford Camp I can tell you with absolute certainty this attack was orchestrated on behalf of Mark Sanford, either directly or indirectly, and financially subsidized by him or one of his many ‘front-groups,’” Knotts wrote.

Knotts noted that he was the subject of similar Sanford-backed smears when “a former Sanford employee and political consultant made a totally false claim about me, designed only to damage my character and reputation and embarrass my family.”

The governor’s office, however, denied the assertions in Knotts’ letter.

“This letter is simply wrong – and in that regard, as bizarre as many of the other claims and attacks of recent weeks,” said Sanford spokesman Ben Fox. “Some have even argued this indeed points to an obsession with slandering anyone who tries to change the ‘good ol’ boy’ system of politics in Columbia.”

The letter, in which Knotts said Sanford has “has moved from a simple embarrassment to a desperate and unstable person which is a danger to our state,” was reportedly sent to every member of the General Assembly.

(pdf file)

The senator said the timing of the “smear campaign” was not a coincidence.

“Last week, Bauer called on Sanford to resign, and last weekend, the House Republican Caucus decided almost unanimously to move forward to ask Sanford resign from office, under threat of impeachment,” wrote Knotts. “Two days later, the National blogger devised a carefully-crafted smear – intentionally worded to deceive the public about Andre — which was immediately spread across the Internet by Sanford associates and former staffers.”

But Fox said the governor’s office was focused on more pressing issues than a smear campaign against Bauer.

“South Carolina is facing serious challenges, and the Governor is dedicated to addressing these challenges alongside other members of the legislature committed to the same,” said Fox. “We have a state capital with too much spending, too little transparency, and as shown by this letter, at times too many political attacks.”

Knotts asked the House and Senate to “swiftly to rid our state of this Governor.” He further requested that “that if any committee or sub-committee, whether it be in the House or the Senate is armed with subpoena powers during any upcoming impeachment proceedings, a full-fledged investigation into this week’s attack against the Lt. Governor be included.”

Sanford has come under fire after revelations of an extramarital affair led to media investigations of his travel records. Three separate reports accused the governor of using state aircraft for personal travel, violating state requirements by using high-priced airfare, and not reporting the use of private aircraft.

Blue Heron said...

Gee Queen Em, I don't know. You raise a semantical difference between having a "gay" identity and "having sex with men? Down where I come from, we call a spade a spade. Some guy shagging another guy, well it raises a little doubt upon his heterosexual inclinations. Not that I give a shit. I am an antique dealer and have a lot of gay friends and have never met a bi male in my life, just gay men who might be suppressing their true urges.

queen emily said...

Oh Lord. Well I do know bi men, as well as guys who consider themselves largely straight because they have *relationships* with women but shag men in between. Having sex with men isn't always considered determinative of identification--prison sex for instance--what is meaningful for a person's identification can vary wildly.

You just can't dismiss those kinds of practices and stated identifications, because you *think* know better. Sure, the closet can be a powerful thing, but there can just as easily be other things going on and I don't like riding roughshod over people's lives from a hunch that you know the *real* truth ("gay in denial"). Yeah, sometimes, but sometimes not.

K.C. Jones said...

"I am an antique dealer and have a lot of gay friends and have never met a bi male in my life, just gay men who might be suppressing their true urges."

Just because you haven't met one, does not mean that they don't exist. In all likelihood you have, but unless they tell you-why would you know? Not every homosexual or bisexual person fits a stereotype, as shocking as that may seem.

D. said...

Hmmmm... Well, Daisy, that sounds like classic smear there. There is just too much rumor and lack of verifiable verification. And frankly, Sanford is giving hypocrisy a bad name.

As for whether Bauer is "on the down-low," he might be, he might not be. But, not to put too fine a point on it, this accusation is awfully convenient.

Let's just say that if this smear fails, the next person in line of succession to the governorship may suddenly find her- or himself accused of traffic scofflawdom. Or nosepicking. Or something.

Blue Heron said...

I'll stand with what I said. There are hypersexual people that will screw a ripe cantaloupe or anything else that walks, I grant you. But the men I have known who have identified themselves to me as bi, end up over time being solely interested in men. I guess one would have to query their female partners as to the vigor and sincerity of their shared sexual experience. I think that we have a physical polarity in this regard that doesn't lie. But hey, if I'm offbase, it won't be the first time. Agree to disagree.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Blue Heron, lesbian-feminists have often said the opposite about bisexual women, so that's kinda interesting to think about, i.e. that we all end up marrying men. Since I'm bisexual and have married three men, I stand accused, and I've never liked it (and felt guilty besides) when they have said that. I think it's because meeting men is just so much easier and acceptable, and there are lots of rewards.

I can't help but think the rewards also exist for bisexual men, also, but perhaps there are other factors at work? Because I have heard/read what you are saying a number of times, about bi men. Interesting to think about the differences between bi men/women, which possibly reflect the differences between lesbians and gay men, also. Example: you never hear gay men encouraging other men to become gay for political reasons, as some lesbian-feminists believe feminists MUST BE lesbians to be good feminists...and the matter of sexual attraction is secondary.

Not to the guys.

Rachel said...

It's best to let people call themselves as they may, but I don't necessarily think that to conservatives it *matters* what people identify as. in fact, many of them don't even believe in gay people, just that some people get twisted up in the awful perversion of homosexual sex. So, for the purposes of the Republicans, it doesn't matter if they call themselves gay, straight, or bi.

Sanford is so pathetically desperate for people to look in some direction than his...damn...lol. And of course, if Bauer were to be gay, or even perceived as gay, it would nullify his opinion on whether Sanford should resign or not, because of course such deranged persons are incapable of thinking clearly.

Rachel said...

The idea that feminists should be lesbians regardless of sexual attraction strikes me as quite anti-feminist...isn't that what the anti-feminists have done for all of recorded history? forced people against their natures? Besides, that's bad for feminist recruitment, I'd imagine...after all, a lot of women initially interested in equal rights would just throw up their hands and say, "I give up..."

Blue Heron said...

Thanks for not jumping my case, Daisy. I think your perspective is interesting. I don't know if there would be more rewards for a bi man to be gay than to play straight, probably the opposite in terms of social acceptance. Maybe it's different for women. But I will say that its hard for an erection to lie. Sexuality is like an electromagnetic field to me. Being gay would be like a major polarity shift. Don't want to sound like a creepy voyeur, but is there a different intensity level for bi women when loving men and women? I think gay people are the most courageous people I know - to have to live with all of the societal condemnation and stupidity. Viva la difference.The notion of a good feminist having to be gay because of political pressure is a mindblower. I feel sorry for people who would define themselves sexually for something as stupid as politics.But then again, maybe I'm just another evil man with a penis.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Blue Heron, I'm a bisexual man. You, however, are a right proper biphobic jerk in this thread.