Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Restating the negativeness of the universe

I hereby apologize to all of my very patient email correspondents. If you are wondering about my rudeness, I have not checked email in days; ON STRIKE against the email, which is threatening to colonize my soul. It's currently taking more of my time than mere blogging or Twitter, God help me. Trying to sort it out and make lists of priorities, blah blah blah. In the meantime, bear with me, yall!

How does the internet do this to us? Does everyone else feel the constant encroachment of ONLINE into "real life"--maybe the problem is that we divide our consciousness into these categories...do the kids manage their time better than we do? I think if you grow up communicating online, you learn to make time for it in a more natural way and can do it anywhere. The rest of us have to figure out how to integrate it fully.

Then again, maybe not. Maybe the kids are as frazzled as we are?


Photo of Jessica Lange at this year's Emmy awards by Dan Steinberg, Associated Press.

Reprinting my indignant comment over at Feministe (cross-posted to Echidne of the Snakes) ...which was brought about by THIS New York Times column by Maureen Dowd, and THIS endless thread at Huffington Post. (click on the latter at your own risk!)

Suddenly inflamed by cable-TV busybodies, I wrote:

The thing people are missing is the age component. The “research” (using word advisedly) at HuffPo suggests women are unhappier AS WE AGE. Probably because they will not stop fussing at us to look young, and have upped the ante. Now we are expected to diet, use botox and collagen and look good forever. This is impossible to achieve after a certain age without considerable anxiety and anguish. Women in past generations were never expected to be “matrons” and look hot.

Still shocked that one of those nasty “fashion” TV-round-ups criticized Jessica Lange for showing her old-lady arms at the Emmys. Never mind that she won! (They didn’t even fucking MENTION that!) But they did mention her (likely) plastic surgery, while sneering that her arms still look bad. Jesus Christ, she’s 64, has two Oscars… is there NO ESCAPE for ANYONE?

No matter how well-achieved a woman is, no matter that she has had her face stretched to the limit already, dammit, just look at those ARMS!

Reprinting the comment here for EMPHASIS.



Speaking of infuriating, the much-beleaguered First Lady of South Carolina, Jenny Sanford, is writing a memoir:

Ballantine Books, an imprint of Random House Inc., said Tuesday it will publish Jenny Sanford's “inspirational memoir” in May 2010.

The publisher says Sanford “will grapple with the universal issue of maintaining integrity and a sense of self during life's difficult times.”

The book is currently untitled, and financial terms were not disclosed.

Mark Sanford was once a rising star in the Republican Party. He acknowledged in June that he had a yearlong affair with an Argentine woman he called his soul mate.

Jenny Sanford moved out of the governor's mansion in August, but she and her husband have said they're trying to repair their marriage.

Oh, hell no.

Let's hope it isn't one of those unreadable, born-again "women's memoirs"--incessantly dotted with Bible verses. Or, worse, every emotion described is carefully catalogued with accompanying chapter and verse, so you know that even her most wayward thoughts are okay with Jesus.

Yes, I have been plied with a few of these in my time. They should NOT be confused with real memoirs.

Let's hope Jenny's account is a little better than the majority of these.


More in South Carolina fun-house news: My senator, Lindsey Graham, trashed Obama on the Sunday-morning talk shows as "being everywhere but the food channel"... which was admittedly funny. (Well, I toldya he was damned charming.) Meanwhile, he says he is ready to "compromise"--which could mean anything, coming from him.

On Saturday, downtown, I saw several Joe Wilson T-shirts and bumper stickers. Yeah, they LOOOOOVE him! CNN's Political Ticker reports that he has raised over $2 million on the strength of his ill-mannered temper tantrum.

Once more, I put out the SOS. Just in case you missed it the first time!


The title of today's post comes from the following clip... the reference to Play it Again Sam in yesterday's post, reminded me of this:



YogaforCynics said...

Love that clip...though it's pretty much how I'd describe a Full House episode.

The only thing more horrifying than the people who make their livings making vicious remarks about movie stars' bodies is when those same people start acting concerned about the anorexia epidemic...

D. said...

Logan's Run, anyone? (Mutterings about the species of privilige that never has to see anything "unpleasing" to its eye will be squelched.)

DaisyDeadhead said...

GODDAMMIT HEART, please stop emailing me! NO, NO and NO. (Good lord people, it is the Autumnal Equinox and I am trying to be on my BEST behavior!)

The drama, as ever, continues. I am still receiving nasty messages from Heart's "son" --oh wait, maybe its her "nephew"...? Whatever. The story changes with clockwork regularity.

Let me state once again FOR THE RECORD:

If Heart, or her "son," or her "nephew," or the fucking tooth fairy, or whoever-it-is this week, wants me to take down that photo, I will consider doing so only if and when SEX-TV takes down the photo and video. Not before.

If that upsets her heroic wittle boy so much, again, I ask: Does it bother you more than having your photo on the porn site I took it from? Why?

If so, Heart, you have been damned slip-shod in communicating your political values to your children. They are more upset over their photo being posted on a feminist hippie blog than on a PORN SITE? Jesus H, girlfriend, I'd say you fucked up, in that case.

Please explain to poor sonny-boy that YOU made the decision to talk to a porn channel so you could be portrayed as some kind of feminist saint, crusading against the fundie-patriarchs. The price of admission to SEX-TV, was pimping your children and yourself. That was your choice and your decision, not mine. The photo I got FROM SEX-TV, who did a whole segment ABOUT YOU and YOUR KIDS. Lots more people have seen it there than will EVER visit my teeny-ass blog.

Now, why isn't sonny boy upset over THAT?

Please stop telling your son, your nephew, your dog, cat, pigeons, guardian angels, etc etc etc to email me. I have no desire to correspond with any of you. Why are you not keeping track of what your son does? Is THIS what "homeschooling" amounts to--email harassment? Figures. I suspected as much.

Go away and stop emailing me, sonny boy, loyal nephew and the rest of the Hee Haw gang. Not interested and not buying.

DaisyDeadhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DaisyDeadhead said...

Does everyone see now why I avoid email!? Yeesh.

I probably should take my email off my profile... but I hate doing that. :(


It's like when I finally caved and started "moderating" the trolls, its like they won. :(

There goes the neighborhood.

JoJo said...

I don't have time for email anymore either. And I have one friend who is still w/o the internet and who I owe a handwritten letter.....just don't have the time. Yet 20 years ago, I had TONS of penpals (friends, family & international) and would write and write and write letters. No computer either, so I had to tell my stories over and over.

Holy cow, I just read your comment to "heart" and I think I'm somewhat out of the loop on that one! lol

When you gonna come visiting MY blog? ;p

Doc Anchovy said...

Take a deep breath. Now exhale.

queen emily said...

I think that concentration, full concentration, is an increasing rare thing nowadays. When I ask my first years how they watch tv, they tend to reply that they're also on the internet, chatting, tweeting. So their attention's divided and I think it *does* stress you out. Information overload.

I'm trying to take more time out to concentrate on one thing, be it a book or a TV show.

Somehow doubt that people are interested in seeing me live tweet a Primo Levi book, anyway..

sheila said...

How mean about Lange. Rude really. As for Jenny Sanford? I think it's too soon for her to be writing a book. I'd like to see her develop her sense of self before actually writing about it before she's found it.

jovan b. said...

And there will be a rally for Rep. Wilson at the Aiken County GOP office on Saturday too. Obviously, there will be those from Aiken, Edgefield and Barnwell counties that will be cheering him on. And Rep. Wilson himself will attend.

This is the article in the Aiken Standard about the Wilson event.