Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shocking news: Another politician embarrasses South Carolina

Congressman Joe Wilson, who undoubtedly embarrassed his southern mama with his bad manners last night.

As soon as I heard the heckler during President Obama's speech, I knew what state he was from.

I just knew, probably because of my recent town hall meeting experience.

I cringed, told Mr Daisy what I thought, Twittered OH NO (or something to that effect) and waited to be proven right. And I was. I am just grateful it wasn't Bob Inglis (far too polite to do that, even if in full ideological agreement with the heckler) or somebody closer to Greenville County.


Politico writers Daniel Libit and Victoria McGrane:

On his Twitter feed Tuesday, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) wrote that at a parade he attended in Chapin, “many people called out to oppose Obamacare which I assured them would be relayed tomorrow to DC.”

It wasn’t quite the next day, but Wilson did indeed bring the August town hall boorishness to Washington when he shouted “you lie” at President Barack Obama during Wednesday night’s health care speech before Congress.

Within 15 minutes after Obama wrapped up his remarks, Wilson’s website server had crashed and his Wikipedia page had been locked on account of “vandalism.”

In an interview with CNN immediately after the president’s address, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) called Wilson’s behavior “totally disrespectful,” and joined a chorus of Democrats calling on the congressman to apologize.

Wilson’s office soon followed with a statement expressing regret for the outburst.

“This evening I let my emotions get the best of me when listening to the President’s remarks regarding the coverage of illegal immigrants in the health care bill,” Wilson said. “While I disagree with the President’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the President for this lack of civility.”

A short while later, Wilson’s office put out a notice that the congressman had called the White House to personally apologize. A Democratic source told POLITICO that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel accepted the congressman’s apology.

This is not the first time the Wilson has stirred controversy with his remarks.

In 2004, Wilson was forced to do a similar walk-back when he challenged the patriotism to Rep. Bob Filner (D-Calif.), calling the Democrat “viscerally anti-American.”

That same year, Wilson grabbed headlines again when he called on Sen. John Kerry to apologize for testimony the Democratic presidential candidate and Vietnam veteran gave to a Senate panel in 1971 about the Vietnam War.

“Many veterans, including myself as a veteran,” Wilson said at the time, “view John Kerry’s testimony that day as one of the worst public slanders ever against the valor and character of the American military.”

That statement drew the rebuke of former Democratic senator and Vietnam veteran Max Cleland, who noted that Wilson had in fact avoided fighting in the war by receiving a student deferral.
As stated above, Wilson memorably shouted "You lie!" Apparently he believes this will get him re-elected.

Politico's Glenn Thrush writes:
All eyes were on Barack Obama entering Wednesday night's address to Congress, but a little-known South Carolina Republican may have done more than the president’s combative speech to unify besieged Democrats around health care reform.

The night's defining moment — which Democrats hope to transform into a turning point – came when Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) shouted "You lie!" as Obama claimed his plan wouldn't offer free care to illegal immigrants.

Wilson's boorishness — for which he quickly apologized — enraged audience members on both sides of the aisle.

It also overshadowed a speech that included some of Obama's harshest attacks on his GOP critics to date, including a denunciation of "death panel" alarmists as liars — a veiled swipe at Sarah Palin — and a warning to Republicans who want to "kill" reform.
Well, what did you think of the speech? Comments welcome on the speech, Obama, and ill-mannered Joe Wilson.


JoJo said...

I was eager to come over here first thing today as soon as I found out that it was an SC senator.

The speech was fantastic. I think he did a lot to dispel the misunderstandings and fears. Ins. companies have to be held accountable and there's no competition. It would be nice for those of us w/ crappy to no insurance to have an option. I was shocked and appalled when the "YOU LIE!" rang out. Brian and I stared in disbelief, we both said to each other, "did someone just scream LIE at Obama????"

Interesting to note that no Democrats ever heckled Bush, and lord knows if anyone deserved it (esp. w/ his mangling of the English language), he did.

YogaforCynics said...

Basically, Joe Wilson expressed what Obama has too much tact and decorum to say: "the Republicans are acting like a bunch of thugs with no interest in discussing the issue intelligently."

Blue Heron said...

What ya'll folks puttin' in the water?

Rachel said...

Yoga, they do speak for themselves. Unfortunately...they have constituents...

D. said...

Maybe the state's visitors-and-conventions bureau (if you have one) can use that as a slogan to attract tourists: "We Have More of the Most Embarrassing Politicians Than Any Other State!"

Maybe not.

mikeb302000 said...

I'm glad there are people like you who live in that beautiful state, Daisy.

Bryce said...

embarrassing dont even *begin* to cover it

Vanessa said...

Lol. I know how you feel. For awhile, every time something bizarre happened on the national news it involved New Mexico or New Mexicans somehow (most famously, the woman who burned her crotch with McDonald's coffee). But hey, at least people don't think you're from a different country when you say you're from South Carolina.

Amy said...

I can't believe the inappropriate and disrespectful behavior towards our president.

jovan b. said...

A total embarrassment to all of us in this district.

People in communities like Allendale, Blackville and Wagener in this district are struggling and Wilson directly contributed to the economic problems we face in this district.

Obama may have accepted his apology, but I will NOT accept it. The only thing I will accept is Wilson's ouster from Congress.

CrackerLilo said...

I knew you'd comment on this, Daisy! Was not disappointed!

But it was really nice of Congressman Wilson to prove Obama's point about Republican obstructionism for him.

Doc Anchovy said...

Yea, what a dick.

yinyang said...

Since I don't know how the "create a link" thing works, I quoted you in one of my posts.

K.C. Jones said...

Don't feel too bad! Almost every time there's a bad story about cops, especially with violence involved, the story takes place in Atlanta... (where I live!)

sheila said...

I knew as soon as they said he was from SC, my friend Daisy would have her voice. lol.

What's with these people? We teach our kids from Preschool how to respect someone when they are talking...and respect in general. Maybe this guy forgot his manners, more likely he just doesn't care.

Desperation does funny things.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Follow-up, of sorts:

"What's the Matter with South Carolina"

How did we get here?

Renee said...

I thought the speech was clear but I was upset to learn that women and undocumented workers would not be covered in the plan. I was also very angry that Obama insisted on using the term illegal immigrants. How can another human being be illegal?

As for the you lie commentary, I found it oddly ironic. This is the same group of people that watched Bush lie the country into a war and had nothing to say about his falsehoods. As they say, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Blue Heron said...

Renee - are you serious? I live in a border city where "vacationers from the south"(I wont call them illegal for you) take taxis to the local hospital emergency rooms where they can't be denied free care. Why should I as a taxpayer subsidize that? I've been fighting cancer for two decades and I am in debt up to my ass. I am sick of paying for unfunded federal mandates- like the incarceration or schooling of said vacationers. If you want to save the world - do it on your own dime.

Anonymous said...

The irony is lost on all of you. - Jack Roberts