Saturday, September 27, 2008

Senator Lindsey Graham calls Barack Obama "dangerous"

Did anyone see South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham's hateful interview on FOX NEWS right after the Presidential debate last night? He actually called Barack Obama articulate!

And you know what? It was deliberate as hell.

It would appear that Senator Graham is in charge of Republican racial dog-whistling for the McCain campaign. (Or outright race-baiting, when necessary.) As the southerner, I supposed it's considered his job. And he is happy to fetch and carry water for John McCain, as he has his entire time in the Senate.

In this clip of the interview, you don't hear Graham's "articulate" remark, but you do get the full-impact of the nastiness, complete with accusations that Obama is inciting class warfare, is "naive and dangerous."


Renee said...

One of things I noticed was the way that McCain refused to make eye contact with Obama. It was almost as though it was beneath him to do so.

I am certainly not surprised with the racist commentary coming from FOX news. I further don't understand how class warfare would be a bad thing for the majority of the population. Are they afraid that the masses will finally wake up to the idea that they have power and wrest control from the ruling elite. It is so ridiculous that so many suffer while a precious few live in luxury.

JoJo said...

Yeah McCain was so angry and twitchy. Obama was very respectful and kept saying "Senator McCain has a point" or " right." Obama won that debate, hands down.

As to Faux News, what do you expect?!

John Powers said...

Why does the phrase: "Lipstick on a pig" seem so appropriate for Lindsey Graham? The phrase seems to pop into my head when I see Lindsey on TV. I probably would like him better wearing lipstick.

Chris Wallace is odious.