Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dragon*Con 2008

Just returned from Dragon*Con in Atlanta, and hope you all enjoy my ultra-geeky photo gallery.

I posted a parcel of "Women of Dragon*Con" photos at Feministe. Thus, the following photos are rather male-centered, for which I apologize! (But go over and check those out too!)


1) The Imperial Stormtroopers took up the whole city block in front of the Hyatt.

2) Michael Hogan of Battlestar Galactica. I also attended the BSG panel, which included Edward James Olmos and James Callis. Other famous, ex-famous or pseudo-famous people in attendance at Dragon*Con this year included Micky Dolenz (of the Monkees), Adam West, Nathan Fillion, George Takei, Lou Ferrigno, Linda Blair, and Mr Daisy washed his hands in the restroom right next to Walter Koenig!

3) Bumblebee, a transformer.

4) Imperial Stormtrooper vs. Elvis

5) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, in the parade on Saturday.

6) Obviously, one of the 300.

7) Furries in the parade, naturally leading to --

8) Furry Captain America!

9) Guy balancing a sword on his head, also in the parade. Yes, a real sword (possibly blunted, if he had any sense) and he did it for blocks!

10) The Vision and partner (name escapes me)

11) Republicans for Voldemort were campaigning at the Con, of course! HAHAHA!

12) through 15) Assorted geekery...I dunno these characters names but I liked the costumes.



JoJo said...

OK, I never thought I'd ever say that I felt sorry for a Sandperson, but his "hugs" sign tugged at my heart strings. lol

Looks like you had a great time!

polerin said...

Glad you had a great time, wish I could have gone ;P

perhaps next year.

Oliver A. FP said...

I'm British... hadn't really heard of it...

But, from those photos, it appears to be the best event ever, in the world, ever, better than sliced bread... and kittehs... and... everything.

Hello, by the way!

RevJim said...

As a hard core science fiction and fantasy fan, I must say, I am jealous that you got to go. Looks like it was a great convention.