Monday, September 8, 2008

Scarlet Begonias, or ...another Wal-Mart rant


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Above, Bele Chere folk art. The sun looks happy, not oppressive and cruel.

The extended, suffocating heat of upstate South Carolina wears ever onward... exactly when the Buckeye in me expects it to GET COOLER, during the second week of September. Why does the southern autumn (or lack of one) always fake me out like that????? Every year, I am still bewildered by searing heat in Fall. It's like I just got here, when I have lived in the south 21 years now.

This searing heat gives way to October and November (indistinguishable), in which very chilly, frosty mornings often turn into a definite, prolonged sizzle by midday. As a result of these extremes, one never knows if long or short sleeves are required or what kind of sweater or jacket to pack. I never learned how to dress young Delusional Precious properly, and she was perpetually burning up and/or freezing.

I was married on Thanksgiving Eve in November, and I still recall the bright digital temperature display on the front of a nearby bank as we drove away: 75 degrees. (I was so startled by it, I still remember it.)


Luckily by the end of the week, the remains of tropical storm Ike should cool off the place and bring some much-needed rain. But what is good for one area will likely be tragedy for someone else. Philosophical truth (heavy).

If that seems unduly negative, I blame Wal-Mart for my unpleasant mood. Yes, my nerves are shot, my life disrupted, the huge pile of industrialized SHIT from the ENORMOUS construction site is as big as the space shuttle.

All so people can buy CHEAPLY and make sure the people of Taiwan have jobs. I know, I watch Fox.

There is an obscene amount of noise, dust, drilling, smoke, trucks, concrete, blacktop, traffic, crap... I mean, the size of the parking-lot lights, alone? They are the height of Mount Rushmore. At least one delivery was actually made by helicopter, like something out of Apocalypse Now. It has all made me ill.

I have been unable to do much of anything except flip channels compulsively, eat ice-cream sandwiches and watch Obama's poll numbers go down.

I've also been commenting on other people's blogs, being pesky elsewhere, and sending emails, most of which are likely incoherent. Sorry about that, if you were lucky enough to get one today! I'm trying to get caught up. Doing badly!

Nonetheless, keep those cards and letters coming in, and down with Wal-Mart!


Studio version of Scarlet Begonias, with some interesting acidhead visuals!

I'm trying to concentrate on those lyrics--

Once in a while you get shown the light
In the strangest of places if you look at it right.


CrackerLilo said...

Sorry, Daisy. I personally saw a Walmart go up, vacate, leave an eyesore of a space that was only partially taken by a Big Lots, and *then* get replaced by a Walmart Supercenter on a hill not half a mile away, all within three years. Walmarts are depressing, BFL. They don't have to be, but it will be a very long way before they stop being depressing.

white rabbit said...

The sky was yellow and the sun was blue...


JoJo said...

"Mallwart: Your source for cheap, plastic crap". They are evil evil evil. They tried to put one near where I work but believe it or not, the citizens of Fircrest & University Place told them to pound sand. They decided not to build it.

As to your temperatures, why oh why do you live in the south???? We fled California for the same reason. As one who grew up in New England, we couldn't stand 70 degree, sunny Thanksgivings anymore.

the fruitfemme said...

What the F does MallWart need delivered by helicopter??