Friday, July 25, 2008

Having a Wild Weekend!

I've always wanted to name a post that, but figured if I was gonna steal from John Boorman, I'd better include a trailer, so I have included it below.


Random notes for this Friday:

HOPING that the weather holds up, with no sudden nasty summer storms. If the weather remains tolerable, I WILL have a wild weekend! (Or as wild as my weekends get these days, anyway.)

Wild or not, I'll cover it here--so stay tuned, sports fans!


While swimming in my hallway yesterday, I got a bunch of unexpected blog hits--right after Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, gave his speech in Berlin. And guess what the search terms were? Yup: IS BARACK OBAMA THE ANTICHRIST? Apparently, Germany sets them off bigtime.

I previously reported that my "antichrist" post had fallen to the second or third Google page, but now I am back up to the fifth hit on Google, although you have to phrase it exactly! (((preens)))

I don't think the page gives them what they are looking for, since they don't stick around too long. [Waves at fundamentalists!]

Trinity writes about a Philadelphia-area doctor who temporarily tattooed a woman without her permission, ostensibly to "lift her spirits," if you can believe it. He's done it to other patients, too. (Let's hope he asks their religion first!) She is suing him, and various people believe she is over-reacting. All I can say is (speaking of fundamentalism), he better not try that shit down south, or the by-the-book-Baptists will OWN his practice.

You might want to gaze upon Renegade Evolution's lovely, tan, toned and very buff behind! Yes, we try to bring you edifying, politically correct images here at DEAD AIR! Which brings me to...

The Sixth Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy is over at Aishwarya's. My apologies for overlooking this earlier in the week!


Having a Wild Weekend was the original (UK) title. Here in the USA, the movie was titled Catch Us If You Can, the same title as the Dave Clark 5's monster-hit.

Movie trailer:

And here is the monster hit, all by itself. Infectious as the bloody dickens, as they might say over there:



white rabbit said...

Daisy - we don't talk about the bloody dickens here. Not this century - or probably much of the last. Someone saw Mary Poppins (complete with Dick Van Dyke's most excruciating take on a cockney accent ever) at an impressionable age, I suspect ;)

Not that they would say 'bloody' in Mary Poppins, I suspect...

By the way, are you telling me Obama isn't the antichrist after all??? :-O

Daisy said...

Ohhhh sorry! :P

And yes, admittedly, Dick Van Dyke's accent was wretched.

(I'm still getting the antichrist hits today... but France is clearly far less incendiary than Germany!)

Renegade Evolution said...

gah, daisy! I feel so objectified! ;)

shiva said...

Obama isn't the Antichrist yet.

Currently, he is only the Democratic nominee for election to that position... ;)

JoJo said...

These days, for us, a wild weekend is actually leaving the house to do something or go somewhere. Tomorrow Brian's going to see Batman and afterwards, we'll meet up for dinner (I'm not at all interested in the movie). That will be our wildest weekend in ages. lol

Stay cool!

FeministGal said...

it's funny when certain search terms get their day in the lime -light... my stat counter went nuts one weekend because dozens of people searched "fingering fat women"... don't know what was in the water but hey, hopefully they landed on my blog and learned something before they went on their merry way hahaha. have a great weekend :)

mikeb302000 said...

I'm taking the kids to the beach today. We recently found one that's a little cleaner and a little less crowded, might sound strange to Americans, but here in Italy those two things are hard to come by, at least near Rome.
Thanks for the DC5. I love them and what that music represents in my brain.

phd in yogurtry said...

That anti-christ search string is hilarious. Sad, but hilarious.

Vanessa said...

Psst, hey, I tagged you with a meme!

Renegade Evolution said...

i am so close to buying and sending you an Obama bobble-head :)