Saturday, July 12, 2008

South Carolina drops out of campaign to attract gay tourists

Left: Mr Natural, by R. Crumb.


This embarrassing local issue has already been covered at Feministe and Joe.My.God. (among other blogs)... And here is the Greenville News version:

State drops out of campaign to attract gay tourists

July 11, 2008

COLUMBIA — South Carolina’s state tourism agency has dropped out of an effort to attract gay tourists.

The State newspaper of Columbia reported Friday the Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department had joined a campaign tied to gay pride week celebrations in London that included ads saying “South Carolina is so gay.”

The newspaper says Atlanta, Boston and New Orleans were also part of the campaign.

The state agency said Thursday it would not pay a fee of nearly $5,000 to participate in the ad campaign.

Director Chad Prosser says an agency advertising manager had signed off on the contract proposed by the state’s London advertising coordinator.

Prosser says the agency will require more review of future overseas advertising.

Greenville Sen. David Thomas called for an audit, after learning of the matter.
AND THAT'S IT, my friends. No reporting AT ALL about WHY this advertising might prove problematic. It's just UNDERSTOOD.

It's UNDERSTOOD that Prosser and Thomas DON'T WANT GAYS TO VISIT THE STATE. Otherwise, what is the problem? We target all kinds of other groups of people for their tourism dollars, don't we? Gold Wing Road Riders Association just had their huge "Wing Ding" convention here--didn't somebody invite them?

(Is the Greenville News something, or what? Not for nothing do some call it the Green-Vile News.)


Bryce said...

and what did you expect?

thene said...

Queers would dig Charleston, I'm telling you.

Is it just me, or do people who carry homophobia about with them read things about queers as being, by default, more vulgar/sexual than things about straights? If they'd been advertising directly to sexually active straight folk - on eHarmony, or as a honeymoon destination in bridal mags - there'd've been no fuss at all. Double standards FTW.

JoJo said...

What shocked and appalled me is that the Pierce County Council refused to "endorse" or support in any way, Tacoma's gay pride festival over this past weekend. I really Western Washington had moved beyond that petty homophobia. Predictably, the vote went right down party lines, and unfortunately there was one more R than D.

Well, I'm going to a gay wedding in SF next month and I cannot wait!!

kim said...

Two men kissing near the Mount of Olives isn’t what religious pilgrims expect in Jerusalem, and
the boom in gay tourism is making some uneasy, the Christian Science Monitor reports. Thousands of gay travelers—drawn to the beaches, nightlife, and trendy Tel Aviv—have visited Israel this year, spending millions of “pink dollars.” It's a sharp contrast to the industry's lifeblood: evangelical Christians and travelers with Jewish interests.


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