Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wal-Mart trashes my neighborhood, a photographic essay

Can you see how beautiful it was? In the last photo, I live just beyond the trees. I'm surprised they left any trees at all. In the third photo, the large building in the distance is the Michelin North American Headquarters.

You know, I understand capitalism. I understand marketing. I work in retail. But there is a Super-Wal-Mart about 10-12 miles south of here, and another about 15-20 miles northwest. It isn't like they haven't saturated the upstate South Carolina market already. Why do they keep taking more and more and more?

When I became vegetarian, it was easy. Meat and the idea of it, made me sick. Likewise, I now find it very easy to boycott Wal-Mart, cheap light bulbs and toothpaste be damned.

Because I hate them for what they have done.

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Rosa said...

Makes me avoid Wallyworld all the more.

I try to shop the mom and pop as much as possible, but with these friggin' Wallyworlds taking over the world it gets difficult. In laymans' terms-they suck. I miss Woolworth's, Filene's Basement (the REAL one) and even Bradlees'. Daisy, it sucks (I hate that phrase) that you're out in the country, and this Wally shit takes over. I'd be bullshit if I were you, and I can see that you are.

Carla said...

Hell, I live in a CITY and Walmart has taken over! There is a super center in every corner of the city, ok 2, but thats more than enough. The thing that bugs me though, is that there are at least 2 neighborhoods which I can think of that would actually BENEFIT from a super walmart. But is there one? Nope. Will there be one? Probably not.

we still shop Walmart for 2 very specific things. My husbands sugar free coffee mate (because, seriously, we can't find it elsewhere!) and diapers for the toddler. As soon as he is potty trained, no more diapers from Walmart. Now I end up picking up other small things while we're there. Sometimes socks. Sometimes toothpaste. Maybe fish food occasionally. But we try to shop at Target or locally owned places first.

delusional precious said...

i remember when all that was just trees and grass :\ now maybe you guys will damn move;P