Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just dropped in... do two memes I was tagged with, by Ren and Lady Banana! (I've been waiting for an excuse to type LADY BANANA!)

For this first one, I hereby tag Alphabitch, John Powers and yes, the wonderful Lady Banana!


Five things I regret:

1) Not enjoying how lovely I was in my youth, because I was so busy comparing myself to other women--not tall enough, not thin enough, butt, thighs, yada yada. It was all rubbish. I was beautiful and didn't know it. (And so are you, my dear ones!)

2) Marrying my second husband. We should have just hung out.

3) Not staying in touch with various people over the years, to wit, former best friends MARGARET SARBER-NIE and THOMAS WAITE. My email is in my profile, so drop me a line. If you don't know who I am, my photo is here.

4) Not having more children. I would have liked a son, as well as another daughter.

5) Not going to my stepfather's funeral. (Long story, maybe someday.)

Five things I don't regret:

1) Dropping out of college(s). What a huge waste of time.

2) Having a daughter.

3) Marrying the incredibly fabulous Mr Daisy.

4) Rescuing my cats, world's greatest felines.

5) Taking my current job, which I (usually) enjoy.


For this one, I tag anyone willing to participate, because it's a lotta busywork. :P

I enjoyed doing it, though, or I wouldn't pass it on:

Alphabet Tagging

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And now, we close out with The Dude from The Big Lebowski:


LadyBanana said...

Wow, thanks for tagging me..

Now to think of things I regret and things I don't, hmmm give me a couple of days maybe.. but I will do it :)

RamoneSmith said...

Glad I didn't end up on your regret list... Are you voting today or did you really vote for a Republican last week?

Daisy said...

Ramone, I voted for RP, as planned. I know he's running as a Republican, but didn't you SEE where John McCain proclaimed he wasn't really one??? You ain't paying attention! :P

Mr Daisy is voting for JE today, so I'll claim half of his vote.

PS: Hey, did you read my Detroit story? It got linked on Wikipedia under YIPPIE! :)

CrackerLilo said...

Thank you for not tagging me--I'm too busy! :-)

It's awesome that you got linked, too. More people should link you. :-)

I look at pictures of myself as a kid occasionally and think, "Why was I so hard on myself? Sure, I was no model, but I actually was pretty cute." "If I could write a letter to me" like Brad Paisley, that would be, like, the first paragraph.

alphabitch said...

I used to say I only had one regret, which I will name when I post on this. Thing is, I'm older now, and I have more. I'm sure I can think of five.

Daisy said...

I am glad to meet another Daisy!

ZenDenizen said...

Always appropriate to reference The Dude! I just saw The Fabulous Baker Boys for the first time the other night and couldn't reconcile that it was the same person...

Vanessa said...

The Dude in that movie is like a total impression of my husband. Down to the going to the store in a bathrobe and buying an open cream with a check. Down to that goofy dance. Down to the dry sarcasm: "Well clearly you're not a golfer."

Except he doesn't smoke weed. How weird is that?