Monday, January 21, 2008

Odds and Sods - nipple-rubbing herbalist edition

During a heated discussion recently at a blog I will not name (and thereby give hits to), I was called burnt out hippie chick, trailer trash, "nasty as Mammy," shit-kicking moron from Dogpatch, someone who quotes singing sluts and ignorant bitches (i.e. their term for a popular country-and-western singer), an inbred southerner, and my special favorite, nipple-rubbing herbalist. People like me, said the proud yankee, exist only to clean his toilets.

No one objected, being serious liberals and all.

And so, since I see from my stat-counter that a good lot of those brave, courageous liberals--intrepid fighters for truth and justice everywhere--have come over here snooping to see just how low-class I really am, I've decided to give you all the guided tour. At left, a photo from White Trash Parenting, an entry over at Stealth's blog. (Thanks Stealth!)

Enjoy! I know that's exactly what you're looking for!


Speaking of privilege and the damage it does to all of us (how's that for a civilized segue?) Sudy writes a brilliant, searing post titled A Bi-Racial, Bi-Cultural Pinay Sings Maybe about the fault lines in her own identity. Really fierce, honest testimony:

My parents did not come to this country to give their unborn children a better life. They came to this country to help their families who were alive and poor, sick and marginalized, stuck and helpless. My parents came to work to send their earnings home, to do better not for themselves but for their immediate families. Selfless, sacrificing, and urgent, my parents reaped the benefits of this country for others, never themselves.

I was sixteen when I attended my parent's naturalization process. Uncertain as to why I was resistant to their American citizenship, I watched with sadness as they proclaimed their allegiance, but could never articulate exactly why. Their legal ties to the Philippines, on paper, were gone. A land I had never seen except through stories of poverty and heat, the Philippines cradled my parents' hearts and loyalties. Today, I see the reasoning as to why becoming a citizen was necessary for them, but the ceremony rang false to me. I kept questioning the logic, "Why not let patriotism be reflected through human service, merit, decency, and dedication, rather than history tests and ceremonies? Why ask my parents to essentially choose between birthplace and home?" It did and continues to seem like such an unjust choice.

My parents were in constant flux in how to let their children be Filipino-American. Only now I can appreciate how difficult it must be to pass traditions along to your children in a completely unfamiliar environment and then watch it simply be considered and sometimes disregarded. The sound of cultures clashing arrives in the form of unasnwerable questions. Is dating in the US better because we have freer sex with less guilt and more condoms? Is American Catholicism better than Filpino spirituality that celebrates family prayer, tradition, and rosaries? Is it better that college students in the US typically blow off their undergraduate experience in favor of beer, experimentation, and spring break roadtrips? Do I lead a "better" life than my parents?
Homework assignment, read it all!


Again with the Comics shares with us the wisdom of Ask Golden Age Wonder Woman, a sort of Penthouse Forum/Dr Drew for Comics fans. Questions about sexuality are answered with actual panels from old Wonder Woman comic books. Example at left.

Such wisdom in comics, yet to be unearthed!


Coming up this week, full coverage of the South Carolina Democratic Primary!

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Renegade Evolution said...

Woman you rock. Like Skynard.

John Powers said...

So new in getting acquainted, so the name calling to you seems astonishing. I do know about blog battles, a wee bit, and smile that you roll your sleeves up and jump in.

What's clear is you're generous; there's a self interest in hanging out at generous peoples' blogs. Sudy's post is awesome! Oh, and one more thing, even a short time hanging out here: you're 100% original (even if the wording of that observation ain't).

Daisy said...

Ren and John, thank you! John, you need to post regularly, yourself (speaking of Bazungu, in particular)!

Drakyn said...

How could anyone call you names? Stupid people; daisy, you are awesome.

prefer not to say said...

You are a real inspiration to me. My trailer trash mama always told me I could never grow up to be an ignorant southerner AND a nipple-rubbing herbalist. Thank goodness I know now that I don't have to choose.

Starla said...

i miss me mum. :(

Elizabeth McClung said...

I know that name calling online seems to exceed the normal limits one would yell in the street yet doesn't stop hurting any less. So I am bummed about that.

However, I was not aware until today that my enjoyment of my nipples and keeping them hard and firm while bored was in and of itself and insult (and the implication that sexual repression regarding the boobies is therefore good?) nor herbalist, which since I don't see things through rose coloured but more historical glasses, herbalists were always essential (real herbalists, not the freaking one herb nutcases who tell people with SCI that ground peppermint will cure them). So "nipple-rubbing herbalist" - educated AND sexually free - cool!

Again, I have cleaned toilets in the past, and if this person is saying they are so incabable of cleaning toilets I will of course help and give them instruction (it is sometimes the basics that elude us so easily); as I said to my care worker after I had managed in trying to change my clothes to suck many of them into the wheels of my chair and walker:

She: "But you're so smart."

Me: "Well, you know what they say, book smart but common sense stupid."

I am however handy at nipple rubbing and toilet cleaning, but not educated in herbs as such (except in poisons, as needed for my trade), so please pass me along to said person, as perhaps someone who could give him a 101 pamphlet on the joys OF nipple rubbing and toilet cleaning and thus allow him/herself sexual and filthy toilet freedom.

Unless I have missed the whole point again, I do that sometimes.

Daisy said...

Dear Prefer Not to Say, aka Not Smart Enough to use a Proxy Server:

That's a nice story, but if you really are trailer trash, you should know that rednecks fight dirty. I'll let this one time pass, since I can see you blundered into the trailer park not knowing how to fight, like most spoiled brats. But next time, be smart enough to use a proxy server, or I will post your whole IP address and the college you posted from, fool.

PS: And if you are such a proud atheist, why are you attending a Catholic college? Did mummy and daddy insist? No wonder you're pissed off.

Daisy said...

Elizabeth, you know I love you, right?

I'm brewing up a special concoction right now, just for you. :)

People in the Sun said...

No ashtray --> using the beer can as an ashtray + being drunk = drinking ash.

It won't kill him. If anything, it'll put some hair on his balls.

Rosa said...

Nipple rubbing herbalist? Does that mean you specialize in aphrodisiacs? Daisy, that man don't know jack about you, pay no attention. I love ya, too!

Vanessa said...

Nipple-rubbing herbalist? What is that even supposed to mean?

I'm sorry, but if you're going to insult someone, it can't just be some random non-sequitor assortment of words.

Ginger-peeling osteopath!
Toenail-filing architect!
Bongo-noticing grocer!

That's kind of fun, actually.

karloff said...

Sweet baby jeebus, I guess technically I'm a nipple rubbing herbalist as well? Admittedly they aren't my nipples, but it is usually my herb... ;p :)

I've never known you to show anything but dignity and kindness, so to get that kind of response you must have really been doing something right.

karloff said...

Actually, I really liked Vanessa's idea..

You dog petting mentalist!
You soup eating napper!

Vanessa said...

Russian-hearing racecar driver!
Meatball-disliking novelist!
Shoe-eschewing haberdasher!

If I knew how I'd make some sort of generator!

--Bamboo Blitz-- said...

I actually found Sudy's blog via Bamboo Girl's guest book and she's been on my blog roll ever since...she really has inspired me in so many ways!

P.S. My thoughts on your defamer (in keeping with Vanessa's clever word generator)--he's a wise-ass wanker!

James Stanhope said...

Daisy, I found the blog-thread where you were insulted (which blog will remain unnamed, although perhaps others have found it as well). You take those people way, way too seriously. The men who insulted you, especially the commenter called "Logician," are simply a bunch of social cripples whose hostility had nothing to do with the philosophical stance called atheism. Those people are intimidated by religion itself and might even feel psychologically vulnerable to the consolations of faith, which could explain why they responded hysterically (in the psychological sense). They all have lot of growing up to do. You shouldn't take them so seriously.