Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Birthday!

To the King!

Several of my readers recently expressed massive approval when exposed to even a teensy bit of Ann-Margret, so I hereby give you BOTH, yes, BOTH of them, in a clip from VIVA LAS VEGAS. You can't hardly stand it.

According to the fascinating book ELVIS AND ME (by Priscilla), it was when Priscilla Presley discovered Ann-Margret's phone number in a matchbook in Elvis' pocket, that she finally figured it out. And it was a fight to the finish, as Ann tried to edge Priscilla out, announcing to the press that she and Elvis would be married. Priscilla, already comfortably dug in with the family at Graceland, knew she had the upper hand. Our beautiful Ann lost that round, but it was a close one!

And so I present the King, and the woman who might have been Queen. Enjoy!


Elvis Presley ... Ann Margret

[via FoxyTunes / Elvis and Ann-Margaret]


Anonymous said...

I'd say Elvis chose wrong.