Friday, July 13, 2007

Ingrid Newkirk is our new Marie Antoinette

Ingrid Newkirk, of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has just trashed Michael Moore, now under attack by America's right wing, for being fat.

I repeat: Ingrid Newkirk, whom one assumes has very good health insurance, has just attacked Michael Moore, a man on the side of the angels, for being FAT.

I shit you not.

Apparently, Newkirk believes that becoming a vegetarian will make you thin...which I have been waiting to happen for over 10 years now!


"There’s an elephant in the room, and it is you," PETA president Ingrid Newkirk wrote in a letter to Moore.

Newkirk urged the rotund Moore to become a vegetarian, which many nutritionists say is a good way to lose weight, and visit PETA’s Web site for veggie recipes.

Writes Newkirk: "As they say at Nike (sorry!): 'Just do it.'"
I love how she quotes a company that uses both leather and sweatshop labor, there at the end. Bang-up finish!

Is Newkirk claiming that universal health care wouldn't be necessary if everyone was a vegetarian? That is indeed how she sounds.

Does she believe this preposterous bullshit is the way to convert people to vegetarianism?

She makes a vegetarian diet sound like the province of rich people (like her?) who already have guaranteed medical care. Otherwise, she might respond to the substance of Michael Moore's movie SICKO, just released, instead of attacking him relentlessly, as the right-wing media has.

These are the people who make me ashamed to be vegetarian, and give vegetarianism a BAD NAME amongst the working class. Can you say "out of touch with the mainstream"? Good going, PETA!

Let them eat (vegan! dairy-free!) cake, huh Ingrid? And just in time for Bastille Day, too!

PS: Fuck you.


vegankid said...

fucking ingrid newkirk. she and PETA make so much more work for those of us whose social conscience extends beyond non-human animals.

Daisy said...

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH! My (rather large) aunt has called me about it already.

Veronica said...

Is Newkirk claiming that universal health care wouldn't be necessary if everyone was a vegetarian? That is indeed how she sounds.

Yup. Pretty much. Didn't you know that going vegetarian will save the rainforest, give your hair a glossy shine, and bring Jesus back, too?

Daisy said...

Several veggie blogs are defending her remarks... to make it worse.

argh. *headdesk*

Kseniya said...

Ah... HERE you are.

Kseniya said...

Moore did an interview in... dang, I forget. Rolling Stone? EW? He said that while he was working on the film, he realized it was hypocritical for him make this movie and to be so dreadfully out of shape. Apparently he's lost a significant amount of weight since he began ... 30-40 lbs perhaps. This is all out of my head, may be innacurate no cites, sorry... but true in essense.

Daisy said...

I didn't know that! I profusely congratulate him on not caving and saying "Hey, get off my back, I lots X number of pounds!" because that is probably what I would have done. Making fun of someone's weight, is just so CRASS.

GOP presidential candidate Governor Huckabee, former Baptist minister and a reformed-fat-man, has piled on, and also attacked Moore's weight:

Anonymous said...

Obesity is a factor in health and healthcare costs for our over-fed, greedy western culture, which over-consumes everything, animal, vegetable and mineral while the rest of the world suffers to sate our glut. His propensity to mouth one message while apparently living another is so-very male-centered left, whose hypocrisy we see everywhere, for example on the impeachcheney blog with their torture-porn poster used to draw in the menz.

On the other hand I heartily concur with your P.S.

Fuck you PETA
Mostly vegetarian radical feminist

Daisy said...

Welcome anonymous!

Kim said...

Ingrid Newkirk, sadly, does much to discredit animal rights/vegan/vegetarianism. I'm about 50/50 with PETA: love them for some things, hate 'em for others. Newkirk has become notorios for being a turd. Do you recall the "Fir Trim" issue, Daisy? If not, maybe do some Googling: she upset feminists with her flip response to an ad which many feminists found offensive.

And while I get her little "elephant in the room" is (ho ho) a play on words/pun, it's unforgivable.

bint alshamsa said...

For over a year now, I have avoided the urge to write about people like Newkirk. Back when I was a conservative, I truly despised the animal rights movement and it was mostly because of folks like PETA. Over time, my views about AR have softened but not my feelings about Newkirk et al. There are plenty of people who could be motivated to do more to help animals if it weren't for the way that some people present the issues. I wish that PETA wasn't the face of the movement. It's not as if most vegetarians are like PETA but if you're just an average Jane, you usually don't get the chance to see the people who are motivated out of love instead of hatred. Anyway, that's just my two cents.

P.S. Kim's comments reminds me of their other bone-headed move. Does anyone remember their "Holocaust on your plate" campaign?

Daisy said...
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Daisy said...

WOW, you guys have educated me, today! I didn't know about the Fir Trim thing, but I do remember the half-naked women giving tofu hot dogs (appropriately phallic!) to congressmen (always men) outside the capitol building. Ugh.

I was one of the people who DID write letters re: "Holocaust on your plate"--which I thought was downright disgusting.

I think Newkirk is way beyond letter-writing now.

belledame222 said...

Newkirk is yet another of a certain Type. All drama and dogma, little if any connection to the cause she supposedly espouses. And yes, Ingrid, we really want to -eat you- after you die, no shit, she requested it. She'd be a walking Monty Python sketch if she weren't so awful.

belledame222 said...

and oh yeah, i remember reading some raw food lightweight who was all, raw food is the key to happiness! know why people are unhappy in their jobs? cooked food. riiiiiiiight, asshole.

Daisy said...

BD, there are enzymes in raw foods, which make you feel better. You can also take the enzymes orally, for a short cut. ;)

Plugging my profession again, sorry! :P

belledame222 said...

well--not gonna argue wrt your biz. point with the anecdote being: the guy wasn't just saying "yay raw food," he was really saying most of the world's problems (including y'know unhappiness at one's job, in so many words) would be solved if everyone ate food like he made at his (trendy, expensive) raw food restaurant.

Anonymous said...

My social conscience is sooo strange these days. Sunday Iwas driving to work and topped a small hill on a five lane road. I was in the far lane, but in the inner lane, near the turn lane was a small turtle meekly making her way across a fortunatley not so crowded 7 a.m. road. I whipped my car around, pulled into the turn lane facing back towards home. As I shifted into park a large four wheel drive topped the hill and was barring down on the turtle. I watched in horror, knwoing if that little one was crushed I would be a few hours sitting in that turn lane sobbing on my steering wheel. Having no cell phone as I don't believe in them, I knew work would never understand why I was not there.
Fortunately the four wheel drive passed over the turtle with the driver sending me a very surprised look at my face of horror.
I sprang from my car not turning off the ignition. I picked her up saying"Yes, tuck your head inside. You don't know me but I want to place you in the safe grass." I ran across the road hoping another car would not top the hill and take us both out. I placed her in the grass a good twenty feet from the road. I gave the turtle my blessings and ran back to my car.
At work I was met by the only vegan management and told why I was late. My real attitude was if you have a problem with this lateness, well write me up. I work for an organic health food store that has gone corporate. (Downer)
My entire theory was this. There are many millions of humans and we replenish fine. The turtles are few. Since turtles and humans are both needed in the chain, but the turtles are fewer I was willing to let me go and keep the planet in balance. The turtle has very right to respect to help as a person. I am tired of being be littled for this belief and if anyone has a problem with respect of self and the total balanced environment and seeing ourselves as a part of it. Well, come see me and we will have a long talk by some poluuted river.
The Goddess of Barefeet and Laughter
AS yoe see I believe in each person taking responsible action and then looking to criticize others. Tend your own garden first

A. J. Luxton said...

I'm ovo-lacto vegetarian since birth; I've done raw foods for a while, a couple of times. The first time, I was seeking healing for my repetitive stress injuries. It didn't seem to do a thing for my RSI, but it did induce a pleasant altered state of consciousness, clear my skin, and so forth. I still eat raw for a week or two occasionally when I feel the need. I think the enzyme explanation is only part of the reason why it works, though.

(What does help my RSI? Mineral supplements like MSM. Eating a fair amount of dairy products. Most importantly -- low-impact connective tissue stretches, rest breaks, and getting enough sleep.)

And I know scrawny carnivores and fat vegans galore.