Monday, November 4, 2013

BEST IDEA I've heard in a long time!

Double A mentioned this on our radio show today, and I am all for it.

We need to make the politicians wear suits advertising their commercial endorsements, just like the NASCAR drivers do. The more money contributed, the bigger the logo!

In the case of BigPharma, the logo should be that of the most popular, best-selling drug of any given company. For instance, Eli Lilly's biggest seller last year was CYMBALTA, so that word should be suitably emblazoned on the jackets of any and all politicians who took Eli Lilly's generous corporate donations. (This could well have a subliminal effect: Perhaps people will wonder if the politician-in-question is making them depressed?) I personally can't wait for conservative Senator Tom Coburn, who took $7000 from Purdue Pharma, to wear the giant word OXYCONTIN on his belly, as he addresses his constituents. Likewise, how funny would it be if Obama wore the logo ADDERALL XR at his next press conference? (Would he seem more or less authoritative?)

Here are some fashion-forward ideas I discovered, when I searched the web.

From Crooks and Liars:

Like I said, no cheating with PFIZER... it has to say VIAGRA, so everyone will recognize the product. (And frankly, this move might not sell the product as well as playing them sexee blues songs on TV commercials, but maybe Pfizer should start thinking about IMAGE?)






Somebody named Captain Obvious contributed this to a political forum, the new Supreme Court robes:


And from Political Irony:


JoJo said...

You have GOT to share those pics on Facebook if you haven't already. They are awesome. I agree 100%.

bryce said...

double A has my vote. that last one is crazy. u could pay down the debt w/that kinda $$.

Ann ODyne said...

Fabulous Daisy.
I want to Google+ this.
Just going to have my cymbalta first. love from kangaroo country.

DaisyDeadhead said...

THANK YOU ANN! :) I just love your blog layout... my mom had one of those hats that Streisand is wearing.