Monday, November 25, 2013

What does this bumper sticker mean?

Its our brand new DEAD AIR holiday bumper-sticker-deciphering contest! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?-- please offer your 2 cents.

I haven't thought of any cool prizes yet, but working on it.

I took this photo about two miles from here in a public parking lot in a nice suburb. Not in the backwoods or anything. But of course, this is still the South.


I understand the basic assertion of the bumper sticker: The Confederacy would never have "left" the POWs and MIAs in Vietnam. (And that's some deliberately-inflammatory rhetoric right there, that they were somehow "left" deliberately. By whom?)

1) Does this mean the Confederacy would have had a Vietnam war too, in some alternative universe that never happened?

2) Does this include the African-American soldiers, too? (Can they be forgiven for thinking that your word ain't much, on this particular score?)

Any other questions, please ask in comments. Play along at home!


PS: This also gets put in my "You Yankees don't know how easy you've got it!" file.


Gorgeous Gregg said...

I suspect what it actually means is, "I don't understand history or context, but this sticker makes me feel superior."

Anonymous said...

There is really no way to accurately answer the question. Who would have won the various conflicts between the csa and Mexico and other C. American and Caribbean countries. Also there is no way to know the evolution following WWI and WWII...but...

France would have received support and advisors from the csa. The csa's understanding of, and experience in, unconventional warfare would likely have resulted in Vietnam still being a French Colony well into the '60's.

bryce said...


JoJo said...

I really hate that flag. I see it and I, of course, make a snap judgment about the person who is using it.

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Anonymous said...

confederacy would have self destructed within 20 years. wouldn't have lasted till WWI, much less Vietnam. moot.