Thursday, July 18, 2013

Snake handlers, finger surgery eve, and talk radio updates

You never know what you'll see in downtown Greenville. This past Sunday, in what used to be called Bergamo Plaza (apparently they are in the process of naming it something else, to go with the fancy new ONE building) I saw this snake-handling lady. She didn't mind me taking her picture.

Just another day in the neighborhood.


Well peeps, as mentioned previously, the surgery on my ganglion cyst is tomorrow morning. I confess to being a nervous wreck. Not really about the surgery itself, but about the anesthesia-shots (administered with a BIG ASS needle) I'm getting on either side of my finger. I've already had one shot--right in the cyst--and it wasn't fun. This promises to be far worse. Argh.

And the idea of my index-finger-joint being (aiyeee) scraped, is just SUCH AN UNPLEASANT CONCEPT. (Can't they use some other word?)

I hope I can type, but probably won't be able to for a couple of days, so this is the official SURGERY EVE update.

Luckily, I can still run my mouth, you lucky folks. I will be broadcasting as usual. Hopefully, I won't be on so many drugs that I make no sense... but when has THAT ever stopped me?


This week's OCCUPY THE MICROPHONE shows--

Monday: The Zimmerman verdict, with local activists Traci Fant and Efia Nwangaza.

Tuesday: Zimmerman trial juror #B37's interview with Anderson Cooper, excerpts and analysis. Much fulminating from your humble narrator, echoing the points in my last blog post (and even quoting some of the comments).

Wednesday: Stevie Wonder boycotts Florida, and an interview with Green Shadow Cabinet member Ben Manski, author of a popular statement about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden titled, Liberty is hunted around the globe: What Snowden taught us about American freedom

Going on in a half-hour, and we'll be talking about one of the best rightwingnuts available for sheer comedy relief, TED NUGENT! (Shooting fish in a barrel, my friends!)

Check us out, yall; if you wanna join us LIVE AT FIVE, here is the WOLI-AM livestream link. Have a listen! Also, podcasts available at the website.


Hope all is well with you, have a great weekend... and take care of your joints!


UPDATE/EDIT 7/21: Surgery postponed until Thursday... so I can obsess and worry for another whole week. Argh.


JoJo said...

Good luck w/ your surgery! It sounds nasty! :(

Ann ODyne said...

oh Daisy I am so sorry your ganglion must be painful or you would not resort to surgery.
I have one on the back of my hand that doesn't hurt. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

now I will just worry about all the poor snakes being hauled around shopping squares when they prefer to hang in trees ...

bryce said...

good luck, d!

Blue Heron said...

my joints are fine, nicely rolled too. hope your digit is okay.


Gorgeous Gregg said...

Getting old ain't for sissies said Maggie Kuhn, and I think she was right. We missed ya on Friday and of course, without a doctor's excuse, you are not permitted to miss a show this week, so I hope it's scheduled for 9 am on Thursday.

marjaerwin said...

I hope your surgery went well.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Marja, doc decided not to do it, which I will be writing about shortly.

All that quaking in fear over nothing., I don't know whether to laugh or cry. :(

Sampath said...

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