Tuesday, July 30, 2013

John the Baptist at the Nowhere Bar

The hits just keep on comin, here in DeMint country! At left: anti-immigrant demonstrator in downtown Greenville on Saturday. Photo by my talented radio show consigliere, Gregg Jocoy. (More photos here.)

I forgot all about the right-wing demonstration on Saturday (I'm glad Gregg didn't), but ended up downtown in the early evening anyway, to grab a bite to eat after the Randall Bramblett show (see below). By that time (as I said on our show yesterday), only one brave sign-carrying protester remained. Since she was yelling and gesticulating at the traffic all by her lonesome, I thought she was there individually--all by herself--which always makes one look somewhat unbalanced. (I never do it; although I WILL pass out leaflets by myself.) She was yelling about "the hostile invasion" (i.e. immigration) when I passed her and shook my head in an exaggerated, theatrical fashion, "What a loony tune!" was the body-language message I hoped I was sending.

And you know, I won't lie to you: I was momentarily pleased I got a chance to do this to the right-wingers for a change; they are usually the ones doing it to US. In these parts, Occupiers were regarded as either 1) dangerous deluded wackos, or, 2) an interesting sideshow. At least in the case of #2, there was the opportunity to strike up some conversations, maybe win over some hearts and minds.

It was just as I was nostalgically remembering our belated Season of OCCUPY, that the intrepid sign-carrying lady started RUNNING AFTER ME, loudly demanding to know if I was in favor of amnesty for illegals???!!?.

Oh boy.

I realize the proper and nuanced answer is, "What about amnesty for their employers? Why are THEY never arrested?"--but I did not want to hang around and argue with this person, I wanted to eat at the Mellow Mushroom.

At this point, we were right in front of the Carolina Ale House, which has the popular advertising/commercial slogan, "Ale Yeah!"... this catchy phrase is even engraved into the planters out in front of the restaurant. Consequently, all I could think of was, ALE NO!

ALE NO, I do not want to talk to this person.

So I answered quickly, "I think it's a great idea!" I blurted out.

She was ready with a reply, "Do you want the United States to become like a European country?!"

I turned and said very distinctly and loudly, ABSOLUTELY!

That shut her up. Stunned her too. "Umm," she fell back and stopped following me at that point, undoubtedly deciding I was some insane leftist in favor of universal health care. "That's... interesting..." and she then went over and accosted some other poor soul who was trying to decide where to eat.

Jesus H Christ, where do these people come from?! The good news (see linked video) is that they were mostly older white people, the demographic you would expect. No teenagers or twenty-somethings out there.

As I've said here before, the young folks want to date and marry the newcomers, not send them back.


At left: Randall Bramblett at Bohemian Cafe on Saturday. GREAT SHOW! I also bought his new CD, The Bright Spots.

TMI update: my evil ganglion cyst seems to have shrunk to a pinpoint, which I attribute to my feverish consumption of both kombucha and turmeric. It could also be that the steroid shot of a couple of months ago (directly into my finger! aiyeee!) took some additional time to do the job. In any event, in the last couple of weeks, it has become smaller than it's ever been (over the last few years) and stopped swelling up, hurting or (most importantly) bursting open with nasty goo. Perhaps that was all the nasty goo it had? Whatever the reason, when I went in to get it removed, the doctor took a look and said there was no reason for an invasive procedure (and subsequent risk of infection) at this juncture. He said he saw no reason to "dig around in there for it" (Good God Almighty!), for which I thanked heaven profusely.

I was ecstatic, especially when I saw the size of the needle he was getting ready to use on me. Holy shit.

I doubt my fingernail will ever look okay, but that is a small price to pay for a dormant ganglion cyst. Let's hope it stays dormant, and pass the kombucha.

Serving suggestion: It's really great over ice in the summertime! In addition to Synergy, my favorite, let me also recommend Reed's Culture Club brand, especially the Lemon Ginger Raspberry... also dynamite over ice!


Hope your week is going well. Me and Double A are going to attempt the radio show today BY OURSELVES, without our trusted and capable consigliere... which as you know, is no way for a consigliere to behave, but there it is. Family obligations have intervened, and we must GO FORTH AND DO IT... and I know I don't have to tell you, I am a nervous wreck. Luckily, I can chatter on like nobody's business, so hopefully, nobody will be able to tell that I am freaked out.

Jonathan, our wonderful and insightful engineer, will probably have to bail us out... but that's what engineers are FOR!


Check out the cool song. I just loved it. Athens folks, of course, know that the Nowhere Bar is in Athens, Georgia.

I can totally imagine John the Baptist sitting there; so it's where we get today's blog post title.

John the Baptist - Randall Bramblett

Hope your week is going well, too. And don't let your consigliere, whoever it is, out of your sight for a minute!

CHAOS REIGNS without a consigliere to maintain order... just ask anybody.


Blue Heron said...

Great title, out of a Brautigan novel or something...or maybe a Dylan song. Saw Bramlett with Clapton, upside down and backwards playing. Really liked Greg's photo. Outstanding post.

senchi said...

great tuneage, thx.

Conseglieri said...


When I lived in Athens, Randall Bramblett played in the area often. I believe the recently deceased JJ Cale, whom we have yet to eulogize, also played a time or two. I actually intended to go see Bramblett after the demo, but had to rush home.

Got back a couple of hours ago. Check your Facebook messages. Y'all did great!

Joni's daughter...can't remember her name...wants to have Occupy Greenville do another LGBT event. We need to talk about what, is anything, we want to do to try to make something happen in Spartanburg.

bryce said...

u sounded gr8, d.

Paul D. said...

So are you against enforcing laws in general or just immigration laws? How do you decide which laws should be enforced and which should be ignored? What gives you the authority to make such determinations? Are you an elected official of some sort?

Liberals are usually very concerned about "fairness." Is it fair for some to enter the country illegally and cut in front of others who have been conscientious and are immigrating legally?

Lastly, if you really want to win hearts and minds, you might want to stop using Jesus' name as a curse word. That's very offensive.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Paul, when all the laws are equally applied (like, to the employers as well as the undocumented people they employ), then we can talk. Right now, the system is being enforced only against the immigrants, not the people who are responsible for them coming here in the first place.

"Authority"? Hello? (Leave it to a conservative to instantly make bullshit-appeals to authority.) AUTHORITY = I have the authority under the Constitution and the First Amendment, to express my opinion on my own blog. That's what I was doing, just as you are.

Liberals?! Bite your tongue, son.

I am not liberal, I am radical. Radical means = going to the root. The root of the problem is capitalists hiring cheap labor. When they stop doing that, the immigrants will cease arriving. It's that simple. Why not go to the root of the problem and arrest the people responsible?

The fact that you don't want to do this, means you are talking out of your ass and really don't care about the problem itself, you just want the brown people to go home. You say it's immigration, but its really your racism and dislike of foreigners. Otherwise, there is an easy way to handle it: MANDATORY 10 year sentences for all employers who hire illegals. That will fix the problem by lunchtime.

Jesus Christ, that wasn't a "curse" word. That was an EXCLAMATION. Do you really not know the difference? And no, its not offensive; I am not offended. (?) Huh?!? Oh, wait... perhaps you are confusing your own values and sensibility with everyone else's and assuming everyone is offended by the same things. They aren't.

Conservatives are very intellectually limited because they seem unable to stop doing that. And that's a shame; a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

PS: When I say win hearts and minds, I refer to the people who already have some semblance of independent thinking; I do not expect Fox News Androids to have a clue. Their hearts and minds are far too corrupted already.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Speaking of employers: Paul, do your employers at the City of Greenville know you are surfing my blog instead of working?

Paul D. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DaisyDeadhead said...

(sigh)... Paul, I am not in the mood for a concern troll today. Nice try though.

I have deleted your comment, since you broke the rule, the only rule, of DEAD AIR.

I have ONE rule here; please read the guidelines: "You may not attack or insult me"... and you did. If you want to try again, that's fine, but be advised, I already expect the worst from you.

(Why do some people have such a difficult time in keeping THE ONLY RULE I have? Incredible, isn't it? Lack of reading comprehension or garden-variety rudeness?)

DaisyDeadhead said...

BTW, Paul, you didn't answer my question. No further comments will be permitted unless you answer it:

Do your employers at the City of Greenville know you are surfing my blog instead of working? Since I have your IP address, would you like me to share it with them? In the interests of fiscal responsibility, I mean.

Certainly, you agree that we shouldn't be wasting tax money paying people to work who are instead pissing around on the job and reading blogs instead?

Paul D. said...

I don't think I insulted or attacked you. I'm sorry that you took it that way. I would think that you would welcome a reader from the other side of the ideological tracks, so to speak... that gives you a chance to convert me! I guess you'd rather hurl threats and insults.

I stumbled across your blog while searching for some Fall for Greenville stuff, and was intrigued by it. I'm happy to butt out and be on my merry way since you're not interested in views that challenge your own. Good luck preaching to the choir.

DaisyDeadhead said...

I live in Greenville, Paul... its not like I have the luxury of avoiding conservatives. I talk to people from "the other side of the ideological tracks" every single day. How could I AVOID that, living in (what Rick Santorum says is) "the most conservative county in the USA"? (Duh!)

Our radio show is Occupy the Microphone, on every weekday -- live at 5pm on WOLI AM (910 AM), broadcast from McAlister Square, and we welcome callers of any political persuasion.

Livestreaming here. You can listen from your computer. Why don't you give us a call? We get em from all kinds of people.

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