Tuesday, September 11, 2012

White Horse Prophecy revisited

By popular demand, here is the video I played on my radio show (Saturday). It concerns the fabled White Horse Prophecy, which is not official Mormon doctrine, but part of LDS religious-folklore.

On my show, I compared the prophecy to Catholic stuff like the Secrets of Fatima, and fundamentalist stuff like The Rapture. These are not, technically-speaking, "doctrine" either, but are frequently employed as "dog whistles" to alert the people who do believe them. (Actually, I think some Christian sects DO consider the Rapture a matter of doctrine, but I couldn't readily name which ones.) Many devout Mormons do not believe in this prophecy, and they are not required to believe it; ditto the Fatima Secrets and the Rapture.

Nonetheless, these stories do have an appreciable influence on religious adherents.

Examples: If I say "Three Secrets of Fatima"--and you are Catholic, then you have some idea of what I refer to, and might further understand that I am discussing Russia and/or the future of communism and the Catholic Church. If I say "Rapture" --and you have a fundamentalist background or are familiar with these ideas, then you know I mean the endtimes and the emergence of a dangerous world leader who will be called Antichrist. Etc.

If you use the phrase "Hanging by a Thread"--many pious Mormons will know what you refer to, and react accordingly. This phrase contains specific wording in the "White Horse Prophecy"--which I discussed on this blog a couple of years ago. (At that time, I was writing about Glenn Beck's apparent adherence to the prophecy.) Therefore, using such a loaded phrase is a way to communicate something important to those who catch the inside-reference; the chosen media-method of "dog whistling" to citizens attuned to the appropriate frequency.

The following is a video by a Protestant fundamentalist preacher named Carl Gallups, warning the faithful about Mitt Romney and the White Horse Prophecy. (warning: fundie fulminating at the link!) It was first aired on WEBY-AM, "Gulf Coast Talk Radio" in Florida.

I find this very entertaining ... and fascinating.

Whether we believe any of this stuff or not, plenty of people do, and they act on this belief. Even if their beliefs are not "real"--their actions are. And that includes those who oppose them, as the preacher who made this video, certainly does.

As I hope I don't have to say: I do not believe the Christian fundamentalist assertions (and prejudices) stated in this video. FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY.

ALERT! - THE ROMNEY RISING - The White Horse Prophecy of MORMONISM Being Fulfilled?


The following video comes via conservative CleanTV. Issued by wacky, hyperkinetic televangelist Bill Keller, it includes fervent anti-Romney warnings, referencing the White Horse Prophecy as proof.

Love the Rod Serling picture that suddenly pops up... as well as the swirling, apocalyptic music that puts one in mind of the movie soundtrack of THE OMEN.



This one comes from Shawn McCraney, "Born Again Mormon":

The White Horse Prophecy


And finally, the more-or-less straight media version from MSNBC. This is reporter Tamron Hall interviewing Politico's Edward-Isaac Dovere:

Stay tuned, sports fans...and WATCH THE SKIES!


Blue Heron said...

I commend Romney for disavowing this prophecy, as the Salon article notes that he did, vociferously in 2008. All religion has its science fiction quality, his is just a bit more opaque than most.

Lot of things to find fault with him on, but this doesn't resonate at all, at least for me, not that you are making that supposition, either.

Thanks for clueing me in, anyhow. In the Ragnarok that I visualize for the whole shithouse breaking apart, Scientology's Xenu starseed colony launches interplanetary attacks against Mitt's forces of Kolob.

Winner take all for the whole damn shebang.



JoJo said...

I remember being really let down when the secrets of Fatima were revealed. I was so enthralled and intrigued by the Fatima movie when I was a kid. And I thought it was kind of odd that my dad found the whole Fatima story laughable and didn't believe it happened, but he was also a devote Catholic and went to Mass every week.

D. said...

I never realized that the term "hanging by a thread" was code; I've heard it all my life from many sources.

Besides, in the event of thread hanging, isn't Quetzalcoatl supposed to come back? I mean Frederick Barbarossa? Or was it King Arthur?

High Arka said...

Blue Heron, lol.

Romney's playing a careful game of trying to officially denounce what the current TV-viewing public think of as the "more" ridiculous aspects of his church. While he does that, though, he has to be careful to do it in very formal ways, so that the large numbers of Mormons who privately follow the prophecy will hope that Romney is secretly on their side.

"Most" Christians don't profess belief in the Rapture, in the public, TV-interview sense that I mentioned above, but my anecdotal experience with many different branches has been that in private, they're quite confident that the Book of Revelations will come true someday.

Mama Moretti said...

Romney is acting white horse/white knight with this embassy attack and nneeds to keep his big fat mouth shut before he start ww3.

bryce said...

agreed mm.

love 2nd video ! hilarious !

Conseglieri said...

I thought Rmoney's dad was a Democrat...I was wrong. He was a Republican.

Bottom line to me is, a LOT of politicians think they are the messiah...but few have a tall tale from their church which encourages such thoughts.

Angie unduplicated said...

My weird, unpopular take on the "white horse" is that this phrase is one more metaphor for heroin. The CIA (and some Republican National Guardsmen) imports it, and some Big White Men are getting rich off it.

Anyone selling this phrase as a Rescue Remedy is automatically a quack, and a dangerous one, in my eyes.