Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Got funk?

Great Ohio Players documentary, if you have 40 minutes to spare.

If not, just skip on down to the song.


UNSUNG (documentary)- The Ohio Players


My January 2nd post (about the infamous Ohio Players album covers) featured the fabulously-sensuous studio version of this song, which runs closer to 8 minutes... unfortunately it has since been yanked by awful capitalists.

Trying again.

Skin Tight (TV 1974) - Ohio Players

This video, introduced by Wolfman Jack, appears to be from the Midnight Special broadcast, which means it may also get yanked eventually, so LISTEN NOW! I am somewhat shocked to discover that my post of the New York Dolls on the Midnight Special is still intact. Of five songs on that post, only one has been removed since (Carole King), and that is much better odds than most of them.

Unfortunately, YouTube is constantly yanking videos, rendering many of my old posts DEAD as a DOORNAIL... and for those interested in which corporations/individuals are behind this nefarious scheme to deny us our online fun, check out the invaluable YouTomb for details.


Conseglieri said...

As you know, I adore the Ohio Players. Shoot...I can't think of any funky music I don't like. Everything about the Ohio Players was wonderful. I love the afros, the outfits, the brass, the bass...the whole package.

catsynth said...

I love this! I am big funk fan - I occasionally reference it on the CatSynth blog. You can't see me and Luna getting down to this via comments, unfortunately ;)

I had no idea that all those bands I know are connected to Dayton, OH!

JoJo said...

Why is You Tube yanking videos?

I did love the 70s funk sound for sure. Too bad it all morphed into the horrible rap & hiphop music we have today.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Jojo, copyright violations. The record company request removal or threaten to sue YouTube, so they cave.