Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Tunes

Turn it up!

Somebody argued with me that Blondie wasn't a punk band, so this is for them. Yes, I know they made pop hits to pay the rent, but this song totally burns the place down.

And I hereby rest my case!

Detroit 442 - Blondie

It also helps that Debbie looks fabulous.


It has been pointed out to me that Tom Petty was ON "King of the Hill" (well, his animated image was, in any event!) --but this lovely tune was recorded in 1991 and the cartoon started in 1997... I wonder if the song was an inspiration for the title?

It's easy to figure out who wrote what parts of the song: the verses sound like Petty/Heartbreakers, but the chorus is pure McGuinn/Byrds... beautiful!

King of the Hill - Tom Petty and Roger McGuinn


Too amazing for mere words:

Here But I'm Gone - Curtis Mayfield

May his soul rest in peace.


senchi said...

love mcguinn/petty combo, mayfield song -is- amazing. thanks d!

JoJo said...

Blondie was more punky when they started, esp. in the CBGBs days of early NYC punk.

sheila said...

Blondie <i not </i a punk band? Hmmmm.

sheila said...

forgot to close my tags, lol sorry