Monday, June 25, 2012

HeroesCon 2012

At left: Yes, you know who it is! (He is not nearly as mean or rowdy as they say; he politely posed for pictures with everybody.)

Just got back from the great party that is HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC! Photos below. As always, you can click to enlarge. More photos HERE.

At bottom, Stan Lee and his ever-worshipful acolytes, packed into a room to hear His Majesty. They wouldn't let us get too close; it was like he was Mick Jagger or somebody. Frank Sinatra at the Sands in the 60s, complete with mafioso-bodyguards warning you to keep your distance!

I hope your weekend was as wild and wacky as mine was.


And first up, the ladies who safely kept my wallet for me when I left it at their booth, like a total flake. GEEKS ARE HONEST!

Thank you, Za Pow!


JoJo said...

WOW!!!! Looks like you had a great time!! And the costumes people wear are so cool. I particularly loved the storm trooper in island wear. lol I guess even storm troopers take vacations to tropical places. ;)

sheila said...

HOW FUN! Reminds me of an episode of Big Bang Theory, lol. So cool. Hope all is well, I'm finally making my rounds again after a whole heap of busy-ness this summer! ughhhh. Nice to be back!

bryce said...

great pics - love ghost busters car

D. said...

Twenty years ago, I probably would have known several of those people. (Either from Disclave or Myriad APA.)

(Tuestoma = a tumor that only appears on Tuesdays?)

Conseglieri said...

I don't know if you knew it or not, but kat swift ran for the Green Party presidential nod back in 2008. Dressed as Wonderwoman, she went after ballot access in Texas, and was successful.

You should really check out the photo of kat...she looks great. She's since been in an automobile accident and is suffering the indignities of our healthcare system. I', not certain, but I believe she suffers from some degree of paralysis.

Conseglieri said...

Try clicking here to see the article with the photo of kat as Wonder Woman.

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