Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday update

Our own Spartanburg Occupier, Deb Morrow, won the SC Democratic primary! She will go up against awful Trey Gowdy for the 4th District Congressional Seat in November.

I made a special trip to vote for Deb; she was the only candidate on my ballot. I am proud of her efforts (and have attended two of her organizing meetings) and hope she will give us a call at the radio station tomorrow. She tried last week, but was apparently in a moving vehicle, and consequently, we lost her. Give us another shot, Deb!


Apologies for my late news. I had internet connection issues all week. Unplugged against my will! Argh!

During this time, the shameless scandalmonger in me has stayed tuned to the sordid Jerry Sandusky trial. (Penn State coach accused of sexually abusing numerous children.) No cameras in the courtroom, but reporters have provided a steady stream of horrors. I am amazed at how hands-off the authorities were, over decades... these kids were not from families who would have raised a ruckus. And Sandusky chose them deliberately for this reason.

He repeatedly told them how much he loved them, and they have testified that they loved him in return. They loved the gifts, the attention, the football games.

People on Facebook are howling for Dottie Sandusky's head, believing that she must know more than she is letting on. One victim claims he stayed overnight at Sandusky's house in excess of 50 times. Besides that, Jerry Sandusky stayed in the basement for hours with these kids. Didn't his wife suspect anything?

We will be discussing the Sandusky trial tomorrow on my show, so tune in.


JoJo said...

Jerry Sandusky is a real piece of work isn't he? As for his wife....she may truly have not suspected a thing, or not wanted to believe it. It's like ex swears he didn't cheat on me during our marriage but looking back on it, I am fairly certain he had to have. I was just too naive or clueless to notice.

bryce said...

agree w/jojo - she seemed like an 'obedient' wife

Zadig said...

Daisy here's some good fodder for one of your shows.

This is an editorial by some whiny little wing nut at Furman named Emily Reillly who thinks she's being oppressed because as she says, "A significant portion of the student body professes to be either moderate or liberal..."

What? A significant number profess to have different ideas than her? OMG! What is the world coming to that a prestigious university would allow diverse ideas! Heavens to Betsy!

She's now apparently a fellow at some Right Wing think tank called the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Zadig, a confirmed LSD-user like Claire Boothe Luce has a right-wing think tank named after her? Does this mean they are in favor of LSD-use in a therapeutic atmosphere? (nobody ever asks these people the truly FUN questions)

I guess it isn't enough that (according to Rick Santorum's campaign manager) poor persecuted Emily Reilly lives in the most conservative county in the USA! If a mainstream Baptist college in Greenville county isn't right-wing enough for her, next stop is BJU and their anti-evolution education. Miss Thing sounds like she would enjoy a wardrobe containing no jeans and all calf-length dresses ... and we most assuredly should ship her to BJU forthwith, so she can get a proper conservative education.

Thank you Zadig!

DaisyDeadhead said...

BTW, if these people at Furman are so ravingly socialist and liberal, why is it not a single one has come out to Occupy with us? We have had more kids from the local evangelical colleges than we have from Furman! Students from the various state tech colleges, as well as Clemson and USC, have attended meetings, the film series and teach-in discussions... so where are all these radicals she is talking about?

I call bullshit.

Zadig said...

What's really amusing is she says this, "At Furman, my campus organization, Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow, has hosted a record 17 to 22 speaking events every year for the past five years. We are the most vocal, and visible, student group on campus, and there is never a shortage of controversy."

Yet she also wants to claim her views are being suppressed. Boy these conservatives do love to play the victim.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Zadig, I will be in Charlotte this weekend and my show is going on without me (sobs) but I will cover the words of persecuted Miss Thing from Furman, upon my return, since that is just priceless. :)

Thanks again!