Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Why Bully a Daisy?"

Chris is handling this wonderfully, even though Bob Jones University bullies have even started trash-talking his elderly mother. His strength is phenomenal.

I just get mad and yell, as some of you know.

Speaking of which, our podcast from yesterday is up, and it has been a BIG HIT. Imagine how big it would be if we had actually BRAWLED?

Disturbingly, I am suddenly starting to understand Faye Dunaway in the movie NETWORK.

On my way to the General Assembly today, and hope to see some of my diehard fans there! Careful, BJU-alum, lots of children and dogs downtown, so leave your weaponry at home.

I won't, but you should.


Danny said...

I saw on your twitter where you were saying you hoped someone would say something about this. Sent you some contact info on one of the editors there so you could contact them about bring this up.

Some of these folks at BJU don't know how to act and it would be nice to see them get laid out over it.