Sunday, April 8, 2012

Occupy Easter (and similar sentiments)

Gregg Jocoy, intrepid producer of the fabulous Daisy Deadhead Show, expresses himself. (Photo from last week's Occupation.)

It has been 22 years since I missed any part of the Paschal Triduum. I did not want to write about this fact, until I was certain I could do it. And I wasn't at all sure; I don't mind telling you it is exactly like breaking an addiction. I have tried before and failed.

This year, success. In fact, roaring success, and I have been rewarded with more insights than I readily know what to do with. I will try to record some of these here. Wisdom means nothing if it isn't shared.


This year is the first year I did not attend Maundy Thursday Mass, Tenebrae (and/or Veneration of the Cross) or the Easter Vigil. It's a very strange sensation, a lot like losing your watch.

I wore a watch for years, and then quit after I got my wrist tattoo. It was jarring at first, then I realized I could estimate the time very well without it, at least within 5-10 minutes.

Going without my annual springtime ritual was daunting. It is so deeply ingrained in my psyche that I thought I might forget who I am. Again, jarring at first, and then I realized (emotionally, not just intellectually) I have entered a faith tradition that maintains the 'unchanging self' is an illusion. There is no reason to chastise myself for impermanence (anicca), and in fact, it is a natural phenomenon we should carefully observe, expect and welcome, as we welcome the seasons.

I have passed through the season of Catholicism.

And when you say it like that, it isn't nearly as scary.


We had a General Assembly today, Easter Sunday, which made it Occupy Easter. Writing that on a local Facebook page ("Occupy Easter!") got two local dudes all fired up and fuming at me, for reasons I am not sure I understand. Either they believe you should not demonstrate on a Christian holiday, or they believe you should... not quite sure what they were getting at. Apparently putting the two words together, Occupy and Easter, is what upset them so much. I couldn't figure out if they were religious or not, and maybe they couldn't either.

Yes, folks, things are getting mighty weird out there.

As I said on my radio show last week, it appears open racist war has been declared on African-Americans, specifically. The George Zimmerman apologists have streamed out of the woodwork, eagerly congratulating Zimmerman for shooting an unarmed black boy. They are serious too. A 68-year-old black veteran in New York, Kenneth Chamberlain, was shot in his home, apparently because they believed it wasn't really his home. A well-known and respected conservative columnist, John Derbyshire, was fired from the National Review because of a ravingly-racist column he wrote, filled with "talking points" that he shares with his children about how you shouldn't associate with too many blacks, go to heavily-black events, and "before voting for a black politician, scrutinize his/her character much more carefully than you would a white." (Yes, I'm afraid it's all like that.)

In addition, the comments on this column were one long, horrific, endless litany of compliments for Derbyshire; the racists safely hidden behind their cute, made-up, untraceable, anonymous screen names like "Paul Ryan" and "HamletsGhost" (I couldn't hold back and added my two cents, of course).

What's going on?

As I believed during the ascent of the misguided Tea Party, I think the fact of a black president has caused them to become thoroughly discombobulated. I can't think of any other reason they have completely flipped their cookies.

I remember my husband replaying one Tea Party clip over and over on YouTube, a woman at a Town Meeting angrily proclaiming she "wanted her country back"--which made us wonder what she was talking about. Does she think she owns the whole country, all by herself? And where did she get an idea like that? Did somebody sell it? (Actually yes, Goldman Sachs did, but that doesn't seem to be what she was referring to.) She was a birther, and announced Obama was born in Kenya, her voice shaking with emotion.

Similarly, one of the angry (white male conservative) commenters who loved the column by racist Derbyshire, features a photo of Detroit in the 50s on the masthead of his blog. He captions the photo: I WANT THAT DETROIT BACK.

And this is the crux of it, isn't it? He wants to go back to the days when blacks were in their place, and they weren't rubbing elbows with the likes of him. One wonders if Mr Rightwing Blogger actually lives in modern-day Detroit? I'll bet he doesn't. He left Detroit willingly, waves of white flight at his back, and then shows tremendous fury that the city no longer belongs to him. And whose fault is that? Why did you leave, in that case?

Derbyshire counsels his children to avoid the multicultural and multiracial public square, to avoid the places and events that have "too many" blacks. And if they do, won't this make his kids even angrier... as Mr Rightwing Blogger is? As the birther-lady was? They have been taught that the blacks are TAKING OVER; the psychology of white flight is that whites and blacks cannot possibly co-exist in the same place. It's very territorial at base--the concept is that the place belongs to THEM or to US, and at some point, critical mass means it's theirs, and the whites run away in droves.

And they nurse the illusion that they have been banished, when in actuality, they have banished themselves.

They blame the blacks for the results of their own racism, as Mr Rightwing Blogger fusses that he wants his "old Detroit" back. Well, where did it go? Answer: white people like him left Detroit for whoever remained, for whoever came after. And then, they can blame the people who stayed, rather than themselves, for their own cowardice. (As I have written before, I have seen this over and over again.) As I read the comments on the Derbyshire piece, filled with taunts to the white liberals, that they should "go for a walk in a multiracial neighborhood"--I was flabbergasted. Do they consider blacks to be WILD ANIMALS, is that it? Because it sure does sound that way.

I comforted myself after reading this racist insanity, by going for a walk in my heavily-black, multiracial neighborhood. I was not accosted a single time.


My radio show Saturday featured my usual Tea Party-caller and sometime-commenter, who was also the subject of a discussion today, as we Occupied Easter. He is stuck on birth control (uppity women wanting to control their own lives, is a very sore subject with these people) and told me if I wanted government to buy birth control, then I can't complain when government ____ (fill in the blank). I asked him what was the difference between the dreaded Obamacare and Social Security or Medicare? Or government funds paying for Emergency Room treatment in public hospitals?

He replied, finally and truthfully, that he wanted to end all Social Security. Yes, finally, after months of goading, I got him to admit it.

Ending Social Security is basically advocating the mass deaths of sick, old and disabled people. Teabaggers who think this way intend to put disabled people down like dogs, since of course, that will be the actual result of this dogma put into practice. (After all, it was before.)

But we have a modest proposal.

If these conservatives want to renounce Social Security, they should be allowed to do so. (No, they don't get any refunds, just as us anti-war people don't get refunds on our war taxes and us vegetarians don't get refunds on meat-inspection taxes and so forth... sorry about that!) If they publicly announce that Social Security should be ended, we need to present them with an affidavit or some other legal waiver, and get them to sign on the dotted line. (I guess this would necessitate a new law or something, but hey, I am all for it.) This handy-dandy affidavit, which every liberal and card-carrying member of MoveOn shall have on their person at all times (needless to say), will immediately allow the gum-flapping teabagger in question to waive their rights to all future government aid: police, EMS, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, libraries, public schools, water fountains, parks, national monuments, The Smithsonian, etc.

And to enforce this new law, they would have a chip implanted and wear something like a Medic-Alert bracelet, which says: Do Not Resuscitate. If found on road half-dead, leave behind, do not call 911. (We should be able to easily devise a chip that helpfully BEEPS LOUDLY every time they enter public establishments, just like the library books that beep when they haven't been properly checked out.) Think of the huge amounts of money this would save, as the conservatives actually practice what they preach and stop being hypocritical liars! As of course, they will eagerly sign these documents IN DROVES.

I think this is a great idea. Who's with me?

Now, at first, the rise of deaths (leading to far less Republican voters, a pleasant short-term side effect) will alarm everyone, and finally, somebody will cry and squeal as they lay dying (quickly going viral on YouTube) that they are SORRREEEE SORRREEEE SORRREEEEEEEEEEEEE they signed the waiver and tearfully beg, whilst bleeding to death, to be taken to an Emergency Room after an accident. It will probably be some attractive white sorority girl, and it will make the news on all the cable channels for weeks on end. Fox News will plead that this innocent girl could not possibly have known the implications of what she was signing, and didn't intend to waive her ER privileges. She only meant the black people! She didn't know she would ever need an ER! (((sobs))) What a terrible misunderstanding!

And the law will be repealed, and that will be that.

But until then? Sounds like a lot of fun, and I say, introduce the waiver for them to sign IMMEDIATELY! The chip may take a little longer, but if you can implant nervous poodles with a chip to guarantee their way back to their frantic owners, we can certainly implant Tea Partiers with a chip to keep them out of OUR public hospitals and parks. Won't that be GREAT?

After a few dozen of them drop dead, they will get a clue and shut up. Or maybe not!

This means there will be a lot more STUFF for the rest of us.

I admit, I do feel sorry for the disabled children of the Tea Partiers, brainwashed to refuse life-saving medical care. But like they say, in every omelet you break a few eggs, etc. I am sure my Tea Party-caller will understand. And I am sure he will heartily agree about the signing the waiver!

Unless he is another Tea Party hypocrite, of course... and you don't think THAT could be true, do you?



Hope you all had a happy Easter. Here is DEAD AIR's official Easter song, which of course, I still love. The idea of rebirth and transformation is a recurring theme in all faith traditions.

It always makes me happy.

After the Goldrush - Prelude


West said...

Daisy, excellent post. Some wonderful reading. I wish this was several blogs- The wide range of subjects begs the need for more than one reply- but alas, I am sure you would call it trolling, or serial posting, for which you chastise me. This is really an excellent written blog. But Daisy, I do think you have misrepresented my comments- you made it an emotional plea as opposed to factual statements. I know, really, I know how conservatism can seem heartless for the most point. But you know what, we had no Social Security prior to 1935- and guess what? People didn't die without it, families took care of families, and people just survived- or died, yes they died. But the financial fact of the matter is we are broke and this is unsustainable. And now the benefits are to far more than just the elderly. And besides, it was one of your progressives that raided the trust fund to finance a war. That would be LBJ, in case you didn't know your history. So, I will stand by what you said I said. End it, and I would sign the waiver. If I should ever draw the short straw- so be it. And if YOU like central planning- you should just look to North Korea. I would rather take my chances with the free market- than with the death panels in Obamacare. It just seems typical to me that you only have complaints, emotional pleas, and name calling. And then there is the whole Catholic thing... Excellent post Daisy, I would love to buy you lunch one day and talk it all out... I still see you as convertible material...

D. said...

I seem to have replaced you at the Triduum; I actually hit Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services this year (I decided I wanted to see Easter morning for a change, so I didn't go to Vigil this time, but I did Vigil for the last 4 years).

Practicing abstinence at the ballpark was...interesting. My usual ritual is one hot dog (with stuff), and that was no go, so we ended up having seafood dinners beforehand and then nachos (with that fake cheese) at the game itself.

Mr. D is not up to my standards; maybe he can go live with John Rocker (whose arm left him).

I have lived in two major multicultural cities. You could not pay me to live in an enclave.

Oh, spring. Pollen. Yes.

Sevesteen said...

I'm curious about what sort of editorial oversight the National Review had that allowed that racist rant to be published in the first place--it took more than the one one person to let that see print.

Re: White Flight--I had a Great Aunt and Uncle who owned a candy store in Chicago from the early 50's until sometime in the 80's in what turned out to be a White Flight neighborhood. After the third armed robbery they tried to sell the store and retire. Luckily they didn't count on the sale of the business as part of their retirement--they owned the building, lived in a very nice apartment upstairs and even had a garage and a little yard. The sale included the business and all the equipment, but wound up being for less than 1 years net profit. Did they stay long enough? She wanted her Chicago back--not necessarily the one without blacks, but the one where nobody stuck a gun to her head for the cash in a candy store register.

In theory I don't think the government should buy birth control, but as a practical matter it is one of the last places I would cut.

If I could merely abandon the 30+ years of social security payments I've already made in exchange for not having to make more I'd think about it pretty hard. If I were just a bit younger, I'd almost certainly take that trade. However, it sounds like you are asking me to accept being declared an outlaw, giving up all government services to merely talk about ending social security--you still want me to pay in, just like I still have to pay for us to occupy whatever country the current administration disapproves of.

Our local library used a mix of federal grants and local funds to restore an old hotel building. It is now a beautiful, opulent ...internet cafe with a bunch of books as decorations. For a small town of 20,000. Now they are having problems paying their bills, and want more money...Meanwhile, most of the patrons are playing Farmville on Facebook for free. I'll give up that sort of waste.

DaisyDeadhead said...

D, I was hoping you would comment! I think we all take each other's places in these things... I met an ex-Buddhist at the Occupation, and I seem to have taken HIS place... and the wheel turns on and on. :)

(sigh) And unfortunately, West shares his continued brilliance with us: But you know what, we had no Social Security prior to 1935- and guess what? People didn't die without it

No kidding? Someone never heard of polio, whooping cough, diphtheria, measles, mumps, smallpox, yellow fever, scarlet fever, etc etc etc. Are you serious?

In MY family, they dropped like flies. Dying from the above diseases, as well as pneumonia, gangrene and other treatable conditions we now have antibiotics for, was considered "normal" back then, and my genealogical records are riddled with such accounts and such "simple" causes of death. I can't even tell you how many died of simple childbirth.

If I am talking to a spoiled rich person, well, I guess it makes sense that you want to deny to others what you take for granted.

YOU like central planning- you should just look to North Korea

I'll take the health care system in Canada or Switzerland, thanks.

I know how conservatism can seem heartless for the most point.

As you have shown, conservatism isn't merely heartless, but also: 1) dumb 2) ahistorical and 3) Heartless AND genocidal. In short, evil and selfish, and nothing resembling the Gospels you all wave around all the time.

Thanks for showing everyone your genocidal sentiments. Most people I have told, simply didn't believe you had really said that to me on the radio... most of you hide your true sentiments and just post them anonymously.

BTW, you didn't reply to our modest proposal, is it a deal? Will you renounce all government services? If not, you are a hypocrite and liar.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Sevesteen, the rant was printed in Taki's, not the NR. But he was printed as "a National Review columnist" and that is what did it.

After the third armed robbery they tried to sell the store and retire.

Why do you bring this up in the context of white flight? Are you saying they were robbed only because they were white?

How is that any different than what Derbyshire was saying?

She wanted her Chicago back--not necessarily the one without blacks, but the one where nobody stuck a gun to her head for the cash in a candy store register.

Why are you conflating the two? why are these two statements even in the SAME SENTENCE?

However, it sounds like you are asking me to accept being declared an outlaw, giving up all government services to merely talk about ending social security--you still want me to pay in, just like I still have to pay for us to occupy whatever country the current administration disapproves of.

I have no kids at home, my grandchildren are in Texas; should I therefore have to pay taxes for South Carolina schools? Well, if I want to be taken care of by intelligent nurses and if I want cashiers to give me the correct change
(etc), yes. I can't pick and choose my taxes, are you saying we all should be able to do that? In that case, count me in for NO FARM SUBSIDIES for anybody who raises animals for MEAT. Did you know I have to pay for ASTRONOMICAL MEAT SUBSIDIES even though it is disgusting, immoral and against my faith? Do I have the right to refuse this? Ha. And so why should you?

Local libraries are now job agencies for the poor, you didn't know? Here is the way it is around here (quoted from a Metafilter post): [Libraries are] one of the few places left in our society where a great cross-section of people regularly interact, and also one of the few places that is free and non-commercial. Even museums, to bow and scrape to the master of Austerity, have begun to put branding on their exhibits, as if they were a sort of cultural NASCAR. We have amazing potential power, but without concerted effort I'm afraid it will be wasted. It will look better to save 10 dollars a year per person in taxes instead of funding community computer workshops, and childhood literacy programs, and community gardens. All the while we play desperate catch-up, trying to get a hold on ebooks, and liscensing out endless sub-quality software for meeting room reservations and computer sign-ups and all this other rentier software capitalism instead of developing free and open source solutions and providing small systems with the expertise to use them. Our amazing power is squandered as we cut our staff, fail to attract skilled and diverse talent, and act as a band aid to the mounting social ills caused by slash and burn governance in the name of low taxes and some nebulous idea of freedom that seems to equate with living in a good society but not paying your share for it.

Every day at my job I helped people just barely survive. Forget trying to form grass roots political activism by creating a society of computer users, forget trying to be the 'people's university' and create a body of well informed citizens. Instead I helped people navigate through the degrading hoops of modern online society, fighting for scraps from the plate, and then kicking back afterwards by pretending to have a farm on Facebook (well, that is if they had any of their 2 hours left when they were done). What were we doing during the nineties? What were we doing during the boom that we've been left so ill served during the bust? No one seems to know. They come in to our classes and ask us if we have any ideas, and I do, but those ideas take money, and political will, and guts, and the closer I get to graduation the less and less I suspect that any of those things exist.

You must live in a pretty nice town with few poor people.

DaisyDeadhead said...

If you forget something at the library and did not bring a laptop, and you want to use the computers? Good luck--they are all taken up with unemployed people filling out online job applications. And since these people have no computers at home (or they wouldn't be using the library computers, of course), most have no earthly idea how to even use a computer in the first place. So, the librarians now teach people how to fill out online applications and create resumes, and how to do their unemployment claims. This is a full-time job in itself--some of the older folks, newly unemployed, do not even know what a cursor is.

Further, these users of free computers are overwhelming black, which I suppose is just a coincidence? It is now standard to go to a library and see the segregation: whites sitting in the cafe with the laptops, and blacks all sitting at the free computers.

Sevesteen, I guess if you live in a segregated town, though, you just get the laptop-users. Do you live in a Democratic or Republican district? Keep in mind, everyplace is not as flush as where you live. Some of are dealing with evil Republicans who begrudge the libraries every single cent, then blame people for not being able to find jobs in a capitalist system that demands you must own a computer first. I now understand (since being unemployed myself) that these computer-applications are a way to get poor people to jump through hoops, a way to gate-keep, if you will. They don't want to talk to anyone who doesn't already have the money or means to fill out their application in the first place. Its a vetting process to keep the poor (who most need the jobs) out of the running and not to have to deal with them... then Repubs can blame them for their own problems and not take any responsibility for having carefully closed them out in the first place.

Good work if you can get it.

bryce said...

happy easter, d.

West said...

"No kidding? Someone never heard of polio, whooping cough, diphtheria, measles, mumps, smallpox, yellow fever, scarlet fever, etc etc etc. Are you serious?"
Excellent point- of all the reasons you listed- you didn't list "lack of social security" as a cause of death. There you go- lack of social security was not fatal.

But why should I do without government services?- Whoa, I paid for most of them- Federal Tax was my largest expense, more than food or housing- so hey- you give them up since you are the non-contributor. But I tell you what- you get me out of paying Federal taxes- I'll drop the services- if I paid and give them up- I'd be a sucker.

But hey, here we go again- more Daisy rhetoric- and no solutions.
More Daisy rhetoric- and just want, want, want... More Daisy twistin the words.
Hey, tell me again why we are fighting for the lady in Mauldin, Joanne? I bet she is a selfish business owner that provides NO health insurance for her employees. I say we do a Occupy Mauldin Market.
Why does she get a free pass? Are her employees unionized, or is she a union buster like the Gov. of Wisconsin?

And remember, those gospels, they really mean Christians look out for Christians- and you don't count. Paul said come out from those unbelievers. But since churches are businesses, they gotta expand the customer base, remember Preachers and side show barkers both got to have paying customers. After all, Pope-ing ain't easy, or cheap.

Hey, better store food for the economic catastrophe coming- you know- when the dollar colapses and it isn't worth the paper it is printed on. Hey, try eating that free birth control when you can't afford food...

And hey, where can I get a "I am Tawanna Brawley" T-shirt?

DaisyDeadhead said...

West, you are profoundly annoying. I do not enjoy responding to the constant Tea Party propaganda. Don't you have anything else to do?

There you go- lack of social security was not fatal.

However, lack of health care for old people, was. Umm, you *do* know the connection?

But why should I do without government services?

Because you say they are bad and evil. If they are, and you truly believe this, you should gladly renounce them, paid for or not. The fact that you don't, means you don't really believe this and you are a lying hypocrite.

Why on earth would you want to continue participating in evil, unless on some level, you don't believe any such thing?

But hey, here we go again- more Daisy rhetoric- and no solutions.

My solution is to not spend a SINGLE DIME on you people. That's a GREAT solution. Sorry you don't like it. But most of my friends heartily agree with me, and even some very well-behaved Democrats.

Hey, tell me again why we are fighting for the lady in Mauldin, Joanne?

Joel Ann. I like how you don't care enough to even get her name right; totally sums up you people and your lack of empathy ... or is it just stupidity?

Are her employees unionized?

All two of them? Might be three. Every time I have been there, SHE is the only employee I have seen.

Maybe if you went there, you'd know that... instead, you give your money to Walmart, right?

And remember, those gospels, they really mean Christians look out for Christians- and you don't count.

I will be quoting you on that one. That's too good to waste.

Thank you very much for the clarification. The next time a Christian asks me why I left the church, I will be quoting you directly.

Are you proud of your "Christian witness" West? Does your preacher know what a great "soulwinner" you are? Careful, or I will tell him.

And hey, where can I get a "I am Tawanna Brawley" T-shirt?

Tawana. (Am I arguing with someone who does not even know how to use Google?)

Run along, West. You have worn out your welcome. You are not contributing anything but argumentative bullshit and giving me a continuous headache. I feel like I am arguing with a 6th grader. (Maybe I am?) I do not go to your blog and make trouble, please stop doing that here.

Delurking Pentecostal said...

I know Daisy knows better, but I'm de-lurking to make sure others don't believe West, wrong and in serious scriptural error. and he will be held accountable for his error. If any souls are lost due to his careless words, he is accountable for that too. If any are young people, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck. Mark 9:42

“Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

“Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

“Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

“They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’

“He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

“Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”

Matthew 25: 34-46

this tells us where West and his ilk are going.

West said...

I am not tea party and have never donated any money to their cause. I eschew party lines. Delurking cherry picks versus very well. They can read- now they ought to further investigate and understand. Paul warns about Christians not progressing. I'd say that is an example of a person just sitting in the pew and getting dumped on- you know how that is. they should know things like not casting pearls before the swine- and brethren always designates fellow believers. I shop at Vaughn's in Simpsonville. Why do you let me have that much control over you Daisy? I don't let people make me mad, I don't give them the opportunity to have that much control over me. Daisy- say what you will, but we are broke. I know conservatism seems heartless. So be it. But it is a given fact, CONSERVATIVES give more to charity than LIBERALS. Talk about a millstone. And I only give to Christian charities.
And know this- I don't judge you other than to say you are not a Christian- you self-admitted that. Paul tells me to not judge sinners- because that is what they do- sin.
Daisy, I wish you didn't get so mad at me, I wish we were friends.

DaisyDeadhead said...

West, read my comment again, you have worn out your welcome. I will be ignoring you from now on, and occasionally deleting. Be advised.

I don't understand most of your gibberish about Paul. (Literacy, its a good thing.)

PS: If you make a point to call my radio show and defend the Tea Party, that makes you Tea Party, like it or not.

Delurking, I think that was called a REBUKE! :)

Sevesteen said...

That the comments were in a blog makes more sense.

The robberies and white flight were brought up together because they were related--when most of the middle class whites left crime went way up. All 3 armed robberies were young black men. I have no idea if the robberies were racially motivated--but they didn't happen when it was a middle class neighborhood.

I absolutely agree that your taxes should not be subsidizing my food. The department of agriculture is astoundingly bloated--even when compared to the rest of the bloated federal government. No farm subsidies period. The smaller government is, the less likely that anyone will have to pay taxes for something that is against their beliefs.

Filling out resumes and doing research is at least related to what a library is for. Playing Facebook games isn't. I haven't noticed people using laptops at the library--what we have is desktop computers, gilt ceilings and marble floors. Did you look at the picture I linked to? Is this what public library funds in a small town should be spent on? With YOUR money? (I wish I could find a picture of the ceiling, it is even more opulent) The core functions of a library are near the bottom of the list of 'smaller governemnt' cuts I would want to make--but marble and gilt are near the top.

You would probably consider my town segregated-it is 94% white. Wikipedia says that local median household income is about $10,000 less than the US median household income.

Your stance seems to be 'accept total anarchy or you are a hypocrite'. There is a core of government that is essential to civilization, there are some non-essential functions that are useful enough to pay for. 75% of the Federal government doesn't meet either of these standards.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Sevesteen: The robberies and white flight were brought up together because they were related--when most of the middle class whites left crime went way up.

You know why, right? Businesses and industry left the neighborhood and followed the white middle class (where the money is) and so the only employment left was gangs and drug dealing. This usually takes about 10 yrs for an entire neighborhood transformation. This is not white/black; it happened to my mother's neighborhood when they decided to resettle the Cambodians there. They had their own groceries and other (very small) businesses and did not patronize white businesses, for the most part. The same deterioration-dynamic took hold. It is an economic pattern, not a racial pattern. But when you start bringing in IQs (as Derbyshire did), that is racist bullshit. I am sure those Cambodians' children have great IQs, but the original immigrants? Did not speak English and would trespass in people's yards, looking for nightcrawlers at night in the rain (I think one even got shot doing this?) ... and then they would fish in the gross Scioto River, even after health inspectors told them to stop. They did whatever they had done in Cambodia. (I remember passing their houses and hearing what I then regarded as the most dreadful, atonal music I had ever heard.) I am sure they would not even know how to sharpen pencils, much less take IQ tests... but their children? I am sure they learned to pass their IQ tests with flying colors. Know why? Most left the neighborhoods as soon as they could; after all, they had all kinds of refugee-help systems and scholarship programs set up for them... they succeeded much better than native-born blacks in the same neighborhood. Oddly enough, as many black activists said at the time: black men who actually FOUGHT IN Southeast Asia often did not do even half as well as the refugees.

Actually, Sevesteen, your comment about farm subsidies and your other ideas about empire-building, let me know you are not a Tea Party sympathizer, so I am willing to listen to what you say. But hey, what would you say if I put forth the proposition that some of that "unnecessary" library money you are complaining about should go to OUR beleaguered library? That would mean something "federal" no doubt, and you don't believe in that either. Right? But wouldn't that be more fair than those fancy-ass ceilings? Our local libraries are totally swamped. They built a new one, and it is now swamped too.

Yes, 94% white is segregated, and consequently, I doubt the issue of racism is one you think about every day, as I do. Nor does Derbyshire. I am dedicated to understanding racism as a phenomenon, and the first rule I go by (as with sexism), is to turn any racial statement around and analyze it. Do we say ____ about whites (or men)? Any other race? Why don't we? And that is where I start.

Thus, when I talk about white flight, I am wondering, why is the phrase not "black flight"? Obviously, some people are starting out with more money and choices to begin with, and are therefore able to "flee"--and we (you) take this state of affairs as a given. I don't. I am asking why you don't think about these sorts of issues in the first place... to end white flight, we have to make "black flight" as possible as white flight is.

Interestingly, it was in the National Review some years ago, where I read a good piece arguing that people should stop saying "white flight" and instead say "middle class flight" since the black middle class has ALSO departed the inner-city neighborhoods, and much historical "moral authority" (churches, grandma, old activists, etc) is now gone from these neighborhoods. Who wrote the article? Thomas Sowell. Nobody paid attention to him. Guys like Mr Rightwing Blogger in Detroit, are still framing everything in black and white, making it racial when it is in fact economic.

Sevesteen said...

I consider myself a libertarian leaning independent. I'm somewhat of a supporter of what I thought was the original Tea Party message, considerably less so now that both major parties have turned it into a branch of the Republicans. If they ever get an actual platform, I may change my mind again depending on what it covers.

To an individual, it doesn't much matter why a neighborhood goes downhill--if it becomes dangerous to live there, a rational person is likely to weigh his safety as more important than a futile gesture of racial tolerance or whatever.

Asians are likely to succeed because education is respected and promoted in their culture (based on the ones I've known, mostly Vietnamese)-if they try hard in school they won't be accused of 'acting white' and somehow betraying their race.

The fed is almost entirely responsible for our fancy-ass ceilings. I would rather that the fed had not collected the money in the first place and left it for local governments to decide--but if my only choices are a fancy ass ceiling in my town, or books and equipment where they are really needed, I'll go for the books.

The problem is that most of the time that isn't the choice given with federal funds--rather it is 'willing to jump through our hoops for this money?'

I've liked a lot of what I've read from Thomas Sowell--not familiar with the article you are referencing, but it sounds like something I would agree with--sounds similar to Bill Cosby's Pound Cake speech that I also like.

Jim said...

"As I believed during the ascent of the misguided Tea Party, I think the fact of a black president has caused them to become thoroughly discombobulated. I can't think of any other reason they have completely flipped their cookies."

You can tell this from the form the attacks take - casting him as non-American. That would have been a lot harder with a white presidnet they hated, like Clinton. Good old "white trash" Bill was as American as a bald eagle.

Re: white flight, Ta-Nehisi Coates ahd a post or maybe it was someone's comnent that pointed out that white flight was engineered by the auto industry and its legislative minions to build the car-hungry suburbs. Another impetus was the post-war social homogenization between Anglo whites and catholic ethnic whites, a racial divied every bit as deep - deep enough to forestall a united labor movement across all white groups - and considerably older than the white-black divide. That synthesis happened out in the suburbs and is now irreversible. It pulled people out of their ethnic enclaves in the cities.