Thursday, April 19, 2012


Some angry local "Democrat" wrote a nasty, 1445-word (!) hit-piece on me, and has now even outed me with my legal name.

Otherwise, I would link it here and we could brawl further.

But using my name is an unbridled personal attack and here in upstate South Carolina, could even expose me to actual physical danger. I use a pseudonym here and on the air, for good reasons.

About this sordid affair, I will say no more (((sigh))), but its been going on for days now. (This guy obviously has the serious hots for Ann Romney! My radio-show comments about her have made him bloody frantic.) Also, this is my golden opportunity to link the blog Genderratic, where Gingko often discusses the phenomena he calls "damseling"--when men come to women's rescue for ostensibly pseudofeminist reasons; you know, like this "Democrat" defending poor, beleaguered Ann Romney, who needs serious protection from little nobodies like your humble narrator. (Or something like that.)

And it made me think of this song. It just POPPED into my head. :)

I am pretty sure Lou wrote it about Iggy Pop, since Iggy also wrote a song by the same name.

I guess they weren't getting along so well, at that point.

Dirt - Lou Reed

This is my last word on this subject, since I am now banned from this guy's blog (so people can go on to discuss me without me interfering or correcting the copious inaccuracies). Considering what happened to left wing radio host Alan Berg, I am thinking I need to start carrying a weapon myself. After all, South Carolina has lots more white supremacists than Colorado ever did. And this man has deliberately turned me into a target by naming me.

What kind of gun? I'd prefer an M-16, but I don't think it will fit into my purse.


La Libertine said...

Be careful, Daisy!

Jim said...

Same advice from me, but I know you have been around this particular block a number of times so you know exactly how to do that.

BTW you have a gem of a husband who will put up with this right alongside you.

Democrat may ass - plain old chivalrous Southern Man. They call them Dixiecrats for a reason.

Oh, and thanks for the credit. In fact, that asshole is both white knighting, by defending Ann, and damseling by expecting his victim status to shield him.

D. said...

Extra precautions would not be amiss.

JoJo said...

OMG Daisy PLEASE be careful. I have been soooo worried about this possibly happening to you. That he got your real name is very troubling.

Conseglieri said...

I've been thinking a lot about this, as Daisy knows. So does my entire household, as I have been discussing it with all of them. I have come to some conclusions, which I suppose I should share with Daisy first, but what the hell, right?

I saw the post first, late at night. I knew that it would both upset and offend Daisy, and decided not to tell her about it in hopes of protecting her. Yeah...I know.

I am sorry. I should have called her at once and left a message.

I was WAY too angry to develop a good reply to this guy's post, and spent the entire following day thinking about it. I planned to write a reply when I got home, which was 7 pm. Instead of writing my reply I got a phone call from daisy, who proceeded to give me serious hell for not telling her. She was right.

Not only was she right about that, but as the show's producer and conseglieri, I should have handled the situation myself when I first saw the post. Daisy should not have had to write word one at the site. Not saying that she shouldn;t, but she shouldn't have HAD to. By me leaving that crap unanswered I left it all up to her. I shouldn't have done that. It won't happen again.

Jim, you are so right. I've only met Mr. Daisy once or twice, but he is a gem, and I know that he'll do whatever is necessary to protect her.

This will happen again. There is no way we can do this sort of show and not get this sort of response. The show was fantastic...and the reaction was so well...reactionary...because it was such a great show. Had the show sucked he might not have even bothered.

So...if anyone goes after the star of The Daisy Deadhead Show again, s/he will have me to deal with. Not that this is much of a threat, but I will not make the same mistake again.

Sorry Daisy.

Jim said...

"Jim, you are so right. I've only met Mr. Daisy once or twice, but he is a gem, and I know that he'll do whatever is necessary to protect her."

Well I meant just being willing to put up with the fire that she draws. It's his life too.

Daisy is much too Irish to need much protection. Taking the battle right into the heart of the evil and charging into machine gun fire is almost stereotypically Irish. God bless her for it.

But frankly I think this is a job for drones, in this case form the West Coast. this twit's white knighting is worth a post to shame him. I am sure he imagines himself soem kind of progressive.

bryce said...

u already know what i think. what jojo said , ive always worried about you up there w/ those loony tunes. i wont live in fear from homophobes & started carrying & u should 2.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Gregg, I think that might be the most 12-steppish comment in the history of this blog! :)

No worries. But thank you.

Sevesteen said...

On the off chance you are serious about a gun, take a class. You can probably get the gunbloggers to arrange and pay for one.

The biggest problem will be finding a politically correct gun. There aren't many available that aren't either evil semi-automatic bullet hoses or sneaky Saturday Night Specials--About the only purse-sized gun left would be something like Barny Fife's revolver.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Sevesteen, already qualified as marksman with an M-16, which you may be surprised to learn. (them 70s lefties were serious) I wasn't kidding, I know how to use one. Take it apart, put it together, blah blah. That firing pin part is tricky though and always made me sweat.

Handgun classes would be good I suppose. Would prefer not having to reload though. :)

I forget who said she wanted a "ladylike gun"--somebody in James Bond I think. Also, Doonesbury's Lacey Davenport said she had one (supposedly modeled on Millicent Fenwick, but I always thought she was Claire Booth Luce).

But yes, I would also like a ladylike gun that shoots, as Lacey said, ladylike bullets. :)

Real Democrat said...

D, I'm sure you explained to this man that you've been threatened, stalked and so on? What did he say? Is he a "Democrat" who thinks women getting murdered, dismembered and raped is a good idea? Because this is reprehensible!

I want to know the name of this man so I can report him to the Democratic Party as a misogynist ass who enjoys placing an outspoken woman in harms way. Sounds like it's time for a purge. Please email me with details, website and his name and I'll see what I can do.

Perhaps he doesn't realize that at this point, if anything -does- happen to you, he can be indicted for conspiracy? Maybe he needs to be advised of his direct liability in this matter.

Get the gun. I'm aware of the major situation you've confided to me, but if there's more than one situation, most -especially- arm yourself.

Last week's show was excellent. Keep up the good work. We'll be listening to you in Simpsonville, where WFIS comes in pretty well. Don't forget to check us out at Vaughn's Country Store, Trade Street, 20 family yard sale, 8am-1pm. I know that'll get your attention! We're all set up and ready to go. Hope you'll drop by.

xoxo - please be cautious!

DaisyDeadhead said...

RD, it was great to see you today, hope you made a lotta money, because you deserve it! Thanks for telling me about the sale! :D

As I told you (saying it here for the record):

I BEGGED this guy to take my name off his blog. My name is distinctive and I have even written that I am one of the few white women with the name... I explained to him that I was stalked, threatened and so on. His response was to laugh.

And then his female sidekick preached to me about feminism. She is apparently unaware that painting a bright red target on a woman's back (especially one who has been repeatedly threatened, currently has active stalkers and has experienced violence in the past) is NO feminist act. (Why would threats of rape or violence be a feminist issue? Sucking up to men is far more important.) I think I am more shocked by HER countenancing of the threats, than I am by him. Smug, privileged men like this dude often don't care about women's safety and don't really understand the risks, but SHE should know better.

But yeah, this is obviously the reason he has left it up, the two of them intended to expose me to harm. I can think of no other reason, especially after I TOLD HIM SO. (What other reason could there be?) I don't like thinking this about liberals, but I can come to no other conclusion, RD.

This fact is what primarily flipped out a couple of my friends who have known me for many years and know what is at stake, if you know what I mean.

These two seem to think the fact that I use my photo means all bets are off. Fact is, nobody can search and find my address by my photo... not yet, anyway. (Someday of course, that will be possible for regular people to do also -- but by then, I will look significantly different than I do now!) Besides that, I look like a lot of people (not just Hayley Mills) and I am constantly asked if I am related to various people or if I am someone else. I have always found that comforting and it is one reason I am not afraid of using my photo.

The female sidekick self-righteously announces that she will NOT interact with people who will not sign their "real name" to their opinions... obviously, she does not want to hear from fearful women who have experienced domestic violence and are in hiding from bullies, or who have professional jobs that might conflict with their liberal political opinions, etc etc etc. And she thinks she is feminist!

And these are the Democrats. These are the liberals. Do you BELIEVE?

No wonder we're in trouble.

Conseglieri said...

Dry Fire Training Pistol Company

Maybe they will trade training for advertising.....but......not sure we want to do know how I feel about guns. So far, just about our only area of disagreement.

Sevesteen said...

A couple years ago, I was outed by The Onion a couple years ago. (Except for the bit about my eyebrows, the description of me was disturbingly accurate--age was only a year off and I live in a suburb)

I would understand reluctance to exchange a class for advertising--but I bet there is some decent trainer within a reasonable distance who would exchange a class for your promise to post an uncensored report of the class.

...and if you ask for a 'ladylike' gun, you'll get shown poor quality pink guns in most stores. (If you just ask for a self defense gun and they start with pink, find a different store)

Mama Moretti said...

check facebook messages once in a while!

Starla said...

I would really hate to have to come down there and hand out a Texas ass whooping. You need to get a take a class, get a concealed weapons permit and start packing a pistol. See who fucks with you then.

However, you have to remember how full of shit people are on the internet. It gives a false sense of security to these idiots, they feel as though they can't be outed like if they were to walk up to you on the street or call you up on the phone. I would report it to the proper authorities- even if this person is 100% full of shit, something is on record, and any necessary precautions/CHARGES can be filed on this asshole. Be careful, I love you.

prefer not to say said...

naming: a way to exert power. he wants to let you know whose boss. if he has a wife, i feel sorry for her. such behavior is rarely confined to the internet.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Update: the blog in question is now defunct. Good riddance.